Movie `Heart of a Dog`, Schwonder - Vladimir Putin
Movie `Heart of a Dog`, Schwonder - Vladimir Putin
Movie "Heart of a Dog", Schwonder - Vladimir Putin. Source: Movie "Heart of a Dog" Schwonder - Vladimir Putin Professor Filipp Filippovich Preobrazhensky - Donald Trump

Funny Star Wars Scary Movie

Star Wars Scary Movie

Funny Movie Director and Actor Andrew McCabe

Movie Director and Actor Andrew McCabe

Funny The Wrong Damn Movie

The Wrong Damn Movie
Member reactions:
Solo wears strange clothes, changed the blaster for wipe... Ha ha ha
Congrats for the silver DeadDog, smoking death star

Funny GOT the movie

GOT the movie

Funny Nigel Farage advertises new Tory Movie

Nigel Farage advertises new Tory Movie

Funny Fireman's body for next movie

Fireman's body for next movie
Member reactions:
Especially this pink nose. Congratulations Looks figurative

Funny Newsy Potter Movie

Newsy Potter Movie
guys this is just my little way of sharing my last artwork here in FREAKINGNEWS..hope NewsMaster will like it and remember this way back..
Member reactions:
no need to vote guys....just put my name on the last page
Allan, a blast from the past. Good job, pal. It got an 8 from me
Thank you, Allan. FN is here to stay though - please read the site news again
thanks guys for voting.. nice to hear the news sir newsy.

Funny Witch from the movie `Brave`

Witch from the movie `Brave`

Funny Elvis Fake Movie

Elvis Fake Movie

Funny Movie Posters

Movie Posters
Archaeologically inclined video game and action movie character Lara Croft is known for her physical prowess, but a poster for the 2018 "Tomb Raider" takes things a little too far. Particularly her neck. Twitter users are having a blast commenting on the poster, which hit social media recently. The poster shows Alicia Vikander as Croft. She holds an ice-climbing ax and appears to be standing in a body of water. She's looking over her right shoulder, which requires an oddly proportioned turn of her neck. And that's where Twitter is losing it, comparing the look to everything from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial to a giraffe. Change any Movie Poster in any way you wish! PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER. For more on this story Visit This Link

Funny One Man Movies

One Man Movies
Good Hollywood movies are getting ridiculously expensive. If years ago the price tag of $200 mil was a record breaker ("Titanic" 1997), today $300 or even $500 mil is not uncommon for a decent movie. "Pirates of The Carribean" (2007) cost over $300 mil, half of which went to the movie stars (Depp, Bloom, Cruz, Knightley, and others). It's expensive to have many mega stars in one movie, but we have a solution for Hollywood which might help keep the costs down... Take any movie and photoshop one actor/actress playing all the roles in the movie (or at least all the roles in the chop). Show movie posters or movie scenes, but please note that it has to be one of the actual actors from that movie that will be playing all the roles (e.g. you can't make Johnny Depp play all the roles in "The Silence of The Lambs", because he was not there originally). Many thanks to IcyAllEyeCan for the contest concept, and to Evirio for the themepost.

Funny Minimalist Movie Posters

Minimalist Movie Posters
Back in 2009 Austrian designer Albert Exergian created a series of minimalist posters for famous TV shows. Little did he know his work would inspire a new internet meme called "minimalist movie posters" which depict famous movies in as few symbols as possible. Here are some more great examples. Photoshop minimalist movie posters showing any symbols from movies like in the examples above. The contest does NOT call for depicting movie titles, it asks you to show any symbol(s) that is(are) specific to the movie you are depicting. E.g. in one example above the poster for movie Seven shows the box that appears in the last scene of the movie. Many thanks to MiniS for the themepost.

Funny Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies
All we want for Christmas are some quality holiday movies, say movie critics. Photoshop any movies to give them a Christmas theme. E.g. dress up movie stars in Christmas costumes, add snow, Christmas lights, Christmas tree, make Christmas sequels of the known movies. See what creative movie titles you can come up with. Many thanks to JimShorts for the themepost.

Funny Turkey Movies

Turkey Movies
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Statistics show that the United States produces about 270 million turkeys a year, 30% of these turkeys are consumed by Americans during Thanksgiving. Turkeys have a sharp 270 degree vision, and are quite "sporty" birds - they run up to 20 miles per hour and fly up to 55 miles per hour. Turkeys are related to pheasants. Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be a turkey, instead of the bald eagle. Let's pay a tribute to this bird today. Photoshop turkeys into any famous movies. Feel free to adjust movie titles. Many thanks to preemiememe for the themepost.

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