Mustang Race Car Racing Out of a Picture
Mustang Race Car Racing Out of a Picture
Mustang Race Car Racing Out of a Picture. Member reactions:
great stuff here.. not sure what graphic program you are using..but if it has "remove JPG artefact" run that to remove the lines on the background. Well done.
Hey there, did a bit of reading and found out about removing JPG artefacts, but I am not sure if that would fix anything in this image. Did you view the full version of the file as I cannot see any lines in the background when I view it. Cheers, and thanks for the comments.
Un-jpegging is done after compression ; as the file is compressed for display on the site, not much the author can do.

Funny Buick + Ford Mustang Hybrid Car

Buick + Ford Mustang Hybrid Car
half 49 Buick and 04 Mustang. 49 Buick Mustang
Member reactions:
this is so nice and obiouslly well done and well blended, but the angle of the car don't show too much from mustang.
Good color blending and nice entry overall. I love mustangs

Funny Ford Mustang Convertible with an Unbrella

Ford Mustang Convertible with an Unbrella
Member reactions:
Who cares if it rains. We've got you covered.

Funny 2007 Shelby Mustang

2007 Shelby Mustang
Please view FULL original
Member reactions:
One owner. Hardly Driven. Excellent condition.

Funny Mustang GT Classic Car

Mustang GT Classic Car
Based on the Mustang GT, an American Classic. Vroooom.
Member reactions:
Very nice wrok....except the seat looks very strange. Strange perspective, imo.

Funny Wilson Pickett Mustang

Wilson Pickett Mustang
Memorial service for Wilson Pickett Thumbnail of source images

Funny Sail Mustang

Sail Mustang
After outrageous gas prices people have turned to wind power.
Member reactions:
Thanks, figured I could make some money selling these cars to all the hippies in Berkeley, California.

Funny Latest Ford Mustang

Latest Ford Mustang
This just may be one of a few prototypes but, it could be the new Mustang I hope it isnt though. 2nt generation fox cars uck It reminds me of the Probe.
Member reactions:
The rear end doesn't fit the design; you're right.
Hope she don't leave any skid marks on the seat.
I agree, the 65 Mustang was perfect, the 67 was still within range. Nice Butt though, huh

Funny Little Mustang

Little Mustang
Member reactions:
Like it, good light work and nicely executed

Funny Mustang with Lightening

Mustang with Lightening
I hope you like this, I created this from a picture I took myself, of my Mustang, and the pony emanating from the thunder is from the front of the mustang as well.
Member reactions:
Pretty cool, and I like how you did thunderbolt mustangs over the car

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