Donald Trump in the Clinton Family Musical
Donald Trump in the Clinton Family Musical
Donald Trump in the Clinton Family Musical. Member reactions:
, what a freakshow. i can really picture Trump as the an evil satanic priest in a b-movie.
I can swap them and Hillary will exorcist from Trump. It doesn't change the meaning of.
Everything but the kitchen sink. Andrew.

Funny Musical Paintings Come to Life

Musical Paintings Come to Life
Member reactions:
Perfect the choice of sources and the composition.
Absolutely excellent.... Great OOB work as always. Termite food congrats.

Funny The Rob Ford Musical

The Rob Ford Musical
Musical about Rob Ford, the Mayor of Toronto
Member reactions:
He could compete with Charlie Chaplin or other comics. Though he is far from being silent

Funny Explosive Musical Boom Chimes

Explosive Musical Boom Chimes
Member reactions:
Very clever, Hidden. That's what I call "playing with disaster."
Super sharp n clean. Wooden Congratulations Hits
Congrats, Hitspinner. Most explosive weapon in the contest.
congrats Spinner. clean and clever work. every reality soap could use of these devices, hehe..

Funny RPG Launcher Musical Instrument

RPG Launcher Musical Instrument
Member reactions:
Complex work of mixing instrument piece. I don't think notes give a plus. Just an opinion.
I like the notes as shells here. I would just give them some motion blur to show dynamism

Funny Children Dressed as Musical Notes

Children Dressed as Musical Notes
I noticed nobody has entered the new apprentice contest and it has a challenging source. I can't enter so I pilfered it, chopped the hello out of it and entered the result here. I hope it provides some inspiration. There are a zillion ways to chop this one... good luck.
Member reactions:
An appropriate comment and well done image to boot. You might consider lightening up either the background or the spheres so there is more contrast between them.
No can do mate. I lost the layers accidentally in an overwrite. Thanks for the comment
Pretty cool...Willie Wonka meets Star Trek at Graceland
Clever work with the apprentice contest source.
I loved the source. It reminded me of a photo taken of me and Linda Woods when I was a little boy in Miami. Thanks Joan, Newsey, Sulli and Eric
I used it for one but, will not enter. Cute.

Funny Star Wars Musical Trio

Star Wars Musical Trio
Member reactions:
Wookie hair must be a PITA. Speaking of which, C3PO gave me a chuckle for blowing out of his
Congratulations. FINALLY you won something. Very funny chop, good work.
Congrats on the Gold. by the way, what happened to the little guy's right hand.
Thanks, Bob...and get some new glasses...the little guy's right hand is there.
Yep need new glasses (I already knew that), but I thought that was just folds in the cloth (until I pulled out my magnifying glass). Sorry.

Funny Musical Weapons

Musical Weapons
full view please
Member reactions:
grenade drumsticks...probably the drum sound would be nice ..
Placing the grenade to the drum stick is Awesome idea, play it carefully
Excellent idea .... good work on the fire... and the weapons and bullets used to decorate the musical instruments... Amazing like the smoke coming out that pipe
Very creative, wood congrats Silvercanine
Congrats on the wood, silvercanine. I can hear the music playing Ratatatataa.

Funny Dustin Hoffman On Stage in an Indian Musical

Dustin Hoffman On Stage in an Indian Musical

Funny Barack Obama in a White House Musical with Michelle and Nancy Pelosi

Barack Obama in a White House Musical with Michelle and Nancy Pelosi
A White House Musical starring...well you all know who.
Member reactions:
Yeah.... the real ballet will start in White house after the Doomsday good to see the image of Obama ready to do all rehearsal

Funny Musical Weapons

Musical Weapons
Latest research shows that people who like to listen music loudly (as joggers in headphones) are gradually damaging their hearing. It creates a circular problem - people with impaired hearing put the music volume even higher and higher to compensate partial hearing loss, which does even more damage. Such people often need a hearing aid by the age of 50. Loud music coming through headphones not only damages hearing, but directly damages the brain via sound vibrations. So, music can be literally "killing you softly"! Combine any weapon with any musical instrument. Many thanks to Serrator for the themepost.

Funny Musical Guns

Musical Guns
Vice President Biden rejected criticism on new gun control laws. "America will be much safer now; the new gun control package is music to my ears", said Biden. Merge any musical instruments with guns.

Funny Musical Weapons

Musical Weapons
One way to make something more awesome is to add fire. Scott Jackson from Missouri constructed a working playing flamethrower trombone that has fire on demand. It took about two weeks to complete, and is made up from plumbing, torch, and compressed air parts. The flame reaches 21 feet and the trombone - which still plays - can be heard from two blocks away. Combine any weapon with any musical instrument.

Funny Musical Weapons

Musical Weapons
Supreme Court gun ban ruling is expected this week. The case could settle the decades-old debate over whether the Second Amendment grants individuals the right to own firearms. To make firearms (or any weapons) more friendly, combine any weapon and any musical instrument. Here's a good example.

Funny Musical Weapons

Musical Weapons
Create weapons out of any musical instruments, show musical instruments being used in some form of fight.

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