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The Lego MovieFunny The Lego Movie
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Clean work. How you did the flying Lego bullet is brilliant.

 Movie Star of Yesteryear Funny Movie Star of Yesteryear
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This is drawn from a picture of a silent movie star whose name I can't remember. I liked both her and her costume so I thought I'd try to capture this era in my art. digital art
Good art work especially perfect in drawing the beads
Thank you, JimShorts (nice name), Rajehstar, glad you like the beads, and Balodiya.
Love the top part. The hands need to be the same color as the face skin

Member reactions:
Excellent very colorful. Nice caricature.
Creative artwork with many references to Travolta's movies.
Dancing lights and movies and Popcorn on his birthday its party time
bellisssssssssssimo... hehehehe non solo io ci do' sotto con le luci e gli effetti speciali.... una bella coppa d'oro la meritavi alla stragrande amico mio
Tutto lavoro sprecato, a quanto pare... neanche una coppetta di legno

A movie experienceFunny A movie experience
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The lego movieFunny The lego movie
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Movie #69 : REVENGEFunny Movie #69 : REVENGE
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The movie man (TMM).Funny The movie man (TMM).
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Fantastic work.... like the filter used and the cracks is really good with added drops of water over the chop... great job done here
Congrats on the wood, KTO.

True To Life MovieFunny True To Life Movie
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Wao.... Obama looks as a Michelle fine job

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Dora, the post TED era...
This is cute.... like the Cartoon and the Man combination

Member reactions:

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Fantastic Superb job done best of luck.
Great chop... like the texture its clean and smooth good one
Silver congrats, Jockey. Stunningly well done - looks pro.
THANK you very GRAZIE (even for Picture of the Day...)

Jackie Chan MoviesFunny Jackie Chan Movies - Martial artist, actor and comedian, Jackie Chan celebrated his 60th birthday on Monday. Jackie Chan was born to a poor family in China, and his parents wanted to give him up for adoption because they could not afford to raise him nor could they even afford the hospital bill. However, after hearing from relatives who decided to help financially, Jackie's parents agreed to keep him and worked hard to raise him in Hong Kong and later in Australia where they relocated. Chan studied martial arts and acting in China Drama Academy. Upon graduation (he was 17), Jackie started acting as a stuntman in Bruce Lee movies. He soon started getting his own first roles in Hong Kong movies and became very famous in Asia. However, it was not until 90s when Chan became a true Hollywood icon with his comedy hits Rush Hour, Shanghai Noon, and their sequels. Jackie is one of the very few actors that does most of his movie stunts by himself and has massive number of scars to prove it. Chan's on-screen fighting technique became very famous - he loves to use furniture in his fights. His Chinese name means "Cannonball." For his 60th birthday, let's show Jackie Chan in the movies where he did not act, or create sequels to the movies where he did act. Many thanks to mrmo2 for the themepost.

War MoviesFunny War Movies - The Crimean crisis is escalating. Past Sunday Crimeans held a referendum resulting in 97% of the voters supporting Crimea becoming a part of Russia. On Monday Crimea declared its independence, and today Putin signed two decrees - first one acknowledging the independence of Crimea, and the second - accepting Crimea into Russia. The border between Ukraine and Crimea is now officially declared by Moscow as the Russian border. Neither the referendum, nor the Crimea's joining of Russia is accepted by the western countries, which are preparing strong sanctions against Russia and are not ruling out any military operations. Russia's foreign minister Sergey Lavrov said that any sanctions against Russia will result in even stronger counter-sanctions. Noone besides China is siding with Russia in this conflict, but even just China is a big international power and can not be neglected either. China and Russia are two post-communist countries that have enough nuclear weapons to turn the US into "radioactive dust", Russian state TV Channel 1 stated on Monday. It looks like Russia and the west are ready to make war, not love. Take any non-war movie and give it a war theme. Some examples are: give uniforms and weapons to movie characters and movie posters, add military units, nukes, explosions, destruction, smoke. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Sassydeb for the themepost.

One Man MoviesFunny One Man Movies - Good Hollywood movies are getting ridiculously expensive. If years ago the price tag of $200 mil was a record breaker ("Titanic" 1997), today $200 mil or more is not uncommon for a decent movie. "Pirates of The Carribean" (2007) cost over $300 mil, half of which went to the movie stars (Depp, Bloom, Cruz, Knightley, and others). It's expensive to have many mega stars in one movie, but we have a solution for Hollywood which might help keep the costs down... Take any movie and photoshop one actor/actress playing all the roles in the movie (or at least all the roles in the chop). Show movie posters or movie scenes, but please note that it has to be one of the actual actors from that movie that will be playing all the roles (e.g. you can't make Johnny Depp play all the roles in "The Silence of The Lambs", because he was not there originally). Many thanks to IcyAllEyeCan for the contest concept.

The Simpsons MoviesFunny The Simpsons Movies - Creator of "The Simpsons" Sam Simon is dying of pancreatic cancer. In his last months of life, he's spending all his vast fortune on animals rights and feeding the hungry. To support Sam Simon in his last months and show gratitude for the creation of the show, photoshop The Simpsons characters in any other movies.

Minimalist Movie PostersFunny Minimalist Movie Posters - Back in 2009 Austrian designer Albert Exergian created a series of minimalist posters for famous TV shows. Little did he know his work would inspire a new internet meme called "minimalist movie posters" which depict famous movies in as few symbols as possible. Here are some more great examples. Photoshop minimalist movie posters showing any symbols from movies like in the examples above. From the first wave of submissions it seems that most members have misunderstood the directions. The contest did not call for depicting movie titles, it asks you to show any symbol(s) that is(are) specific to the movie you are depicting. E.g. in one example above the poster for movie Seven shows the box that appears in the last scene of the movie.

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