Funny Bruce Willis with monkey

Bruce Willis  with monkey
Member reactions:
Wunderbar. And that monkey's face looks like spider's.
Nice. And I have always thought that spiders look like monkey heads
Clever thinking. Great the idea of two cigarettes.
Score one for the Sponky. really good work
Congrats on the win, top chop. Love the monkey.

Funny Freak Monkey

Freak Monkey

Funny Monkey testicles used for rejuvenation

Monkey testicles used for rejuvenation
Botox makes wonders
Member reactions:
This was really funny at first sight, but his right hand is leaning down. No way to hold gun and banana,
You are right. He is thief. He knows that and everybody know. He is scared all the time. It is his permanent mental condition. He can't be retired as regular people. Too much stolen. But it only part of his problem. After Chechnya, Georgia, Crimea and Ukraine he became terrorist and murderer number one in the world.
Do you have some anger issues to work out there Wanderer. Jeeze, remind me never to ... you off Nice one mate
The world could forgive him the Crimea annexation, but not the Boeing crash. He is in deep trouble now for many years ahead. The problem is, the rest of Russia will have to suffer together with him. All the sanctions, in the end are relayed on the shoulders of civilians... or to say exactly onto their pockets.

Funny Bee Monkey

Bee Monkey
A Bee Monkey found a nice blue flower.
Member reactions:
So cute ... What a surprised face ...
Freaking LOVE it. The blending is perfect and the expression on the bonkey's face is priceless.
Thank you. To all who voted & thank you for all of the great comments
its420here Congrats on the Gold,, Hes adorable...
Great job. Your first trophy at FN and it is gold.... Congrats
Thank you all Hitspinner, I love your avatar. Hey MsgtBob, I recognize you from somewhere else
Congrats on the gold and your first trophy with us, 420. Here's to the next 420 trophies on the site.


Member reactions:
Adding a cellphone or a camera will add meaning to the image
true,or maybe pointing. ha, next time......

Funny Monkey Power

Monkey Power

Funny Kate Moss Monkey on Her Back

Kate Moss Monkey on Her Back
Queen Of Grunge Fashion-Heroin Chic

Funny Monkey Business

Monkey Business
Member reactions:
Brilliant work. Luv the FN t-short in the background

Funny Shhh! Monkey Love

Shhh! Monkey Love
Please view full
Member reactions:
You made me Google monkey love. Your right. Shhh.
SplatShot, you made me Google it and "Oh my goodness". I didn't call it that because of Google, it just fit. The pictures they post still makes me turn away.
Humans came from Monkeys and as well the Love is..... well presented the Monkey Love good one
Hahahahah Maybe monkeys came from us and too much in-breeding hahahaah. Kidding aside, awesome OOB. I love when you do that style.
Congratulations Hobbit. Nice job. A wonderful attention grabber for sure.
Thanks everyone, OOB is one of my favorite to do.

Funny Baby Monkey

Baby Monkey
Photoshop this image of baby monkey (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are: dressing up this baby monkey,merging this baby monkey with other animals, making the baby monkey appear at unusual places, using this baby monkey image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas. Many thanks to Davide Simonelli for providing the source photo.

Funny Monkey TV Shows

Monkey TV Shows
What other professions or activities can Monkeys or Apes do that have never been seen before that could be turned into a Television show?

Funny Monkey Celebrities

Monkey Celebrities
Show which politicians and celebrities may act like monkey.

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