Patty Murray
Patty Murray
Patty Murray. Member reactions:
good color matching, just needs a little more blending giving some chin definition.
Dunno who she is but like the chop. She's a cutie

Funny Bill Murray as a Woman

Bill Murray as a Woman

Funny Farmer Bill Murray

Farmer Bill Murray
Member reactions:
Outstanding caricature. His expression is priceless.
awesome chop... good work on the brightness and finish well done
This is an excellent piece of work. I like the sign, "no chewing on the grass". It is going to be hard to choose my favourite this week again.
You dure have the touch with that studio lighting and soft shadowing. Magnificent technique.. Congrats on the silver.
Congrats on the Silver, great caricature of Bill.
You are such a big talent. So glad you are back chopping at FN. You raise the bar so high that it's hard to climb up there. I got you this time but probably just a fluke. Congrats.
Thanks All. Fluke or not LunaC you still got me...If I didn't get beat every now and then I probably get bored and go over to Worth, . It just makes me try harder next time.
Clean as a whistle, Funkster. You know what song starts playing in my head when I see this chop. "Cotton Eye Joe". Congrats on the silver.

Funny Bill Murray on a Windy Day Of Golf

Bill Murray on a Windy Day Of Golf
Actor Bill Murray explains his abiding connection to the game of golf SOURCE Added all wind effects.
Member reactions:
Very cool. I'd add a slight motion blur to the maple leaf
And even some more leaves. One doesn't suggest the wind presence.
Ugggg that looks inviting. If only to play just a few more holes before I die. This chop moves me

Funny Bill Murray on the Golf Course

Bill Murray on the Golf Course
Member reactions:
Excellent. Love the color tones, depth and caricature.
Curse you hidden chopper, How in new jersy am I going to win now.
Simple Gummy......... use Charlie Sheen instead.
Almost looks like a diorama. Simply great.
Excellent work with source... good replacement of background and well illuminated theme good one
Wonderful use of colours and shadowing. In my opinion the contrast between foreground and background is eccessive. Awesome anyway.
Very clean work and great aging job on Bill Murray - he looks like an old Brit here. Congrats on the gold, DD.
Congrats on the Well-deserved Gold and Bronze.
I would congrats you but the truth is that I knew this would win,,, and in spite of my best wishes you advised me that I could use Charlie Sheen to beat you. Well it didn't So I want my money back. ha grats bro.

Funny Bill Murray & Son in the Army

Bill Murray & Son in the Army
Member reactions:
I agree with Paco... baby looks older than father.
I'd make the kid smaller as it seems like two fathers here

Funny Bill Murray Eating a Doodie Bar

Bill Murray Eating a Doodie Bar
Member reactions:
See, another one that could easily be in the top 4. Great job GRM.
I love Doodie bars... packed with peanuts.

Funny Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman

Bill Murray as Dr. Peter Venkman
the forty-seven sources used. Bill murray plays Dr. Peter Venkman.
Member reactions:
Well should I congratulate you now or scream DAMN IT. OK I'll do both.
Superb job done here. And, a great, subtle caricature.
"Who you gonna call." Ghostbusters." It's a freaking masterpiece. Everyone who loved the Ghostbusters movie should love it.
Nice Caricature of Bill and a great Job on Slimer. A Friend of mine once gave me some great advice. He suggested that I use 'Smart Objects' when working with a great number of source images like this one. The layers get ridiculously long, don't they. Grouping comes in real handy and the move tool short cut. Congratulations on your fantastic work.
A perfect re-invention of a master.... Great chop with lot of hardwork and perfection seen in each and every source used to create this Magic in-front of us.... A great job done by a Great Hand Gold Trophy guaranteed
Congratulations PSMandrake. It has that golden sheen all over it.
Congrats on the gold, PSM. And thanks for very informative and interesting comments here.
One of the best chops I've seen in a long time. Let's see some more, PS
Congrats on the gold

Funny Bill Murray Caricature with Caddyshack Gopher

Bill Murray Caricature with Caddyshack Gopher
Member reactions:
HA... Nice quality chop. I likes it a lot....
Fantastico … piacevole per vedervi ancora. … nice to see you again.
WooW.. This is beyond fantastic my HIDDEN friend.
Great work... Well illuminated pic with smoke effects from the Gun is really amazing good one
congrats on a truly amazing set of wins to you ricky
Congrats on the double Ricky, great stuff.
Rickytrek, glad to see more of your wonderful work, you're definitely tops. Congrats on both wins, love your work.
Fantastic work, great tribute to Bill Murray. Congrats on the gold, Ricky.

Funny Andy Murray Playing a Twisted Leg Tennis Forehand

Andy Murray Playing a Twisted Leg Tennis Forehand
Member reactions:
It hurts me just looking at that. Here's how it looked from Federer's side of the net.
Not mine. Credit to clearlydope
Nice blend and turns of Body parts good chop

Funny Bill Murray

Bill Murray
It’s hard to believe, but Bill Murray is 60 years old today. In 1976, he joined the cast of Saturday Night Live for the show's second season. After starring in Meatballs in 1979, Murray went on to star in a series of successful comedies in the ’80s, including Caddyshack, Stripes, and Ghostbusters. He then went on to reinvent himself with his starring role in Rushmore in 1998, re-reinvent himself again with his starring role in Lost in Translation in 2003, kick ass in Jim Jarmusch films, accidentally star in Garfield, chill in his mansion in the middle of the zombie apocalypse in Zombieland, and hilariously passive-aggressively trash Ghostbusters 3 every chance he gets nowadays. In short, he is still a giant of comedy and a monument to reinvented relevance, and for this, we salute him. Here are some interesting Bill Murray facts: * Bill Murray had originally planned a career as a doctor, although he left university after being arrested for possession of marijuana. Truly, medicine's loss was ruefully existential arthouse cinema's gain. * Bill Murray is notoriously hard to pin down. If you want him to star in your film, you have to call his infrequently checked answering machine and wait for him to get back. * As a consequence of this, he has missed out on roles in films like Monsters Inc, Charlie And The Chocolate Factory and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. * Bill Murray was the singer in a band called the Dutch Masters as a teenager. What's more, he once played guitar onstage with Eric Clapton. * Bill Murray's final inaudible whisper to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Lost In Translation is one of cinema's greatest-ever mysteries. In 2007, a digital remaster discovered that he appeared to say, "I have to be leaving, but I won't let that come between us, OK?" * It's said that Bill Murray likes to sneak up behind strangers in New York, whisper, "Guess who?" And, when they turn around, tell them: "No one will ever believe you." Happy 60th Birthday, Bill! To mark the 60th birthday of Bill Murray, photoshop him any way you wish.

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