Little Monkey
Little Monkey
Little Monkey. Member reactions:
My favorite of MINE is one with Rihanna with her tongue out - I see you went the same route. This should have taken Gold, but cheaters will cheat. Yes, I said it. No way the top however may should be one person's work. I believe it when it's yours, because your work is quality. I don't believe it in this case. So in my head, you got the Silver, but should have taken the Gold.
You raised this chop right out of the box. very cool
Thanks for the kind remarks, hobbit, balodiya, Icy and Tim.

Funny Monkey Fury

Monkey Fury

Funny The Trump Monkey

The Trump Monkey

Funny monkey go to the moon

monkey go to the moon
and goes banana's
Member reactions:
thank you so much i really appreciate your comment.
Such an intelligent expression on the face. Looks like he/she is processing the environment and learning. Great chop.
I thought this would win. Really good work.
thank you..for your comments iwasn't sure if it would win but i was hoping it was one of the top 5 a least but still i'm proud of my work glad you enjoyed it as much as i enjoyed working on it.. thanks stevegsq and icyalleyecan and lucianomorealli..
maybe you can get newsmaster to give me one

Funny Prince Harry Playing Soccer with Monkey

Prince Harry Playing Soccer with Monkey
Member reactions:
The ball and monkey were already in the picture, I just added Harry, didn't pay attention to the big ball.

Funny Monkey Business

Monkey Business
Member reactions:
They must have robber a banana bank. Welcome back and congrats on the wood.
Nice lighting here. Love the glow on the headlights.

Funny Monkeys Smoking Weed

Monkeys Smoking Weed
Member reactions:
Super piece of monkey art. Just the right amount of lipstick Congrats on the Bronze, Hobbit.
Excellent chop, Hobbit. Congrats on the bronze
good one, hobbit. especially the lady ape.

Funny Man Searching for a Mutant Monkey

Man Searching for a Mutant Monkey
Member reactions:
Funny, looks like a chimp with two bodies

Funny Winged Monkey Carrying a Pentagram

Winged Monkey Carrying a Pentagram
Props: Thomas Kuebler Props: Andreea C.
Member reactions:
Thanks, Eric, and Lu. Eric I'm afraid we'll never know. 7th place just doesn't pay enough to invest in another episode of this flying monkey. Thanks, Everyone for all the great comments and votes.
Yep, stick to what brings the cheese to mamma. Personally I'd do story driven chops like this all day long because they are twice the fun but they don't friggin get the votes....... I cracked back in 2009 when I put 25 hours into one of these and it scored lie 5.8 and wound up in 50th place or something. Anyway, my hat is off, nice work. I guess if I have to throw in my 2 cents, rather than create a page out of a book type composition, just do the cover style with a tighter composition and let the subjects take up more of the page. Okay, maybe that was only 1/2 a cent
Thanks Tim. I couldn't express my thoughts on this chop any better than you just have. Fortunately I don't have 25 hrs invested in this one, not even close. So I'm not to terribly disappointed. I did however think the chop might stir a question or two...but guess not. I also thought I might be outside the grey area a bit with the use of Thomas Kuebler's Organ Grinder monkey. I hope I gave him proper credit.
underrated for sure, splat. luckely the deviants will know how to appreciate it a bit more. i would not come close to blending it so well.
Nice work Splat, not sure why this didn't place higher...FN voters have me scratching my head many times.
Original view is really impressive. Should have scored higher methinks
Thanks, Lucido. Thanks, Newsy. Yep. It's always risky posting a landscape type format. I feel the portrait does much better on the average here. Relates back to what Hit-man was saying in his comment above.

Funny Ibis Carrying a Monkey Over Snow

Ibis Carrying a Monkey Over Snow
Member reactions:
he used to be in white house instead of white snow

Funny Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey
Photoshop this image of baby monkey (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up this baby monkey,merging this baby monkey with other animals, making the baby monkey appear at unusual places, using this baby monkey image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Davide Simonelli for providing the source photo.

Funny Monkey TV Shows

Monkey TV Shows
What other professions or activities can Monkeys or Apes do that have never been seen before that could be turned into a Television show?

Funny Monkey Celebrities

Monkey Celebrities
Show which politicians and celebrities may act like monkey.

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