Octopus and Moth Hybrid Animal
Octopus and Moth Hybrid Animal
Octopus and Moth Hybrid Animal. Member reactions:
No Luciano yet the choice is similar to the original moth body

Funny 101 Dalmatian Moths

101 Dalmatian Moths
Leopard Moths
Member reactions:
Subtle at the first look, hilarious at the second.

Funny Spotted Dalmation Moth

Spotted Dalmation Moth
Member reactions:
A Mothmation.... Haven't ever seen one of them before Well done
One of my favs and pic of the day congrats.

Funny A Moth to Flame

A Moth to Flame
Member reactions:
Interesting concept and very clean job done

Funny Caterpillars Eating a Moth

Caterpillars Eating a Moth
This wasn't matricide; in fact mommy knew she'd die after laying her eggs...so she hung around 'til her eggs hatched in order to provide for her children after death... Talk about being "born again" through your children.
Member reactions:
You are born screaming and you die with a whimper.I think you captured the End most delicately.
Brilliant concept. Even though it gives me goose bumps.

Funny Maple Leaf Moth

Maple Leaf Moth
Member reactions:
Really thought this would do better. Nice work
that was great one azwoodbox keep up great chops
Creative. Should have placed my higher in my humble opinion

Funny Giant Moth

Giant Moth
Member reactions:
, a good one. Might wish to blur the man just a bit to match the rest.

Funny The Thorned Dog Moth In Larvae State

The Thorned Dog Moth In Larvae State
Member reactions:
lot of diferent sources, well integrated, and well done... just the mouth distract me from a real animal. Also there are a green area under the dog's mouth wich i think would look better in the white tone, as natural.
To Skorpion: I can see how you've slightly mistaken a caterpillar with a dog head, thorns and a nice set of antlers as a "real animal" all because of the human mouth and tounge purtruding from it's back. Creativity comes from a fountain of inspiration. Absolutely amazing.
This is very good. I actually like the different colors on the dog's head/face and how just the nose is white. good luck. i could tell a lot of work was put into this. It's absoultly beautiful
The mouth looks pretty revolting,even if it's a fountain of inspiration
Amazing. I guess I don't like the "mouth" either, but it's all well done. You display a lot of skill here. Is this a Dogerpillar.
nice job, when we see the caterpillar the image is a little bit blur and the dog's face is so bright it draws away the attention(its only my opinion)

Funny Moth with Human Legs

Moth with Human Legs
A Bug Mutation
Member reactions:
very nice image, nicely blanded in, good job
I believe in fairies.........I believe in fairies.

Funny Squirrel moth

Squirrel moth

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