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Funny Monsters Pictures

Sea Monster found on beach!Funny Sea Monster found on beach!
Member reactions:

wooooo-nderfulllll great mix of pictures is fantastic
I sure hope that thing don't blow up like that one did a few years ago.
is this real. Gaint creature looks terrible
Looks authentic. I salute you for the chop, but at the same time kinda feel sorry for the poor monster
Thought this would get a cup for sure. How frigging cool of a hoax is this....

Real MonsterFunny Real Monster
Member reactions:

The real Thug

Toys  MonsterFunny Toys Monster
Member reactions:
strange insect that looks like a troll doll And Here Too
Freaktastic. It actually scares me - as it looks so real.
fantastic chop. great 3 dimensional creatures were well composed
thanks fellas...
Ooooooo bizarre chop LMFAO.... Well done and congrats on gold.
Congrads on the chop, and for being the newest member of the hall of fame.
thanks for all....and i'm glad that i entered the hall of fame thats awesome,,,,thanks newsy,HH,geri,hits
Gold congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. Now go and cut some preps.

Monster octopus nightmareFunny Monster octopus nightmare
Member reactions:

Monster At The DoorFunny Monster At The Door
Member reactions:

Used Pear as only source See Large Please
"Paging Dr. Chuckles." This Woodie needs some dental work. Like it.
Thank you geriatric, Newsy, Silvercanine and PCRDDS. Yes monster is for the dentists
This is heights of creativity.... the facial expressions, teeth and the hands were well craved out of the given source The floor and the reflection is really awesome Wonderful job done
Fantastic job done very clean and neat work done here
Thank you Disasterman and Balodiya. It was a challenging chop
Very nice use of source as multiple object all together to form this crazy character best of luck
it looks good, Even the admin seems to like it a lot :0)
my fav one hits....congrats my buddy very creative job.

Steampunk MonsterFunny Steampunk Monster
Member reactions:

my vacuum cleaner did the same exact thing last week. nice .
Great inclusion of Laser beams fantastic chop with the lighting effects really like it
Awesome Work Silver-C. A very striking blend and perspective. Congratulations.
Silver congrats, Dr. Silvercuspid. Cool.
Way well done. Congrats on the silver. It's not really steam punk, I'd say much closer to Power-Punk
Wicked looking dude.. congrats silvercanine..
Silver congrats, silvercanine. Wild, amazing composition.
... Congratulations, Silvercanine. I want to take light performance class from you.
thanks wanderer for your compliment....i'm ready for anything..u welcome any time..i should learn a classes from u too...dude...ur chops awesome.

Escape from Monster IslandFunny Escape from Monster Island
Member reactions:

Nice look.... so who is the monster then

Cookie Monster Assaults ToddlerFunny Cookie Monster Assaults Toddler
Member reactions:

A man dressed as "Cookie Monster" pushed a toddler in Times Square, NY
Fantastic composition of the Cookie pushing a toddler well deserved job done and like the Toddler expression and that lady is stunned to see that

Paul The MonsterFunny Paul The Monster
Member reactions:

At least they gave you a really cool dog Doc
LooooL Uncle "I like this Dog A lot...."i know paul ....the best dogs friend"....and he smells good....he knew the revenge when comes
Glad You like it Uncle.........thanks for the comment.
Awesome work,love the dog and raven,nice freaky rendition of paul
thanks andwhat for the compliment...thanks alot
Good One My Friend... Sorry Paul, something about this pic that just kinda grows on you.

Monster Goldfish In Lake TahoeFunny Monster Goldfish In Lake Tahoe
Member reactions:

Monster goldfish are breeding in Lake Tahoe
I freaking wish all hitchhikers looked like that.
What fish. oh, there it is you could have made it 3 times bigger and the hitcher still would have been the 1st thing I saw . Very funny great work "hidden" they have some big ol' cats around them parts as well
Thanks, D-Man. You bet, dd. You were right about the giant cats, Qtrmoonshop. Fixed 'em.
Good Idea Nice to see the cats all around for the fish
Cats were too small to have that large Gold Fish.. good one like the container of it as well
Lovely work with giant fish and as usual cats scratching for it

Green MonsterFunny Green Monster - This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of monster handshake (image credit Acciones Urbanas) any way you wish. Some examples are - making the green monster and the little girl perform stunts, making the monster shake hands with other people, putting this green monster into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

Hay MonsterFunny Hay Monster - Photoshop this hay monster town image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: re-designing this hay monster, merging it with other objects or people, adding some Halloween theme, putting the hay monster into some unusual environment, using this hay monster image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Michal Zacharzewski and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Monster CelebritiesFunny Monster Celebrities - As Halloween is approaching, Hollywood is preparing for traditional Halloween parties where many celebrities will try to out-do each other dressing up as witches, warlocks and monsters. Even Halloween night at Hugh Hefner's not-so-humble abode will be filled with scary-costumed women, - at least that's what Hugh promises! Take any celebrities (or politicians) and turn them into any monsters.

Monsters in ArtFunny Monsters in Art - This Halloween season monster costumes and masks are selling like hot cakes. Whether you want to be Frankenstein, Mummy, or Dracula, stores have something for everybody. While kids and teenagers make most are the primary consumers of the Halloween goods, some 25% of the Halloween merchandise this year goes to middle or even older generation. Photoshop monsters as characters in the following works of art: old paintings, statues, drawings or sketches. You are welcome to choose any known monsters (e.g. Godzilla, Predator, Gollum, etc.) or design your own monster based on the character in the painting (drawing, statue, etc.). A good example may be Frankenstein posing as Mona Lisa.

Loch Ness MonsterFunny Loch Ness Monster - Gordon Holmes from Scotland claims he has filmed Loch Ness Monster on video. The Nessie footage is currently analyzed by the experts and the Scottish media. This is the first film footage of Loch Ness Monster with a high quality and BBC Scotland broadcasted the video on Tuesday in its breaking news segment. In this contest you are asked to show how Loch Mess Monster hoax could have been created. Was it photoshop editing of swimming elephant, or perhaps a diver holding a puppet monster? Tell us your version of how Nessie might be created.

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