Ibtihaj Muhammad Breaking Stereotypes
Ibtihaj Muhammad Breaking Stereotypes
Ibtihaj Muhammad Breaking Stereotypes. Satire on toughness of Muslim women
Member reactions:
I love the achievement but I think it would have been perfect if the fencer had a jovial smile rather than a satanic look .
Don't read too much into it. She expressed some anti American sentiments so she gets to play the villain. I had her poking Whoopee just because Whoopie is a progressive putz. It's sort of an aimless doodle type of chop, simply killing time. Thanks for the comments
https://www.google.com/search.q=ibtihaj+muhammad&client=ubuntu&hs=8O4&channel=fs&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiNgt2Wv93OAhXMph4KHU9oDgoQ_AUICigD&biw=1203&bih=794#tbm=isch&tbs=rimg%3ACWU4OZ_1-I-gHIjjE58dA4TZMg9sGWOUqcZ0-_18F8jWXtgkmsxjWtnxVpOHa6FCs7aJhE-dBO-JeFgJV9KfNeXwxP4CoSCcTnx0DhNkyDEfFJk3jWMbaQKhIJ2wZY5SpxnT4RiXTGfVjYe6kqEgn_1wXyNZe2CSREd7owncunYgSoSCazGNa2fFWk4EToGqOgsnJs_1KhIJdroUKztomEQRSUwADIK63R8qEgn50E74l4WAlRFCjBm_1BdwwGCoSCX0p815fDE_1gE She is pretty UlMAAyCut0f&q=ibtihaj%20muhammad
Apparently so is one of the judges Hahahahahaha. Just stop with the low balls please. It is childish. Thank you Luciano, and Willie, she is pretty and that link messed up my computer. I fenced for about 7 years and using the sport to make political statements defeats the spirit of unity and the Olympics. So, she gets an unfavorable chop. And thanks crafty
This is way freaking late but in original you see the quality picture this is, agree about the low ball.

Funny Muhammad Ali Poster Knocking Out a Man in a Gallery

Muhammad Ali Poster Knocking Out a Man in a Gallery
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Funny Jim Carrey in the Boxing Ring with Muhammad Ali

Jim Carrey in the Boxing Ring with Muhammad Ali
Member reactions:
Good camera angle and perspective, looks like Jim bet on Muhammud .
Perspective, color, lighting & composition all balanced very well. Well done.

Funny Muhammad Ali Boxing Will Smith

Muhammad Ali Boxing Will Smith
Please Critique Original Black and White Source
Member reactions:
Nice colorization. This image is really nice.
colorization is great, just Will's head is a lil big
Cool...Ali & the man that portrayed him. Nicely executed.

Funny You Shall Be Missed Muhammad Ali

You Shall Be Missed Muhammad Ali
The final photo... as The Greatest fight is over: Frail Muhammad Ali in last appearance two months before dying of septic shock as his wife, nine children and brother start battle over his $80m fortune

Funny The One and Only Muhammad Ali

The One and Only Muhammad Ali
"Float like a Butterfly-Sting like a Bee." Muhammad Ali Pictures
Member reactions:
He was so entertaining and classy and so was Sugar Ray.
If you use the magic wand, you have to clean up the popcorn with the eraser tool if you want you chop to score better. Thanks for honoring a great American personality as Ali.
HUH. I'm confused...Popcorn. The white crap is the 'Salt' effect on my cheesy PSE 8. I was looking for the 'edgy', High Voltage feel that would mimic the event. I never said I was an Artist...
Ali my best hero of Boxing... its a knock out
Well you are an artist whether you think so or not. I get what you were aiming at now that you state it. I just spent about 15 mins with your pic trying to see if I could het a strong energy field around the figures using Fractalius and it made some interesting effects. Pretty hard to do Geri if you don't have a fancy schmancy filtering program. But it can be done just would take a lot of expirimenting
Huh. (version # 2) You don't have a bank of cheesy effects. I'm shocked.

Funny Muhammad Ali Predicting His Future

Muhammad Ali Predicting His Future
This was just a great image. I didn't want to mess with it very much.

Funny Michael Caine vs Muhammad Ali

Michael Caine vs Muhammad Ali
Fixed up Caine's face, might have to view full version

Funny Old Skinny Muhammad Ali

Old Skinny Muhammad Ali
Everlasting Muhammad Ali
Member reactions:
Floats like a Butterfly...looks like a Walking Stick.
Not bad, but Ali looks lore anorexic than old here.

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