The last wish and end of the movie
The last wish and end of the movie
The last wish and end of the movie.

Funny Turkey Little Movie

Turkey Little Movie
work in progress

Funny Turkey Super Fly Movie

Turkey Super Fly Movie
Member reactions:
He looks cool.

Funny Thanksgiving CLAW Movie

Thanksgiving CLAW Movie
Horror comes to your dinner table this Thanksgiving.

Funny The Good The Bad and The Turkey Movie

The Good The Bad and The Turkey Movie

Funny Turkey in Legion Movie

Turkey in Legion Movie
Gobbleth is the word
Member reactions:
Bloody good but I would change the date to 2015
Probably a good idea but a bit late now thanks Vlad and Balodiya

Funny Crab Jaws Movie

Crab Jaws Movie
Dangerous Toxin Closing California Crab Season

Funny Russian Leviathan Movie with Vladimir Putin

Russian Leviathan Movie with Vladimir Putin
Leviathan Official Trailer - Russian Drama HD
Member reactions:
Great work . Congrats on the wood, Wanderer.
Thank you, Sunshine. Happy to see you are back to FN contests.

Funny Back To The Future Western Movie

Back To The Future Western Movie

Funny Queen Elizabeth and Pricnce Harry at a Star Wars Movie

Queen Elizabeth and Pricnce Harry at a Star Wars Movie

Funny Monkey Movies

Monkey Movies
2016 is the year of the red monkey, by the Chinese horoscope calendar. Monkey is considered a smart and naughty animal by the Chinese, and if you want the red monkey to bring you positive changes in 2016, you need to resemble the monkey in your thoughts and actions, at least a bit. Does eating bananas and being a party animal count? To welcome the 2016 Year of the Red Monkey, photoshop monkeys into any famous movies. Many thanks to Ninj for the themepost.

Funny Star Wars Movies

Star Wars Movies
The internet is buzzing about the latest Star Wars film - "The Force Awakens" - which is opening in theaters this week. If you are a Star Wars fan like us, you know that premiere tickets in most theaters are sold out. Put Star Wars characters into any other movies. Many thanks to LunaC for the themepost.

Funny South Park Movies

South Park Movies
South Park's season 19 is almost over, the season's last episode will be aired December 9. Are you a South Park fan like us? Then you will be happy to know that Trey Parker and Matt Stone inked a deal with Viacom to continue the sitcom for at least another 3 seasons. Take any movie and turn it into a South Park movie (by giving it a South Park theme, changing the main characters for South Park characters, etc.). Many thanks to UncleChamp for the themepost.

Funny Turkey Movies

Turkey Movies
Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Statistics show that the United States produces about 270 million turkeys a year, 30% of these turkeys are consumed by Americans during Thanksgiving. Turkeys have a sharp 270 degree vision, and are quite "sporty" birds - they run up to 20 miles per hour and fly up to 55 miles per hour. Turkeys are related to pheasants. Benjamin Franklin wanted the national bird to be a turkey, instead of the bald eagle. Let's pay a tribute to this bird today. Photoshop turkeys into any famous movies. Feel free to adjust movie titles. Many thanks to preemiememe for the themepost.

Funny Donald Trump in Horror Movies

Donald Trump in Horror Movies
It's almost Halloween and many people will be dressed up as... Donald Trump this Holiday. He turned the GOP presidential race into a carnival, and is making headlines like never before, so it's only natural that he inspired "the Donald" Halloween costumes. Let's put Donald Trump into any famous horror movies. Many thanks to Marksdesign for the themepost.

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