Trump the movie
Trump the movie
Trump the movie. Member reactions:
His face doesn't match a lot but funny expression.

Funny Trump Horror Movie

Trump Horror Movie
Donald Trump as Frankenstein

Funny Dream Machine and Movie Queen

Dream Machine and Movie Queen

Funny Avatrump the Movie

Avatrump the Movie
Member reactions:
Great Job. The tie is a cherry on top Congrats.
A real treat, with many awesome layers. Congrats on the Gold, Vicspa.

Funny Pi Peanuts Movie

Pi Peanuts Movie

Funny Mr Bean and Gerard Depardieu in James Bond Movie

Mr Bean and Gerard Depardieu in James Bond Movie

Funny My Valentine Hillary Clinton is a Horror Movie

My Valentine Hillary Clinton is a Horror Movie

Funny Hollande in French Romance Movie

Hollande in French Romance Movie
Member reactions:
Nice but, as far as I know the should be still in love.

Funny One Dalmation Disney Movie

One Dalmation Disney Movie
Member reactions:
...Kewl Idea. Grats on the Toofer, Denlig.

Funny Donald Trump Movie

Donald Trump Movie

Funny Trump Movies

Trump Movies
Last October we've put Donald Trump into famous horror movies. Perhaps it's time to have him try wider roles - in comedy, suspense, or even romantic movies? Photoshop Donald Trump into any famous movies. Remember to keep your entries safe for work. Many thanks to Ilovelayers for the themepost.

Funny Valentine's Day Movies

Valentine's Day Movies
What is your favorite romantic movie? Last year "Fifty Shades of Gray" was released just before the Valentine's Day. Did you watch the parody flick "Fifty Shades of Black" this year? Give Valentine's Day theme to any movie. Example - think of how even horror movies can turn into Valentine's Day movies full of romance, Valentine's hearts, and teddy bears... ALTERNATIVELY, photoshop any romantic movies any way you wish (e.g. change the cast of "50 Shades of Grey", etc.) Many thanks to skitterchick for the themepost.

Funny Monkey Movies

Monkey Movies
2016 is the year of the red monkey, by the Chinese horoscope calendar. Monkey is considered a smart and naughty animal by the Chinese, and if you want the red monkey to bring you positive changes in 2016, you need to resemble the monkey in your thoughts and actions, at least a bit. Does eating bananas and being a party animal count? To welcome the 2016 Year of the Red Monkey, photoshop monkeys into any famous movies. Many thanks to Ninj for the themepost.

Funny Star Wars Movies

Star Wars Movies
The internet is buzzing about the latest Star Wars film - "The Force Awakens" - which is opening in theaters this week. If you are a Star Wars fan like us, you know that premiere tickets in most theaters are sold out. Put Star Wars characters into any other movies. Many thanks to LunaC for the themepost.

Funny South Park Movies

South Park Movies
South Park's season 19 is almost over, the season's last episode will be aired December 9. Are you a South Park fan like us? Then you will be happy to know that Trey Parker and Matt Stone inked a deal with Viacom to continue the sitcom for at least another 3 seasons. Take any movie and turn it into a South Park movie (by giving it a South Park theme, changing the main characters for South Park characters, etc.). Many thanks to UncleChamp for the themepost.

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