Frozen Mosque in the Sahara
Frozen Mosque in the Sahara
Frozen Mosque in the Sahara. Member reactions:
I do not understand because the reflection is supposed to snow.
Taita- i have read your comment a few times considered it..reflected upon it and come to the conclusion that I don't understand it.
I think he ment that snow should not reflect the towers. I was thinking the same thing really. It takes away some of the realism, but the pic is still nice, so i didn't mentioned it.
gotcha... it is a little deceptive however consider..where the reflections stop is where the snow starts..the reflections being on watery ice now there is ice under the snow part but if water travels over it, it will not be snow for long.
The shadows of the buildings are to one side and men to another. I hope you understand this.
yes..I understand this and you got me, perils of using a bunch of different photos.I missed that.
Thanks for another trip to the twisted corners of the fleek world.
that's cool work fleek keep up fine works

Funny Nuclear Mosque

Nuclear Mosque
Come to Iran where the green sky will give you a radiating tan you can't find anywhere else on Earth. This was a little harder to make than I had first thought...pesky trees just woln't give up those little chunks of sky they have inbetween their banches.
Member reactions:
...make the trees brown & wilted. End of sky problems.
this image is really solid conceptually. I really like the green sky and smoke- however the edges of the containment tower are very soft and distracting. Using a hard edged brush will make them look much cleaner. As for the trees, the only solution is patience- and the zoom tool. Zoom way into those pesky spots and get a small brush and slowly mask away the remnants, or if erasing is your thing, do the same- make a small 1-3 pixel eraser and slowly rid yourself of the pesky background

Funny Ground Zero -Trojan Mosque

Ground Zero -Trojan Mosque
Created From These News Stories Ground Zero Mosque is a Trojan Horse GOP Charge: Ground Zero Mosque is bin Laden's Trojan Horse
Member reactions:
Decent work. There seem to be some perspective distortions on the left - even people are tilted

Funny White House Mosque

White House Mosque
Mosque Developers Deny Talk of Relocation

Funny Obama Starts Ground Zero Mosque

Obama Starts Ground Zero Mosque
President Obama has "no regrets" over Ground Zero Mosque remarks Don't get me wrong folks. I believe everyone has the right to religious freedom, especially here in the U.S.. However in this case, our President just doesn't seem to get how much of a slap in face this is to the families of the 9-11 victims, not to mention the rest of the country.
Member reactions:
It's one of those examples of people oblivious to anyone elses viewpoints or sensitivity. Or worse, not caring because there is money to be made. Some people will make a whole lot of $$$ off the building of that mosque. It's always about money. You might catch some flack
There's aways that chance of flack, but then its a sure sign that it caught someone's attention. Thanks.

Funny Pope in a Muslim Mosque

Pope in a Muslim Mosque

Funny Antique Jug Mosque

Antique Jug Mosque
Member reactions:
looks a bit artificial, and doesnt fit in with lighting of main image, even though idea is good.
I agree with the lighting comment from mel. They stand out way to much. Maybe adjust the contrast and desaturate a bit.
I agree with the lighting comment from mel. They stand out way to much. Maybe adjust the contrast and desaturate a bit.

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