The Angel Julianne Moore
The Angel Julianne Moore
The Angel Julianne Moore. Special Thx to mjranum-stock for the woman body image.
Member reactions:
You got somew of my favorite colors in this. Nicely done
awesome work mark .. congrats on the bronze and keep going
Congrats mark. Beautiful work.Really looks like an angel

Funny Undead Julianne Moore

Undead Julianne Moore
enough is enough
Member reactions:
Not sure about the yellow frame. Love it otherwise
The yellow frame is an intergal part of the composition and defines the relative connection between time and space. NOT.. It was in the photo and I forgot to crop it out
She needs to see a Periodontist very badly...and an Opthamologist as well. Nicely disgusting job, DD.

Funny Julianne Moore Warrior

Julianne Moore Warrior
Blend of old school and new school photoshop
Member reactions:
Pretty cool. Wish the figure source was of higher resolution though to match her head
Uggggghhh, I do de clare. Take your time, think it through my young padwan. It's a seperate mural. She is popping her head through the hole of a big poster which could have any one of many resolutions
Arghh, my bad. I thought the round hole was a helmet.
Same here NM, I wish I would have picked up on that...... Damn..
Sometimes the most obvious stuff looks subtle
Yeah, I missed that too, Hitspinner. Very clever now that I see it.
No prob, and it's my bad. I suppose I should be a little more obvious. My job is to put out communication that can be understood whereas the viewer's job is to understand it Cheers, thanks for the comments guys
Just one more thing, Hitspinner...shouldn't the image in the camera that old be upside down.
yep, you betcha it would be upsidesown in view camera. but I figured that would draw unneeded chatter or complaints Good observation

Funny Zen Julianne Moore

Zen Julianne Moore
Member reactions:
This is what I call an "elevating entry".

Funny Julianne Moore On the battlefield

Julianne Moore On the battlefield
Member reactions:
Ohhh, you turned her into a blonde. Sweet job
She looks good as a blonde, huh. I can't make out what the symbolism is on the red flag
NewsMaster thank you every girl wants to be blonde , Hitspinner I don't know too what is the symbol on the flag I could change it but I had no idea what to put instead ...and Kratos thank you too

Funny Julianne Moore Painting

Julianne Moore Painting
Member reactions:
Very nice job of matching skin tones and surface cracks.
Totally what pcrdds said. I wish the image were bigger though.

Funny Julianne Moore With an Ermine Painting

Julianne Moore With an Ermine Painting

Funny Julianne Moore's Restaurant

Julianne Moore's Restaurant
This is not the original statue in the photo, I had to use another statue photo. photo photo
Member reactions:
Thanks Seventhcircle.
Superb work, looks real. "Freaking Great". makes me hungry actually. I'll go check what's in the fridge...
Thanks Newsy, juicy burger sounds good about now.
Very, very nice fluorescent light work, DD. Does your hair look like Big Boy's in the morning.
Thanks pc, sure, she couldn't have a short name lime Kim, NOooo it had to hav 23 letters. I wish I had plastic hair..
, cool toon conversion and +++ on a purely original concept
, thanks spinner, I do appreciate the comment.

Funny Zombie Julianne Moore

Zombie Julianne Moore
Member reactions:
you turned here into one hot vampire. Job well done, Dracula.
Great work luke.. Very creative, congrats on the woody...
Nice work luke and Big congrats on your first trophy , looks like you will get more soon keep going and big welcome to freakingnews
congrats on the wood...fantastic it.

Funny Julianne Moore Portrait

Julianne Moore Portrait
Member reactions:
Very clean blending. Feels like authentic painting
Beautiful chop Hamid. Excellent as always.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments and votes....
hey that's awesome chop .. i missed your works brother congrats on the gold and keep up the great works ..
congratulations hamid, i miss you at facebook

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