Multi-eyed puffer fish
Multi-eyed puffer fish
Multi-eyed puffer fish. Member reactions:
I wouldn't eat this thing, but Homer would.
Multi eye attracts animals more but people won't be eating this because of its uglyness
Good concept work, nice execution with mult-e-ye

Funny Multi-Colored Rainbow Snake

Multi-Colored Rainbow Snake
It sure took awhile to color each little scale on this snake but, it was fun.
Member reactions:
Very beautiful,great job.As an owner of four snakes,i would love to see an actual morph of this snake.I would love to own this snake.Not likely to happen,though
This is what I love about Freaking News, we can put things in a chop that we would like it be like.Thanks so much for your comment.I've been coloring on him for awhile now.
Wicked job, came out beautifully, worth the effort
... Lovely work with Gems yummy want to eat those candies great chop nice turn of a snake with the lovely colorful scales
AMAZINGLY Done, light effect to each and every scale is fantastic..adorable work with full marks
Tons of coloring work here. Congrats on the silver, Hobbit.

Funny Multi-Colored Giraffe

Multi-Colored Giraffe
Member reactions:
This is great, love it. The red lines kind of throw it off, but other than that, fantastic.
The Red Lines were F N for Freaking News. I wasn't sure how they would fare. I pulled them, thanks for the suggestion and wonderful comment.
Much nicer, I didn't see the F N in the red lines, it looked like you were going to make the white lines red then changed your mind, and forgot to remove all of it. It looks better like this, This image should do well in this contest, one of the best so far imo.
I never saw a Freaking Giraffe before....
Congratulations. Best looking Giraffe in the Freakin' Zoo.
there ya go. nice job. congrats on 2nd place.
I dare say this giraffe should cut down his Skittles consumption. Congrats on the silver, Chip.

Funny Super Multi Udder Car

Super Multi Udder Car
Member reactions:
Adds a whole new definition to the term, dairy cow hahahahahaha
Thanks,'re one of the few who liked it.
that's funny and cool one pcrdds .. keep going
I love it, but the central "compartment" makes me confused a bit - think it makes the cow design too complicated, could try a simpler version without the central hole, perhaps.
Just looked too simple without it, Newsy. Wanted to try something "out of the box."

Funny Multi Colored Zebra

Multi Colored Zebra
Mixing their colours, they became the black & white zebras we all know today
Member reactions:
Now this would be a great posater for Kodac

Funny Multi Armed Flight Attendant

Multi Armed Flight Attendant

Funny Multi-Talented Snake Charmer

Multi-Talented Snake Charmer

Funny Multi Colored Turtle Eggs

Multi Colored Turtle Eggs
Member reactions:
Impatient Child. Mama ain't done depositing your siblings yet.

Funny Multi Fruit Pear

Multi Fruit Pear
Member reactions:
I thought this might be #1 this a.m. Congrats on #3. (really clever)
Good one. With all thisDNA and cloning business this chop may not be fantasy

Funny Multi Eyed Frog

Multi Eyed Frog

Funny Multi-tasking Products

Multi-tasking Products
Take a run-of-the-mill item and improve it. Feel free to combine multiple functions. Photoshop images of a new and improved product that will satisfy our multi-tasking culture.

Funny Multi Tasking Devices

Multi Tasking Devices
Not everyone can juggle so many things successfully. Create a device that will combine multiple functions in order to aid in the multi-tasking needs of the average person or criminal.

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