George Bush the Mummy
George Bush the Mummy
George Bush the Mummy. Member reactions:
He stole Mona's mouth, didn't he. Good chop, but I see another Remmy here..haha

Funny The Mummy Scream by Munch

The Mummy Scream by Munch
This mummy fits The Scream perfectly.
Member reactions:
Quick and easy. Great fit.
went from 2nd to5th in one vote
That's the way it goes sometimes Jerry, doesn't mean it's any less a chop...this was a clever idea.
it was a very easy chop, I saw the mummy pic and the idea was a no brainer. But one voter cost me a trophy. I curse thee one voter...hahahaha. Feel my evil wrath.... just kidding...or am I. derp
Mine dropped like a rock too.

Funny Mummy Walking Traffic Lights

Mummy Walking Traffic Lights
Member reactions:
This is great... Super idea and well executed .. This, of course, is a "walk sign" which has no yellow, but I'd love to see what the author would do with yellow

Funny George Bush the Presidential Mummy

George Bush the Presidential Mummy
Member reactions:
Oh yes...a Remmy in the making... but, then this one doesn't look as much fun

Funny John McCain Mummy Running for President

John McCain Mummy Running for President
Member reactions:
I see he's wearing his lapel pin and still can't lift his arms. This is very well done and I like the little touches.

Funny Obama the Mummy

Obama the Mummy
Member reactions:
Great chop, even though resemblance with Obama is not so strong

Funny The Lincoln Mummy Memorial

The Lincoln Mummy Memorial

Funny Mummy Painting

Mummy Painting
Are you my Mummy.

Funny Mona Lisa Mummy

Mona Lisa Mummy
Actually, it's Mona's Mummy. She was not easy to wrap, but I sure had fun doing it.
Member reactions:
Me loves, especially how you wrapped the hands

Funny Mummy with Robotic Prosthesis

Mummy with Robotic Prosthesis
Link: News Story
Member reactions:
Shome shadows from the crossed hand bones would make it more realistic. I would also place eyes deeper in the eye sockets.
You might want to get rid of the remains of the old hands.
yes, i agree with newsy, but still nice chop

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