Marilyn Monroe 2014
Marilyn Monroe 2014
Marilyn Monroe 2014. Marilyn Monroe is the 6th biggest grossing dead celebrity in 2013, the actress "earned" $ 15 million .. Seeing this I decided to bring it to the current time and advertise your own perfume
Member reactions:
Extremely Well Done. In the background right side..think I would have swapped out Paris's name for Marilyn's. One letter P to M. but that's just me.

Funny Marilyn Monroe with a Long Nose

Marilyn Monroe with a Long Nose
Member reactions:
Sides of nose could have been blended better. What were you thinking, Icy.
Hahaha, Icy talking to herself. Seriously Icy, I am going through all the entries now, and I see you commented on most of them in such a big contest. Excellent critiques too. Hats off to you, Icy.

Funny Marilyn Monroe Taking a Selfie

Marilyn Monroe Taking a Selfie
Member reactions:
Shouldn't she look at the phone or selfie already taken .

Funny Marilyn Monroe the Body Builder

Marilyn Monroe the Body Builder
Would not be as fragile as before.
Member reactions:
Clean blending, but what's up with the top gray/white margin.

Funny Marilyn Monroe Digital Art

Marilyn Monroe Digital Art
Marilyn Monroe still has a very unique look, even today. Digital Art.
Member reactions:
Interesting work showing Monroe blond. Actually she was naturally blond, but dyed her hair through all her Hollywood career
Thank you to all who voted for this picture. I feel honoured.

Funny Marilyn Monroe Digital Art

Marilyn Monroe Digital Art
Marilyn Monroe is immortalized in many pictures, old movies, and she even had a song written in honour of her by Elton John. Yet, Marilyn led a very tragic life and died alone in her bed, of a drug overdose, either by mistake or intent. She is an interesting person to draw.
Member reactions:
Yes.... very right she is the most beautiful girl the world lost
Quality work. I wish the image were bigger though

Funny Marilyn Monroe Bobblehead

Marilyn Monroe Bobblehead
Member reactions:
Thanks, Eric. I was pretty happy with the results.
Great image processing ... congrats IcyAllEyeCan ...
Thank you, all. This is a keeper; I'm proud of it.

Funny Adele with Marilyn Monroe

Adele with Marilyn Monroe
In her dream they're always in the back of a taxi. But sometimes it's Elvis.

Funny Marilyn Monroe Finger Portrait

Marilyn Monroe Finger Portrait
Diamonds, like Marilyn are forever.
Member reactions:
Well fitted Marilyn into that finger well fitted chop
Quality work, Azure. Glad you are entering again.

Funny Irish Marilyn Monroe

Irish Marilyn Monroe
Member reactions:
Great dress, lips, ear rings, flower on the shoulder and hair all the stuff were studded with green, looking like a fairy Green

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