Barack Obama the Muslim in 2016
Barack Obama the Muslim in 2016
Barack Obama the Muslim in 2016. Member reactions:
TY Hobbit. Vivacity works so well in this one. I am very pleased
You are a smart guy Luciano...connect the dots Thanks Balodiya, Nisha and Luciano. Hint, upside down flag: Mutiny, piracy, sinking, coup, rebellion of the people/government. The fact that any flag flown upside-down means distress is not the whole story however... flags flown upside-down can and are used as a form of protest. The flag is a symbol of control and superiority. The use of such in any other way is considered "desecration."
Congrats Buddy, knew this had to be yours, Love it, your work is always tops.
Congrats on the Gold, Hits. Excellent portrayal
Gold Congrats, Hitspinner. Mubarak Suleiman Obama looks great.
Actually I think Obama is probably a lousy Muslim but a Muslim none the less. He has done a lot of thing that would have gotten him lynched 200 years ago. I have never seen this country more divided.. Thanks for the comment
He's probably a latent Muslim Congrats on the gold, Hits.

Funny Muslim American Gothic Painting

Muslim American Gothic Painting
Member reactions:
Ill never see this pic the same again, looks good.
Small shadows under her hijab could be a plus.
Celebrating gross stupidity, and cruelty.
Aside from the small shadows Lucian pointed out, the transformation and paint texture is flawless...
Top 5, congrats william. Very topical chop for nowadays too.

Funny Muslim John Lennon and Yoko Ono

Muslim John Lennon and Yoko Ono
John , Paul , Ringo , George & Yoko wish for world Peace ...
Member reactions:
Thank you very much Geriatric ...
Great to see the Lady holding Peace... and the roses fired from the Gun... really peace touching entry and all the freaky guys up and up and up were really enjoying ...
The Beatles were always for peace & love , didn't matter what country anyone was from . They just wanted World Peace for all. The cd they are standing on , was done in Cs6 3D ,plus the sign . Thx for the nice compliment Rajeshstar ...
chili congratulations.... love the camel neckless...
Every Beatle fan will love this. I think it is great. Congrats on the wood, Chili.

Funny Woman Taking a Photo of Muslim Women

Woman Taking a Photo of Muslim Women
Member reactions:
What the title indicates " Smile Please " for whom they will smile very funny .....
Rajeshtar: How does anyone know who they might smile at. At any rate-chop is humorous & Good Luck.

Funny Muslims Killed in Burma

Muslims Killed in Burma
Stance over Burma killings Sources

Funny Muslim Pole Dancer

Muslim Pole Dancer
Well, this could be a solution. sources Edited
Member reactions:
Can u up the brightness on your monitor or the pic in PS, can clearly see paint lines

Funny Muslim Mona Lisa

Muslim Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
Funny one. The eyes could be a little sharper.
Solid concept, but I think not just the eyes but the cloth also needs to be somewhat less blurry to match the rest of the painting. Also I suggest shifting the hue color pattern to have more brown colors, like in the original Mona Lisa painting.
... This is a very funny picture of the Mona Lisa.
I can see her hands. Hussy. DurkaDurka....

Funny Barack Obama with Muslim Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama with Muslim Hillary Clinton
Tryin' to cover all the bases.

Funny Chickens at the Beach with a Muslim

Chickens at the Beach with a Muslim
Member reactions:
For shadows duplicate your chicken (or whatever) and make it black (for ease of looking), put it behind your chicken. Using free transform, hold control and pull on the center top to side. Play with it and align so your black layer meets behind the feet. Now use the warp tool to bend it slightly (curve of sand), use a slight Gaussian blur to soften the edge. You can now also use mask to lower the opacity of the head area (since it is further back), but use a very soft low opacity brush or gradient map so it doesn't look harsh. Now for the important part. Control click on the black layer thumbnail and click off the eye. This leaves marching ants. Now select the sand layer and, using the brightness/contrast tool, move the brightness slider to the left to taste. Viola, more realistic shadow.

Funny Muslim Woman with a Watermelon

Muslim Woman with a Watermelon
Mohammed Badie told his followers "we are sure of the promise of Allah" that Islamists will be victorious and "May the Lord destroy" the secular opponents of the Islamist movement.

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