Gay Gas Mortar
Gay Gas Mortar
Gay Gas Mortar. Member reactions:
Remembers me Ibrahimović, PSG soccer player.
I liked this one the most spinner, even above my own. I dropped from second to 5th at one point and prayed I would drop to 6th so I wouldn't get the Worth 1000 pat on the back for winning nothing, you got stuck with it.
2nd to 5th. That 5ucks. This one of mine got pounded down early and never did get legs. Thanks DD, Andrew, Luciano, Willie, crafty and Newsmaster

Funny Didgeridoo Mortar and Grand Piano Launcher

Didgeridoo Mortar and Grand Piano Launcher
Member reactions:
That Piano as a launcher is out of the box

Funny Mortar Shell Beer Mug

Mortar Shell Beer Mug
Member reactions:
I like the concept, but I think the natural background (bar table, etc) would look better for this entry.

Funny Electrical Mortar Weapon

Electrical Mortar Weapon
Directed Energy Weapons
Member reactions:
A tad of gaussian blur, adding a little noise and decreasing the contrast to the fire button would help make it look like the real thing.

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