Man Finds Tiny Drug Mules
Man Finds Tiny Drug Mules
Man Finds Tiny Drug Mules.

Funny Mule Soldier

Mule Soldier
Member reactions:
Perfect fits, New commandos hired in army

Funny Riding a Rabbit Mule

Riding a Rabbit Mule
Member reactions:
I see you made the donkey with some rabbit parts, but it'd be even cooler to have the rabbit instead of donkey . Carrots work for them too
Yeah, but the idea with the donkey here is that he has no envy to move... And I don't know if rabbits are as stubborn as donkeys

Funny Barack Obama as a Mule

Barack Obama as a Mule
Obama's healthcare speech helps unify Democrats
Member reactions:
I love it great chop, but the wrong end of the Mule is talking.
Quality work. Would be nice if the hands were Obama's though
Nice... the steam could be a bit more subtle tho.

Funny Like a mule

Like a mule
Member reactions:
Wie. That looks like a lot of work. Great result.

Funny Mule

Guess who's getting put out to Pasture.
Member reactions:
He does look like Bill Clinton. His haircut helps.

Funny Two Mules for Sister Sara with a Groundhog and Shirley McClaine

Two Mules for Sister Sara  with a Groundhog and Shirley McClaine
Everybody's got a right to be a ... once

Funny Mule in the Oval Office

Mule in the Oval Office
Love all the animals, they were not at the mercy of us, Love them and treat them equally People for Animals

Funny Stubborn Mule With Skeletons

Stubborn Mule With Skeletons
Mate, can we go home now, he ain't goin' anywhere.
Member reactions:
Great idea but there should've been something holding up the skeleton on the right or perhaps it should've been moved more to the right so an explanation as to why its propped up isn't needed
Thanks Treach. I thought he looked as if he had just let go and fallen backwards, rather than being propped. Will look more closely at things next time....
i.e. is on his ass
Interesting idea, Wish the image was less blurry though, and the skeletons need shadows

Funny Ugly Mule Dog

Ugly Mule Dog
Member reactions:
Do people really look like their pets. Hope not.

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