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Funny Monalisa Pictures

Monalisa childFunny Monalisa child
Member reactions:

Ahaaa... take a look here:
For one momement It took me to a sight of a beautiful girl... Lovely Monalisa

Hawai MonalisaFunny Hawai Monalisa
Member reactions:

This is a good merge of the Mona's face to this image really good body tone and color balance
Mona Lisa really very beautiful Great job done
omg....i was kinda being man-meaty goodness y and thought i was gona win this round...but after seeing enteries like this . ( FREAAKING AWESOME .. ) I understand now that my own winning , is just over expectation .. u turned something old into something down right SEXY YO ... Amazing work . I'm not gona be ashamed to ask you for a tutorial Even . Please ..... Thank You .... Awesome work ... I Am in Love with it ...
Huba...huba,great piece of art. Well done hidden.

Monalisa BlondFunny Monalisa Blond
Member reactions:

,, the new modern mona lisa. is that cindy margolis.
She's kinda cute. Way more cleavage than Mona.
I love how you combined a feel of modern woman with the old classic painting. This is the Mona of today. Congratulations on the Wood, Mandrak.
Congrats Mandrak Mona gets a woodie.
Congrats Mandrak. Another great ren pic and nice blend.
Congrats on the woody Mandrak. great painting as usual.
Congrats on the Woody Mandrak, very nicely done integration..
I'm trying use this photoshop thing but I hve no clue how to play with it.

MonaLisa KidmanFunny MonaLisa Kidman
Member reactions:

Nice color pattern match The neck feels a tad thin and the face and hair is a tad blurry.

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