Edward Norton: The Motorist
Edward Norton: The Motorist
Edward Norton: The Motorist. SOURCES Please, view the full version. Thanks.
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Nice Chop Love those Snortin Nortons. My Brother has an old 1972 750 Commando
Great one luv how you made the face like that
Thanks for posting the sources. Brilliant composition and so clean integration of the sources that it feels like pure original poster.
Congrats on the bronze Paul, very cool chop.
Nice use of sources. Does not look pieced together. Congrats
CONGRATS........... Great work Paul.......
This chop rocks.... (In my humble opinion) Youz gettin pretty good at this, Paul.
toledoeagle: My father had one Norton Commando when he was in his late twenties / early thirties. He still loves vintage vehicles nowadays and is the proud owner (among several other 'antiques') of a 1958 Harley Davidson Electra Glide that once belonged to Michel Polnareff, a French singer who was very popular from the mid-1960s until the early 1980s.
Thank you all, gals and guys for your comments and kind words. I was away from home when I made this, then using a notebook with a trackpad and no mouse (and an old version of Photoshop). So, that's a very 'classic and old school work', but I'm glad that you liked it...

Funny Ten Commandments For Motorists

Ten Commandments For Motorists
Vatican issues a "Ten Commandments" for motorists
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"...in Italy, where car culture is deeply entrenched" If you've ever been on the road in Italy, you'll know this is long overdue. The rule then was that if you have two chariots coming towards you (one passing the other), you--the car they are coming at--has to move over and make a lane. They have the right-of-way. And that's around curves too. With daggers on the hubs.
Never been to Italy, but, um... chariots.
I agree with Kiko. Road laws in Italy are like points on Who's Line Is It Anyway. Good photoshopping.

Funny Alien Sundials Attack Motorists

Alien Sundials Attack Motorists

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