Mugabe + Putin
Mugabe + Putin
Mugabe + Putin. Mugabe Escapes UN Sanctions
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Nice Job, but his face looks a little washed out, maybe if you desaturate the original image a little it might be better.. Good Luck..
Great concept, nose piece on the glasses looks a little too wide for the Putin nose.
Overall a decent job, but I agree with the above critiques. With the improvements this could be one of the best entries in the contest.

Funny Mugabe DaMan

Mugabe DaMan
Please don't hurt me.
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i'm a zimbabwean living in australia and i signed up with freaking news just to say thank you for showing that somewhere out there there are ppl who are aware of what is going on elsewhere and care enough to do a picture on it. thank you.

Funny Robert Mugabe Wanted Poster

Robert Mugabe Wanted Poster

Funny Robert Mugabe Movie

Robert Mugabe Movie
Member reactions:
oh Duh, been watching King of Scotland hshs
Does he keep heads in the freezer. I seem to remember that's what really impressed me about ole Idi.

Funny Mugabe Rigged Election Voting

Mugabe Rigged Election Voting
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UMMM i pick UMMMM I can't choose geesh choices choices~

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