Michael Phelps the Mummy
Michael Phelps the Mummy
Michael Phelps the Mummy.

Funny Antient Mummy Waking Up

Antient Mummy Waking Up
This is Natalie Portman. Please view the sources to appreciate the work done. I wrapped her myself. Sources here
Member reactions:
I know who this is, your FN media folder gives it away I recognized the source straight up, gr8 wrapping with the bandages.
Kellie, how do you see my media folder by clicking on my source link. Newsy, is this supposed to happen.. (Thanks for the cool comments, by the way. )
Your media folder has the same user ID as you do matey
Yikes. Well, so much for using my media folder. . I posted my source to image shack and changed the link.
Not something that most would notice, though when I was at Worth I re-call they did ask us not to load them to MF for that exact reason. Now you're all incognito again
Thanks for pointing this little glitch out to me Kel. I had NO idea. :o
I have a BAD headache, let me go back to sleep.

Funny Mummy Clothing Patch

Mummy Clothing Patch
My first patch.(and probably my last after all those *##.*%# stitches with the line tool.)It probably would have been easier to sew a real patch and photograph it.
Member reactions:
Truly an excellent patch work. I also like how you turned the thimble into the bucket with blood I only wish the image was larger
Hmmmm... a lot of hard work. I'm certain I know who the author is..
Good work, I have had a go at these & can understand your *##.*%#
I was wrong about the author...but, still marvelous work and unbelievable for your first try ... Congrats ..
VERY very nice patch work, I've only done one of these using real stitch work, and this is top notch.
Many thanks all. I followed a great tutorial on Worth 1000,and at last used my bamboo pen tablet that my son bought me and I have been struggling to get to grips with.
well done, great work, I have been trying to do a patch for a few weeks but not good results yet.
Congrats on the silver dosysod. Great job for your first stitching job. May, did you think this was mine.

Funny Benjamin Franklin Dressed as a Mummy on 100 Dollar Bill

Benjamin Franklin Dressed as a Mummy on 100 Dollar Bill
please view source image and view in full. Quite a few hidden details... original 100 dollar bill source
Member reactions:
It's really still America...he just can't speak too clearly with all the bandages...
Mums the word. Have you considered a career in counterfeiting. The U.S. Secret Service offers excellent fringe benefits.
I wish I could counterfeit that good. At least the debt collectors might stop calling. Wtf. now my score is dropping like a rock. Why.
Great wrapping work. US Treasury already photoshopped a pyramid there, in advance, .

Funny Barack Obama as a Mummy

Barack Obama as a Mummy
Edwards' baby says "I want my mummy".I believe in this case that would be daddy. Source
Member reactions:
Cute but odd choice of characters.. are the other two contenders for the baby too.
, for some reason the baby reminds me Jacques Chirac.
Bronze congratulations for hobbit and mummies - great to see you in top 3 again after a long vacation.
I think this is a great picture. A great advertisement too

Funny Paris Hilton the Mummy

Paris Hilton the Mummy
Member reactions:
She probably used her plastic surgeon instead of the embalmer

Funny Mona Lisa Mummy

Mona Lisa Mummy

Funny John McCain the Mummy

John McCain the Mummy
Another McMummy

Funny Eddie Murphy with a Mummy

Eddie Murphy with a Mummy
Member reactions:
Hilarious Look how Eddie Murphy is happy too
didn't see the Oscar one below, great minds...

Funny Man Working at the Mummy's Gauze Company

Man Working at the Mummy's Gauze Company
if mummies ruled they'd probably sell a lot of gauze.
Member reactions:
Fantastic chop. Love how you did the wrapping.
The wrapping is a costume Newsy. Still a cool chop though.
yes it is a costume, but i still wrapped it from a source image to the final contest image. It was still a lot of work.
I like how you've bought all this together...humour & skill.
Congratulations, Wood. I definitely see that you did a lot of wrapping yourself as the Superman source was different from the costume. The idea is a gem that sells this image anyhow. A well deserved victory.
thank you all. I had a lot of fun with this one. newsy, it's funny you knew about the superman source since I didn't post the sources, very observant. Cheers.
WTG Funkwood. I love this image. The gauze biz is for sure job security in the world of the Mummy. . Congrats.

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