Hosni Mubarak Losing all his Money Hanging Upside Down
Hosni Mubarak Losing all his Money Hanging Upside Down
Hosni Mubarak Losing all his Money Hanging Upside Down. Sources
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I think that "salis" should pay attention . Congrats CoolDES .
In your face sosleepy....bronze congrats CooLDES
thanks all for the comments BoulPIX Lol don't worry Salis is a teacher so it's impossible to be better than him especially me, i'm just a beginner in this area
Love the smoothness, great work....bronze congrats.
Cooldes : I am not so sure .... You surprise me every time. And you have the same style as him. It is confusing . hihihihihi . It's true .
i feel happy when u tell me that my friend of course i want have the same style as him he's my best i want to be like him thanks too much BOULPIX
I am disappointed not to be your favorite .... Hahahaha .... Way to go CoolDES .

Funny Gaddafi and Mubarak Good Friends

Gaddafi and Mubarak Good Friends

Funny Gaddafi, Mubarak and Ben Ali - the Three Stooges

Gaddafi, Mubarak and Ben Ali - the Three Stooges
the three friends are placed in a serious trouble ...
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Heck of a lot of work in there. Beauty of a chop.
Nice Work. That looks like them, all right...
Winner.....awesome tweak, well chosen theme. Congrats 'hidden author'. Hehe..
Where do you come-up with this stuff HIDDEN. Totally nuts.
Nicely blend with all the sources. All the best.
whoa,, a killer chop, tons of sources and right to the point, the Tunisian kelt
Well deserved gold trophy Ricky. Congrats...
News-topical, political, satirical, and hilarious. That's what FreakingNews is all about. Luv this chop.
Congrats on the cup Ricky, freaking good work.
Great work RICKY...Fantastic colors,shadows and light work... Congrats.
Congrats on the win, Ricky. Welcome back.
how is great this designs .. good job dude

Funny Mubarak & Gaddafi Band

Mubarak & Gaddafi Band
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Great political satire and quality chopping technique. It would be even better if you added some shadows from the instrument stands and from the performers

Funny Hosni Mubarak Jumps Out of a Plane Over London

Hosni Mubarak Jumps Out of a Plane Over London
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I feel bad for the poor camel, but the picture is awesome.
thank you very much ArchNemesi, salis, BruceH123, Kellie and Krrish. BruceH123- no worries Bruce,camel made a safe landing
Gold congrats, Mr. X...keep on keepin' on.
Congrats on winning the contest Xaos54...
Golden congrats. Beautiful work, I like the perspective
Thanks everyone. Appreciate the votes and comments.
It's a freaking beauty. The parachuter camel is a nice touch. What's the other thing being parachuted on the right. Looks like one of the Egyptian animal god statues to me
Really nice work on a great idea. Congrats.
topjob on this one and the previous Hosni as well. You remain the king.
Thanks again Newsy. good eye mate, yea its an animal god statue. Thanks Hits.. Hey Jere, thanks for chiming in mate. no king here just another chopper like you
Years later, still cracks me up. This is great.

Funny Hosni Mubarak Visiting Jerusalem

Hosni Mubarak Visiting Jerusalem
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Freaking hilarious. The sale tag literally sells this image for me Excellent.

Funny Hosni Mubarak and Osama Bin Laden Duet On American Idol

Hosni Mubarak and Osama Bin Laden Duet On American Idol
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Hosni as Elvis is great, and it looks as if Osama can really sing, but I hope neither are going to Hollywood
Sure...but just think if they did...we could catch them.
Great. Singing Osama with guitar is one of the most creative chops of Osama I have seen.

Funny Super Hosni Mubarak In Bathroom

Super Hosni Mubarak In Bathroom
Since stepping down, didnít leave the bathroom layers source
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Great job. However, please edit the image and change the head for some other source since now you are using caricature work of some other author for the head.

Funny Hosni Mubarak With his Secret Love and a Camel

Hosni Mubarak With his Secret Love and a Camel
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A camel with the balloons and a panda with rose - forget about the girl. Lovely chop
Thanks a lot Xaos, Newsy, Hit. Glad you like it
Congrats on the wood Sunshin. Great work.

Funny Hosni Mubarak In Cuba With Castro and Oprah

Hosni Mubarak In Cuba With Castro and Oprah
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Bronze congrats. I didn't know Mubarack can sing
Congrats on the bronze PC.. who's the person facing the firing squad.
Thanks, Sunshin3. Mubarak seems to only be playing the steel drum.
Thanks, Mr. X...I think the guy facing the firing squad is me.
They are shooting IN-FIDEL-s in the background. Sweet blend of "the band" - they look natural.
Paul - the the heart and soul and the bronze voice of the band. Congrats.
Hahahahaha nice one and funny as always. Congrads on the cup
Thanks, Newsy. IN-FIDEL-s...bwhahahah. Good one.
Congrats on the bronze pcrdds. Excellent work.

Funny Hosni Mubarak

Hosni Mubarak
The fourth Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, resigned on February 11, 2011 amidst massive and violent protests in Egypt, ceding power to the military. Mubarak, 82, ruled Egypt for 30 years, which is longer than most pharaohs. Since he escaped from Cairo on Friday, his location is undisclosed, which gave grounds to many rumors about his persona - ranging from "he is in coma" to "he left the country and is now in Switzerland". Mubarak's spokesperson said that Hosni is not in coma, just under stress, and is taking his time to relax in the Red Sea resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. No staff at the resort could confirm this information though. Today we are going to expose Mubarak's (possible or impossible) undisclosed location and show what he may be up to next.

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