Moose. Moose

Funny Flying Turkey Moose

Flying Turkey Moose
Member reactions:
I think I'd run for cover. Cool concept and execution.

Funny Moose Without a Neck

Moose Without a Neck

Funny Couch Potato Under a Moose Head

Couch Potato Under a Moose Head
I would have posted all the background sources but imageshack is now charging money for their site. Anyone have any free alternatives for posting sources.
Member reactions:
Very, very nice job. Looks like a real photo.
Freaking brillinat. Tons of work to make it a totally real looking photo.
Congrats on the silver, DD. Nice to see you on the podium again after a long break.

Funny Moose Pee Lager

Moose Pee Lager
How aboot a nice Canadian beer, eh.

Funny 2 Men Save Shark Choking on a Moose

2 Men Save Shark Choking on a Moose
Sorry...I always have a hard time getting the link to work...I'll keep trying. Two men save shark from choking on moose
Member reactions:
Follow the News Contest instructions and make sure every letter/mark, etc. is per formula. That's where I make my mistakes.
Fixed the link for you. I love this chop.
This looks great Great thinking and very well executed..
Thanks Newsmaster....I think I put too much info into the link...computers are hard.
Marvellous chop a perfect match to the news link. Great placement of shark and the struggle shown here
Congratulations. You are not the, only, one...

Funny Canadian Mountie Riding a Moose in a Lake

Canadian Mountie Riding a Moose in a Lake
Member reactions:
Now Reindeer is being tamed by the authorities good to see a Canadian Flag and flag colored plane on the sky
Enchanting image Crusader, congratulations on your Bronze Cup win.
Impressive work. Congrats on the bronze, crusader.

Funny Dustin Hoffman Moose Plaque

Dustin Hoffman Moose Plaque
Dustin Hoffman Moose Plaque
Member reactions:
perfect.... like the Nose, its big and better good to include horns gives him a natural look to the walls

Funny Obama Shooting a Moose Painting

Obama Shooting a Moose Painting
Member reactions:
Obama looks scared while firing and the Moose has a strong heart to face the bullet

Funny Moose Tango

Moose Tango source picture
Member reactions:
Nice composition. Maybe the background could be different, or at least clean the tiles at the top where u extended it. I like the added hand drawn elements around the eyes and arms, but the clipping path around the arm is too loose. I know it's a pain to do it around hair.
Lovely, such a lot of work, I suspect the author ran out of time, hence the outline left on the left arm but it can be fixed.
azure do you mean the pink outline. it was part of the source picture should i remove it . I will admit this was a quick picture i did rush it.
Very nice execution, I guess those pink and green lines not required..
Double Tango two reindeers' in one body Need to workout more on the outlines, but the concept is very funny
Bronze congrats pree-ee this was my favorite of the two I think it was the green and pink outlines that pushed it to the top 3 ...
ty Paul,, geriatric thanks everyone....
Love how the lady is so feminine. Bronze for pree, too, congrats.

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