Magritte's Cat Searching For Mice
Magritte's Cat Searching For Mice
Magritte's Cat Searching For Mice. Member reactions:
Everything works well, especially Tabby sneaking a peek.

Funny Mouse and His Diamond Light

Mouse and His Diamond Light
Member reactions:
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse Exquisite. It's all yumminess to the eyes. Interesting choice having the mouse look away from, as opposed to at, the shiny object. Maybe he just got a whiff of some fine Limburger
This mouse is so cute and I love the white gem.
AWESOME. light work is super. little mouse looks so beautifully dressed
this is amazing. Nice Costume of the rat. Very well executed.
Excellent choice of colours and lighs. Masterpiece.
This special kind of Christmas seasonal magic is present in this chop. Reminds me some Andersen's fairy tales.
Maximum sweetness, Funkwood.. it's wonderful how the light pulls you in.. Golden congratz
Congrats on the Gold. I wonder how long it took him to roll that cigarette - and what effect it will have on him (ha).
Thanks all. Lighting was a main concern in this chop...quite a bit of tweaking involved.

Funny Cheeky Mouse Playing a Saxophone

Cheeky Mouse Playing a Saxophone
Come on little feller, you can blow harder than that.
Member reactions:
Does this mean that under gowns there is a treasure .
Hahahhahaha and he's got some bottled inspiration I see . Cute chop, Gunny.
Ah, Ha. Another new BotS character shows his face. Nice one. P.S. Is she going to be in it, too.
Well I'm glad y'all noticed the reflections. Thanks everyone.

Funny Soccer Player Scared of a Mouse

Soccer Player Scared of a Mouse
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious, well done on all aspects.
Freaking idea..rat looks in great shape..
Good use of context and the face distortions add to the humor.
Thank you, SplatShot, MissPix, and Eric...
This is really funny. I think I'm hearing his cries too.
Thanks sulliishere, Luciano, and its420here...
Yea-ea-ea-h-h...thanks HitMan, Elegary, and Newsy... My very first GOLD CUP... Could get used to this.
Well get used to it if you can consistently make winners like this one. I could not believe this is your first.... So very well done. Sometimes you just need to break the curse and you have. Well I hope to see a lot more winners then, this rocks.
. UncleChamp. Really great job. Congrats on the GOLD...
Thanks HoHouse, yea my very first Gold One, and it felt great and I can't wipe the smile off my face... Thanks for the great comments and votes, SplatShot, Gummy, MsgtBob, Paul, Wanderer, and Hitman...thanks for the compliments, advice, appreciate it... Thank You Its420Here, love your comments..

Funny Flying Cat Chasing a Mouse

Flying Cat Chasing a Mouse
Member reactions:
Awesome composition. The mouse addition was a great idea

Funny James Franko in Of Mice and Men

James Franko in Of Mice and Men

Funny Cat and Mouse Friends

Cat and Mouse Friends
Member reactions:
The most lovable pic i have seen..... a great inspiration for mankind to learn from this

Funny Easy Mouse and Keyboard

Easy Mouse and Keyboard
Easy Mouse..
Member reactions:
Thanks balodiya glad u like it

Funny Cat and Mouse Playing Pool

Cat and Mouse Playing Pool
And you don't even want to know how this cool cat lost all it's hair either.
Member reactions:
Let me guess-it's an American Hairless Cat. They have Mexican Hairless Dogs-right. Definitely freaky chop-good luck.
New BOTS characters. (running away icon)

Funny Mouse Shadow Art

Mouse Shadow Art
Member reactions:
Crazy chop..... nice lighting focus and good work on the shadows
Thanks, It was my 1st attempt at shadow art and will take some more work to get good at it.

Funny Keyboard & Mouse

Keyboard & Mouse
Microsoft thinks they have solved all of our problems by creating this all-in-one device, but I think *WE* can do better! Create keyboards, mice or any controllers (Game or PC) that are unique or incorporate features you'd like to see!

Funny Mickey Mouse

Mickey Mouse
Help Disney design a modern version of Mickey or other Disney characters.

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