MOON TRASH. this is the original picture before it was airbrushed. Member reactions:
Looks quite real. Is this the coke can covered with the moon dust.

Funny `M` is for Moon

`M` is for Moon


Do you like me nowwwwww........ Member reactions:
Excellent chop in the classic "thriller" traditions. - I'm not like other guys- Of course not.
Hope she got him flea coller or shots :0)
Wood Congratulations, Tiger. Really Nice Chop.

Funny To be continued....on the moon

To be continued....on the moon
. Member reactions:
Vitruvian astronaut tag and the mike on his chest.
All yours are Good. Happy Easter my friend.

Funny Sailing by the Rising Moon

Sailing by the Rising Moon
This is drawn from a photograph which I thought would be interesting to draw. I have gone saililng in smaller sail boats and it is awesome to see the moon rise or set on the Great Lakes. That is why I wanted to do this picture. It reminded me of times when I art

Funny Moon Light Dance At Martha's Vineyard

Moon Light Dance At Martha's Vineyard
Obama loves to dance at night at Martha's Vineyard.. Member reactions:
Obama looks awesome in this revealing dress great work near the sea and moon lit looks romantic
Ya Think. another great one Hobbit.
Yeah, well the word mill is buzzing lately about his past. I don't care about that, just what he does in the present and I ain't happy. Nicely done

Funny Snowden-ing on the Moon

Snowden-ing on the Moon
It was the next flight leaving Russia.. Member reactions:
Lovely idea chosen... this is the best place to avoid conflict in the earth its peaceful and cool also
Great idea, hidden, but rethink your use of simple drop shadows where they do not belong.
Now this is called extreme idea of escape Out of the Box
Thanks, everyone. Doesn't happen for me very often, so I really LOVE it..

Funny Moon Shot

Moon Shot
. Member reactions:
Great work on the colors and shadows.and on the Moon the gravity is 6 times less than on Earth, so it's 6 times easier to jump - this jump should be no problem.

Funny Fly me to the Moon

Fly me to the Moon
Soon trip to the moon available, discount.. Member reactions:
Question: is the ticket price one dollar. A thousand dollars.Either the decimal should be a comma, or you've got one too many zeroes.
A buck for a ride. That sounds reasonable.
Well Designed Ad... ticket price is so cheap... Is this One way travel
hahaha cheap yes, one-way travel of course, not including insurance for space jet explosion
Very cool abstract add its simple but powerful conceptualization. nice contrast work. Very well done

Funny Parrot Left Behind On The Moon

Parrot Left Behind On The Moon
Poor parrot. Maybe he can fly home.. Member reactions:
Dont know whether it is correct to use birds in this contest instead of animals .. but good work ..
Love the space suit specially designed for Parrot its fits her best
Perfect space suite and the tiny space ship so cute
love your parrot... Im very partial to birdies
Thanks, everybody. That's actually my parrot, pree.
very imaginative and great creativity like ur chop master.(clean work)

Funny Moon Landing Hoax

Moon Landing Hoax
July 20 marked the 45th anniversary of the moon landing, when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin turned a new page in space exploration by landing and walking on the moon. To commemorate this 45th anniversary, Discovery channel published a set of rare photos from the Apollo 11 mission. There is a growing number of people, however, that consider July 20 to be the anniversary of the moon landing HOAX, especially in the light of the 2009 NASA statement that all original recordings of the moon landing (and that's over 700 boxes) were erased by mistake. Well, not to worry, folks, Freaking News is here to save the world yet again. Show any evidence that moon landing was a staged hoax. (Some examples could be showing the "uncut version" of the moon landing photos, showing it was a staged photo set.) Many thanks to alfie1977corona for the themepost.

Funny Super Moon

Super Moon
The super moon was today blamed for causing five ships to run aground off the British coast as the lunar phenomenon lowered tides. The moon was at its closest to the earth for 19 years and some believe it may also have triggered Japan's tsunami, although astronomers have dismissed the claims as pure nonsense. A British coastguard spokesman said a 25 foot yacht had also run aground and three other vessels were also marooned by the unexpected turn of events. He said: "We checked them all and there were no injuries, just some surprise at being caught out like this. Blame it on the Moon." Photoshop the possible effects of the super moon on anything (people, events, nature, etc.). What can be blamed on the Super Moon?

Funny Moon

Depending on the location, late night December 20 or early morning December 21, the full moon will be darkened by Earth's shadow as our planet passes between it and the sun. December 21 is also the winter solstice, the longest night of the year, after which the days will begin to grow longer. Coupled with the lunar spectacle, it means we're in for an especially dark eve. Last time the winter solstice and full lunar eclipse happened at the same time was 456 years ago. Let's recall that a full lunar eclipse saved Christopher Columbus on February 29, 1504. Columbus correctly calculated the day of the eclipse and when his crew ran out of food and faced hostile local inhabitants in Jamaica, he told the locals that if they do not cooperate he would make the moon disappear. After Columbus "made the moon disappear", locals begged him to return the moon to the sky, for any food and supplies he would need. Photoshop the moon any way you wish, or anything related to the moon. Some examples are: merging the moon with some objects, showing what life would be like if the moon ruled the world, including the moon in movies and paintings, etc.

Funny Full Moon

Full Moon
Photoshop this full moon image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: reshaping the full moon, putting some objects and people on the full moon, putting the full moon into some unusual environment, using this full moon image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. You have 4 days to submit your entry. Submitting it early will give you plenty of time to read the critique comments and edit your image accordingly. Many thanks to Wojtek Wozniak and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Funny Twilight: New Moon

Twilight: New Moon
New Moon, the long-anticipated sequel to Twilight, is opening in theaters worldwide this Friday. In Australia and Europe, where it already opened, New Moon's midnight results were the highest grossing midnight screening since Star Wars: Episode 3. The third installment of the Twilight saga is already in production and the fourth is in the plans. New Moon is not getting good reviews from the movie critics, but fans love it, and the critics say - you'd have to do much worse to end this crush. Photoshop New Moon movie any way you wish. Some examples are - edit/create New Moon posters, or design a poster for the next Twilight sequel.

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