Mutant Dog and Monkey Hybrid
Mutant Dog and Monkey Hybrid
Mutant Dog and Monkey Hybrid. Member reactions:
What a face. I wouldn't want to see that running towards me. Nice and creepy.
I wonder if desaturating a bit his face...
It's been hittin the weights Great transplant work Hidreley.

Funny Monkey Pirate of the Caribbean

Monkey Pirate of the Caribbean
Member reactions:
Not true I happen to thinks it is perfectly goofy and entertaining. Technically... okay, needs some texture and blending tune up but the message entertainment value begs some technical forgiveness. So, there. I like it.

Funny Monkey War Movie

Monkey War Movie
Member reactions:
I love how you chose all different kinds of monkeys for this one - works great.

Funny Ironman Monkey

Ironman Monkey
Member reactions:
and the hits just keep on coming. what a great contest this is. i'm glad i did not participate, coz i would hate to finish last,. one thing ..the floor seems to be a bit plain compared to the rest of the chop. a flashier one with a more dynamic perspective could ensure this chop's victory imo. good luck.
Thanks Nisha, Jere and Hobbit. One would think , Jere. but I had tried about six different approaches to the deck from glowing wood to an abstract industrial platform to variations on a scortched Earth and you know, It just got too busy and I could almos see the comment from Newsy, "Wish you made the monkey more of the focal point" So I just elected to use an in descript layered grid and keep the dynamic movement at the top end. Feel free to play with it if you want. Cheers
Very vibrant "juicy" colorful chop. Hats off.
Congrats on a VERY ADORABLE chop, Love it. Darn you're good.
Thank you Hobbit, I'm only as good as the sources. Your's is as good as mine.. Thanks to Bob, Steve, Newsy, Jere and Nisha
you sure are raking them in. great stuff1
Is this a real movie. Better check Rotten Tomatoes.
Jere. It runs in spurts. If my heart is in it or inspired by the theme I tend to throw more "" into them. I dunno how Rain and funk stayed so consistant. Boggles the noggle Thanks Champ and Jere
Gold Congrats Hitspinner. High quality work as usual.
Top Hitsy, vacation anytime soon Good job it's virtual otherwise a whole wing would be required for trophies
Thank You Newsy and Mr. Assad. I will go away for a while PSH. I understand over-exposure.

Funny The Dork Knight Monkey Movie

The Dork Knight Monkey Movie
Member reactions:
Is it still blank to you Nisha. I see it.
Cheers jeremix you are always a standard to emulate
The fire monkey shape in the background totally seals the deal for me Love it.
Cheers NM what a strong showing with awesome deliveries. Maybe if I had time for A more dynamic monkey character I might have sniffed at a trophy congrats to everyone who took part. Awesome
Cheers NM appreciated. A really great turn out with strong entries. Awesome.
Thanks Jeremix major complement and mrassad killer chops sir. Two trophy's in one comp is no mean feat. Congrats.

Funny Monkey Into The Woods

Monkey Into The Woods

Funny Brave The Leader of the Red Monkeys Movie

Brave The Leader of the Red Monkeys Movie
Member reactions:
Freaking hilarious. The monkey types are perfect for this poster.
Ouch, one away. Great job Andrew, I loved this movie Top 5 Kudos

Funny Red Fire Monkey Hobbit

Red Fire Monkey Hobbit

Funny Monkeys in Gone with the Wind

Monkeys in Gone with the Wind

Funny The boat that Rocked with Monkeys

The boat that Rocked with Monkeys

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