Mushroom Newbie
Mushroom Newbie
Mushroom Newbie.

Funny Martin Luther King Sitting on a Mushroom

Martin Luther King Sitting on a Mushroom
Member reactions:
sweet. faceswap or built.
Built, I guess. Mushroom, background with forest floor and nome all different sources.
very well done. maybe polish the face to match the hands. just a thought. me likes just the same.
Hahahaha so cute. I see the question if it was a swap or build. It is so seamless it begs the question Congrats....
What a great Gnome job, a Masters Chop D.Dog... Silver Congrats
Congrats, DDD. Excellent sentimental picture.
Ha. I just realized I spelled Gnome wrong in the name. Fix it Newsy.

Funny DJ Devil and the Mushrooms Digital Art

DJ Devil and the Mushrooms Digital Art
Member reactions:
I would love to see in big version cool chop

Funny Michelle Obama Wearing a Mushroom Hat

Michelle Obama Wearing a Mushroom Hat

Funny Toadstool Emperor of Mushrooms

Toadstool Emperor of Mushrooms
Member reactions:
I like old military uniform. It looks like piece of art. Thank you, NewsMaster.

Funny Mushroom At War with a Machine Gun

Mushroom At War with a Machine Gun
Member reactions:
Great effort in this chop, I like the smoky work around and Mushroom soup

Funny Mushroom House in the Forest

Mushroom House in the Forest
My First Entry In Fraking News Coment are Welcome
Member reactions:
*~~* A Wonderful piece. Welcome to Freaking News and it's Freak Show.
1st Entry is really amazing good though to use mushrooms as a house
Welcome to the site, Michael. Great first entry

Funny Fairy Woman with Mushrooms

Fairy Woman with Mushrooms
Member reactions:
Absolutely Magically Marvelous. Her integration is perfect. Beautiful light and shadow work. *~~*
It's like a fairy tale story like the Mushrooms and the fairy wings were so beautiful
Thank you so much Ricky, Geriatric, Slatshot, Rajestar so glad u like it.
So clear and awesome effects I love this entry
Bronze congrats, Lady Sunshin3. Didn't even see this one...great work.
Congrats, on the Bronze....Sunshin3, my friend. Awesome work as usual....Bravo...
Sunshine-alicious and Deliciously Coloricious … Congrats on the Bronze …beautiful work … here comes the sun, here comes the sun … it's all right
Many thanks Pcr, Nepaguy, Ricky you deserved to win, you don't have to be sorry I knew I will not take gold because your works are more complex than mine and much beautiful, thank you everybody for the lovely comments I am the happiest when people love my work thank you Splatshot, Awesome69, PixJockey, Qtrmoonshop

Funny Cheech and Chong at Their Mushroom House

Cheech and Chong at Their Mushroom House
Member reactions:
And the HITS keep comin'. Another fine entry.
That is just freaky enough for me to like it. Nice work.
Wonderful Mystical and Fantasy job done, love those big Mushrooms and the fish under the water were really good
Nice additions to the mushroom source

Funny Beyonce the Smurf By a Mushroom

Beyonce the Smurf By a Mushroom
Member reactions:
This is a lot of fun. Papa Smurf *wishes* that's what Smurfett looked like. Really good.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes

Funny Mushrooms

Enormously big mushrooms are growing in Spain forests this autumn. Each of the giant mushrooms may weight as much as 40 pounds and can grow as high as 3 feet tall. Scientists believe that favorable weather conditions - warm summer with plenty of rains - allowed local mushrooms to reach the record sizes without any biological mutations. The Spanish mushrooms have been receiving media coverage in the Spain as well as internationally. Photoshop mushrooms any way you wish, or make other things shaped as mushrooms. All types of mushrooms are allowed, even "nuclear mushrooms". Change mushroom shapes, sizes, include them in paintings, make them grow in unusual places - these are just some ideas.

Funny Mushroom

Photoshop this mushroom image any way you wish. Examples may include changing its shape, merging the mushroom with some other object or animal, including the mushroom in paintings. These are just some ideas. You have 3 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Lyina for the idea, and to Legley of Stock Exchange for providing the source image.

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