Mouth Eyes
Mouth Eyes
Mouth Eyes.

Funny Harrison Ford. little eyes little mouth

Harrison Ford. little eyes little mouth
Member reactions:
Top 5 mate. I see you are honing your caricature skills.

Funny From the horse's mouth

From the  horse's mouth
To hear something straight from the horse's mouth

Funny Big mouth Mel

Big mouth Mel
Member reactions:
thanks Luciano and hits, this was my fave one to do

Funny Baby with Mouth Eyes

Baby with Mouth Eyes

Funny Emilia Clarke with Mouth Eyes

Emilia Clarke with Mouth Eyes
Member reactions:
I like it but not sure about the change of the photo color pattern

Funny Anne Hathaway with Mouth Eyes

Anne Hathaway with Mouth Eyes

Funny Chris Rock with Mouth Eyes

Chris Rock with Mouth Eyes

Funny Stephen Colbert with Mouth Eyes

Stephen Colbert with Mouth Eyes
Member reactions:
I love your blending of mouths and glasses
Well crafted and technically splendid glass work.

Funny Little Monkey with Mouth Eyes

Little Monkey with Mouth Eyes
Member reactions:
My favorite of MINE is one with Rihanna with her tongue out - I see you went the same route. This should have taken Gold, but cheaters will cheat. Yes, I said it. No way the top however may should be one person's work. I believe it when it's yours, because your work is quality. I don't believe it in this case. So in my head, you got the Silver, but should have taken the Gold.
You raised this chop right out of the box. very cool
Thanks for the kind remarks, hobbit, balodiya, Icy and Tim.

Funny Small Eyes, Big Mouth

Small Eyes, Big Mouth
Asian beauty standards are depicted in manga - huge eyes and tiny mouth. Today we will see how Asian beauty anti-standards look like. Photoshop celebrities and politicians with small eyes and big mouths. Many thanks to Denlig for the themepost.

Funny Mouth Eyes

Mouth Eyes
When it comes to horror images, one of the most disturbing depictions of human face is with mouths in the place of eyes - such illustrations are favorite of many horror books. Photoshop mouths in the place of eyes of any human or animal. Humans can be celebrities, politicians, characters from paintings, or any other people. You can make your entry horror-looking (see example), or make it any other style - e.g. glamor style with pretty women's mouths for eyes. This contest is a sequel to our original mouth eyes contest that was mega-popular with blogs and media. Many thanks to Chucklebuck for the themepost.

Funny Celebrities with Dog Mouths

Celebrities with Dog Mouths
Recently we run the Celebrities with Shark Mouths contest. Today, as we are getting closer to Halloween, we are going to try something similar and possibly scarier. Photoshop dog mouths onto celebrity faces. You can also blend dog noses in addition to mouths (though it's not required). Profile photos may work best for blending in this contest, as in the themepost by Mandrak. Don't forget to include celebrity names in your entry titles.

Funny Celebrities with Shark Mouths

Celebrities with Shark Mouths
This week is the annual "Shark Week" - the tradition that began in 1995 by The Discovery Channel and has endured the test of time as it entered its 19th year. In fact, the event has become such a phenomenon that it has drawn more than 20 million viewers each year since 1995. Did you get a chance to see the Sunday's episode "Shark After Dark" where they talked about the submarine shark? We think it is very real, as depicted by krrish. Lately, sharks are becoming scarce across the world's oceans due in large part to finning and the appetite for shark fin soup. Photoshop shark mouths onto celebrity faces. Many thanks to rarely for the themepost.

Funny Nose-Mouth Celebrities

Nose-Mouth Celebrities
Nosemouth site features some amazing transformation of celebrities into mouthless, big-nosed creatures. Since they have no mouth they can't smile or frown, but maybe they can show their emotions by moving their humongous noses? They can't speak either, but again, something will come out of their noses instead? Take any celebrities, increase their noses and remove their mouths, like in the examples above. Please don't forget to include celebrity names in your entry titles.

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