Moses poses
Moses poses
Moses poses. Member reactions:
Congrads on the trifecta, good job all around.
Gummy, HoHouse, thanks, ...where would this site be without you guys.
What, three. Great job. Welcome to the enemy list for hogging all the trophies I am kidding of course,,,,errrr but only partially. hahahahahaha
Congrats on the triple play, Vic. Another outstanding work.

Funny Donald Trump as Moses

Donald Trump as Moses
Member reactions:
Very clean work. Should have scored higher

Funny Mick Jagger the Moses of Music

Mick Jagger the Moses of Music
Member reactions:
Ewe did good, Mr. HoHouse, it was a tough competition after all. You are posting some decent numbers for a conventional chop. That means they liked it hehe and so do I. His name shall henceforth be known as Mick Moses or McMoses for short

Funny Moses Pictogram Movie Poster

Moses Pictogram Movie Poster

Funny Sean Connery as Moses

Sean Connery as Moses
PLEASE VIEW FULL (1400 x 869 pixel)
Member reactions:
thought this was awesomely stuff...

Funny Moses and the Ten iPad Apps

Moses and the Ten iPad Apps
Member reactions:
the qoutes in that news peice are killer... one chap seems to think he gonna be the next Cpt Kirk with his haha. tinkin i gone get me one dem electronic computer dowhackies and really look like a space man pa.

Funny Moses With Commandments Advert

Moses With Commandments Advert
Member reactions:
Very Biblical writing I dont think you need to number them tho if there is only one rule
Congrats on the wood, Renegade. Your first wood, I believe. Woo Hoo.
This was GOOD Renegade.. congrats on woody..........
congrats on your first woody, you never forget your first woody.

Funny Holy Moses

Holy Moses
Wouldn't have to resort to this if services weren't so boring.

Funny Moses

Well, let's see, did Moses phophesize any solution.

Funny Moses wears Waves

Moses wears Waves
Philippe de Champaigne 'Moses with the Ten, Commandments, 1648

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