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Funny Muslim Pictures

Muslims have been killed in BurmaFunny Muslims have been killed in Burma
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Stance over Burma killings Sources

Another muslimFunny Another muslim
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Michael Jackson going Muslim and Building a Mosque.

Muslim Pole DancerFunny Muslim Pole Dancer
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Well, this could be a solution. sources Edited
Can u up the brightness on your monitor or the pic in PS, can clearly see paint lines

`I am NOT a MUSLIM!!`Funny `I am NOT a MUSLIM!!`
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Muslim BatmanFunny Muslim Batman
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Paris 'Muslim Batman' angers rightwing US bloggers

Christians and MuslimsFunny Christians and Muslims
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Dario Cingo
Could you please add a News Story as per contest directions Thx
As Kellie said - please edit the entry and put a News Story link in your creators comments - the contest directions clearly state this.

Muslim Mona LisaFunny Muslim Mona Lisa
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Europe's Identity Crisis Fuels Rising Anti-Muslim Sentiment
She still looks pretty and mysterious. Cool chop.

Pope in a Muslim MosqueFunny Pope in a Muslim Mosque
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You are a Muslim Extremist if You Wear a ScarfFunny You are a Muslim Extremist if You Wear a Scarf
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Hey that's why i wear scarves, how bout you..... Dunkin Donuts pulls ad
Ok that sucks i shall find it and repost.
Here is the link. Dunkin Donuts Yanks Ad
I fixed the links for you. All was correct but you forgot the slash / in the closing bracket /URL -->

Muslim Millionaires in UKFunny Muslim Millionaires in UK
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There are now 10,000 Muslim Millionaires in the UK. source

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