Julianne Moore Painting
Julianne Moore Painting
Julianne Moore Painting. . Member reactions:
Very nice job of matching skin tones and surface cracks.
Totally what pcrdds said. I wish the image were bigger though.

Funny Julianne Moore With an Ermine Painting

Julianne Moore With an Ermine Painting
. Member reactions:
Dexter. where you been.Great job too.

Funny Julianne Moore's Restaurant

Julianne Moore's Restaurant
This is not the original statue in the photo, I had to use another statue photo.photophoto. Member reactions:
i love the originality. thank you.
Thanks Seventhcircle.
Superb work, looks real. "Freaking Great".makes me hungry actually. I'll go check what's in the fridge...
Thanks Newsy, juicy burger sounds good about now.
Very, very nice fluorescent light work, DD. Does your hair look like Big Boy's in the morning.
Thanks pc, sure, she couldn't have a short name lime Kim, NOooo it had to hav 23 letters. I wish I had plastic hair..
, cool toon conversion and +++ on a purely original concept
, thanks spinner, I do appreciate the comment.

Funny Zombie Julianne Moore

Zombie Julianne Moore
. Member reactions:
you turned here into one hot vampire.Job well done, Dracula.
Great work luke.. Very creative, congrats on the woody...
Nice work luke and Big congrats on your first trophy , looks like you will get more soon keep going and big welcome to freakingnews
congrats on the wood...fantastic work.love it.

Funny Julianne Moore Portrait

Julianne Moore Portrait
. Member reactions:
e' bellissima... is beautiful... a real wonderful
Very clean blending. Feels like authentic painting
Beautiful chop Hamid. Excellent as always.
Thank you everyone for your kind comments and votes....
hey that's awesome chop .. i missed your works brother congrats on the gold and keep up the great works ..
congratulations hamid, i miss you at facebook

Funny Demi Moore Walking Ashton Kutcher Dog

Demi Moore Walking Ashton Kutcher Dog
. Member reactions:
One of my favorites in the contest. Hilarious concept and solid caricature work. and that grandma's got nice pair of legs.

Funny Demi Moore Santa

Demi Moore Santa

Funny Moore-Johanson Beer

Moore-Johanson Beer

Funny Michael Moore the Drag Queen

Michael Moore the Drag Queen
sourcesMichael Moore goes deep undercover while doing research for his next documentary.. Member reactions:
This is heavy, man. Seriously brilliant.

Funny Demi Moore Popping out of Bruce Willis' Head

Demi Moore Popping out of Bruce Willis' Head

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