Funny Leslie Nielsen The Muscle Man

Leslie Nielsen The Muscle Man
Playing with out of bounds
Member reactions:
. A Double OOB. Great Image, Hidden. Is that Ellie May's Hound.
Congrats on the Silver. By the way, Your fish is up in the BotS over on Worth, if you care.
A fish. Hmmmmm what is a BotS. You piqued my curiosity, Bob. I went there and couldn't figure out what you referred to. Thanks
Look at the second one here:
Congrats on the Silver, Hits. One Great Clowning Tribute to Leslie.
Awesome piece of work Hit,you never fail to amaze.My vibrancy is not working either.I think I'm stuck in the 80's,congrats on the silver.Im kinda stuck in the non trophy zone,and what's a girl have to do to get a picture of the day.
Fantastic work as always, the dog is so adorable, congrats on the win.
Thank you Andrew, SS and Andwhat. Andwhat, if it ain't working try something new. That is why I mix it up so much these days. Here is a site with some very cool plug-ins. Try some of the softening filters like meloncholytron and flood for water effects. . If you have Topaz disregard but if you don't they have some nice suites for killer effects that you can find for free sometimes or cheap. I suggest doing the 30 day trial to see if you like it before you spend and cash.
Nice try Leslie, you don't fool anyone. Congrats on the silver, Hitspinner .

Funny Marco Rubio Flexing His Muscles Smoking a Cigar

Marco Rubio Flexing His Muscles Smoking a Cigar
Rubio wins GOP debate.
Member reactions:
Great caricature... good work on the smoke effects and the big cigar well done
Thank you Andrew, Bob, Gummy, Steve, Rajesh, eric, Balodiya, and Newsey

Funny President Hillary Clinton with Muscles

President Hillary Clinton with Muscles
Member reactions:
Ha, She can carry two purses but not two phones.
That should scare the crap out of the terrorists
I'm with Bill on this one. Ay, caramba. lo grandes tetas
Hehe, cute. She'll need more than bolder boulders to win this one. Congrats on the win
Many thanks. Glad you liked it and put it on top.
Good job, looks great, congrats on the win.
thanks champ, little hobbit and mr splatski.
Congrats on the gold, Jere. Thanks for another treat. She's got the powah.
I knew this was the winner the moment I saw it. Love it .
jeremix... Sorry to have missed this one. Family emergency. Hope to see you all soon. Congrats.
thans luna and b. nice to see you here again B, we want more.

Funny American Muscle Soldiers

American Muscle Soldiers

Funny Ball Man With Big Muscles

Ball Man With Big Muscles

Funny Muscle Man Joe Arpaio

Muscle Man Joe Arpaio
Arizona Sheriff Joe is in the News frequently. Joe Arpaio
Member reactions:
Nice blend and good merge... well balance color tone
He's so Baaad that he doesn't even need a weapon. Thanks for the positive comments.

Funny Vladimir Putin Flexing His Muscles

Vladimir Putin Flexing His Muscles
Member reactions:
Excellent.... the face is great blend with the muscles in the body and the tattoo in the face did all your job Bingo....
A perfect merge here, he looks so Macho

Funny Muscle Man on Beach Watching Sunset

Muscle Man on Beach Watching Sunset
Member reactions:
I liked this one alot... a good kind of creepy.
perpermere that was really great one , keep up fantastic works
Number one: it freaks me out Number two: it's a smooth work so just what I like another classic from pree.

Funny Kevin Spacey Muscle Man

Kevin Spacey Muscle Man

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