Kids Lego Motors
Kids Lego Motors
Kids Lego Motors. Member reactions:
Congrads on the Silver Cup, I was a used car kid.
I bet they accept payments in Oreo cookies These kids mean business
Congrats on the silver, Doc. I cracked up at this one. It is very well done and could have easily won too.

Funny John Lennon Riding a Motor Cycle on Abbey Road

John Lennon Riding a Motor Cycle on Abbey Road

Funny Barack Obama Government Motors Car Salesman

Barack Obama Government Motors Car Salesman
Member reactions:
Amazing how easy he is turned white Great job
Government Motors they are. Total recall, total bailout, and the beat goes on

Funny IKEA Kia Motors Logo

IKEA Kia Motors Logo

Funny Peter O'Toole Riding a Motor Bike

Peter O'Toole Riding a Motor Bike
Member reactions:
one of the best i've ever seen ... Fantastic texture ...
Wonderful job.... good work on shadows and the cracks on the road with glistering of sea waves. He looks as an angle going towards heaven Fantastic work over all
Very impressive work. Love how he holds a Golden Globe award in his hand. O'Toole actually holds a record for the most Oscar nominations without a win
beautiful chop, great blends and colors and exceptional source hunt. Congrats on the gold
Congrats on the gold, Chaos. Wonderful tribute to Peter
Unbelievable. Definitely worth the gold. Congratulations.
THANKS ALL... PixJockey, lucianomorelli, Armatien, rajeshstar, Newsy, SteveGSQ, Doc, robinbobin,Hits, SplatShot and bunacode... I got the idea from the movie Lawrence of Arabia opening scene of Sir T.E. Lawrence riding a Brough Superior SS100 Motorcycle in which he crashes and dies.
Thanks for the Favs Wanderer, Kellie, SplatShot and Jeremix.

Funny Morris Minor Motors

Morris Minor Motors
Buy it now, Cheap.
Member reactions:
Lovely colorful cars.... I think they were ready for resale

Funny Steam Punk Motor Bike

Steam Punk Motor Bike
Member reactions:
Boeing needs your designs-back to the basics.
This has a very familiar look to it. I wonder who it could be.
I know, I know who it is.......... pick me..
great entry, congrats
oh my god .. can compete with a guy like that. Never..
Congrats,salis.Fantastic work,I thought it was the work by Funkwood...
I thought this was a Funkwood also. Congrats on the gold
it's an honor to be mixed up with Funkwood, thanx again everyone
The brass turned into gold. Congrats Salis.
I wonder how did you make the background This Monday about 73,000 United Auto Workers (UAW) interrupted their work at General Motors factories and went on strike, after negotiations between the UAW and GM failed. The tension between the union and the biggest US automaker started after GM suggested that it will cut the health benefits for retired GM workers, in order to use the funds to help the company financially. If the strike lasts longer than a week or two, General Motors may lose over $80 billion and lose momentum with its new vehicles - the Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia and Saturn Outlook - due to depletion of their car inventory, and the drop of supply. This could further shake the company's prospects and bring it on the edge of bankruptcy. In the light of the GM workers strike, photoshop a marketing campaign for General Motors promoting employment with the company or advertising any of its vehicles. Your marketing campaign can be in any form - advertisement poster, billboard, magazine or even part of any classified ad section in a newspaper, etc.

Funny General Motors in China

General Motors in China
What will a huge investment of General Motors capital do to the way Chinese live and work? What changes will we see in the way they get around and travel? Photoshop some scenes from China representing how you think this joint GM and China business will impact Chinese living.

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