Edward Snowden's Movable Store
Edward Snowden's Movable Store
Edward Snowden's Movable Store. Member reactions:
Hahaha, love the edit (the soldier addition).
Putin is Russian Barbary or Ken.
You know the reason of my Huge laugh is "TOP SECRET"
Congratz My Friend Wanderer. Is that a Lady Gaga blow up doll. How much do they cost.
Woody congrats, Andrew. Love the extra stuff all around.
Thank you, Friends. SplatShot, Mr. Snowden continue share his secrets. Lady Gaga - Making of "GAGADOLL"
Using the power of Google. I found one at Amazon dot com Thanks
The soldier is a cool addition to a great chop to begin with... I love it. Congrats on Wood Wanderer.
Thank you, Jim. Russian soldier's uniform from WWII.

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