Explosive music
Explosive music
Explosive music.

Funny Music for peace

Music for peace
. Member reactions:
Cool work. I just wish the source was of higher resolution, because now it shows some pixelation
Heart touching peace gesture ... well done

Funny Moses of Music

Moses of Music
. Member reactions:
Ewe did good, Mr. HoHouse, it was a tough competition after all. You are posting some decent numbers for a conventional chop. That means they liked it hehe and so do I. His name shall henceforth be known as Mick Moses or McMoses for short

Funny Tired from Music

Tired from Music
. Member reactions:
Excellent Looks very nice in short body and huge face Good thinking and nice expressions

Funny Obama Garden Music

Obama Garden Music
. Member reactions:
So cute the doggy is .... good outfit and Obama is explaining the music tunes
Might have gotte more 8s if you put shadowfall on the instrument that the hands would make. Great chop still...

Funny Looking for Spirit of Music

Looking for Spirit of Music
. Member reactions:
Awesome and mind blowing chop... great lighting effects with a marvelous sky and the tree
Excellent 3 clocks here A hat, Guitar and the ancient machine, cool colors used as Green and Blue for water in which the sun lights is so amazing, I guess his feet is quite busy in Grass
a gold absolutely deserve, is fabulous, a great work of colouRs and lights... the atmosphere surrealistic is amazing and wonderful... maaaany congratulations of this your fantastic goldcup my friend.
Thank you very much.Yes, it was an attempt surrealist photomontage,now I see - some things look wildly.... and Thanks again.
Awesome clock fantasy art. Looks like an illustration to some sci-fi or fantasy story.Congrats on the gold, berdu.

Funny Music's Soul

Music's Soul
Music's Soul. Member reactions:
wonderful as always your works

Funny Music Is Fire

Music Is Fire
full view please. Member reactions:
grenade drumsticks...probably the drum sound would be nice ..
Placing the grenade to the drum stick is Awesome idea, play it carefully
Excellent idea .... good work on the fire... and the weapons and bullets used to decorate the musical instruments... Amazing like the smoke coming out that pipe
thanks raje alot of work in the image to give a various ideas...thanks eric and kellie
thanks mr,hohouse,Master.Spinner and My Dr.Pcr.DDS,Thanks geri
Very creative, wood congrats Silvercanine
Congrats on the wood, silvercanine.I can hear the music playing Ratatatataa.

Funny Time to Face the Music

Time to Face the Music
. Member reactions:
Looks like something for the serious musician.
Snazzy. I like the scope for the tiny sheet music
Musical Obituary on the 'tiny sheet music' are you in the list..
Its a Musical Missile launcher its directly falls on the enemy ground and creates peace and brother on their minds Great look given by merging with Musical Gun
Bwhahahahahha really nice perspective control
Congrats News1st My Fav One in the contest
I particularly like the lyre stand. Nice touch.
This is freaking hysterical.The sheet music detail made me laugh.Congrats on the silver, Tracy.

Funny Bazooka futuristic weaponry music

Bazooka futuristic weaponry music
. Member reactions:
Nice grenade launcher... If you pull the strings the grande strikes up

Funny Street Music

Street Music
Photoshop this street music image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: redesigning the street house or windows; changing the musician on the street for someone else, putting people, ghosts, or objects into the street. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Maciej Lewandowski and Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

Funny Music Bands

Music Bands
This week I stumbled upon the list of the 50 worst music band names in history. While the chart is subjective it offers some insights about how the group names were chosen, with some witty author's comments. I was surprised to learn that "Green Day" was made as a reference to the whole day of pot smoking. And it's interesting to see the band which made #1 spot of the chart, - it reminds me the conversation we had in FreakingNews chat room yesterday. Create visualizations of music band names of your choice. E.g. huge rocks rolling down the hill would remind us of one of the greatest bands in music history. It's up to you whether you want to reveal the band's name in your entry title, or camouflage it with something else, and ask other members to guess group's name in the comments. For the purposes of this contest we will also allow names of individual music artists and one-man groups.

Funny Corporate Music

Corporate Music
Who could benefit by joining together for corporate music project? Combine a company and a band to promote an idea or product.

Funny Music Company Mergers

Music Company Mergers
Show the results of music corporate mergers - two companies (or fast food companies) joining together in the music business. Create new CD's or advertising campaigns showing singers/musicians and their participation with these companies. Or show the result of corporate involvement in international music such as altered instruments, the Hamburgular rocking out with a pan flute, etc.

Funny Politicians in Music

Politicians in Music
Photoshop images of U.S. or international politicians displaying their Pop-Rock, Country or Alternative music talents. Feel free to cut a "CD" cover for them, or simply put them on-stage like Secretary of State Colin Powell.

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