Mona Lisa Chewbacca
 Mona Lisa Chewbacca
Mona Lisa Chewbacca.

Funny Mona Lisa eyeglasses

Mona Lisa eyeglasses
Member reactions:
The test looks this a choice .

Funny Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
As a cubist piece, it is brilliant. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Mona Chewie

Mona Chewie

Funny Mona Lisa At The Ski Lodge

Mona Lisa At The Ski Lodge
Member reactions:
Very creative Mona remake. Love the red-frosted cheeks and nose.
Excellent exept snowballs who look quite artificial.
Those are ACTUAL snowballs, luciano. And, let's not forget they were also made to look like they're part of a PAINTING...not a photograph.
and more wood for Paul too - congrats again.
Great looking Mona, congrats on the Wood.

Funny Mona Lisa winter portrait

Mona Lisa winter portrait
Member reactions:
Another good version of one of the most used subjects.
One of my favorites in the contest. Totally love how you redid the background

Funny Mona LIsa Bundled

Mona LIsa Bundled
The Mona Lisa Winterized
Member reactions:
Sorry i I had the same idea
It's easy to have the same ideas when it comes to Mona.
Something white on the left of the pic at her mouth level .


My fake includes "The Ugly Duchess", painted by the Flemish artist Quentin Matsys around 1513
Member reactions:
You have crossed the limit of ugliness Very worst done One of the Best freaking work
Excellent new version of Monna. If I can say.....maybe face should ba a little smaller and a bit rotate clockwise.
top 5 grats. This one is really cool
PJ. You pounded out a magnificent chop. This one we will see around the Internet a lot I bet. Top 5 congrats.
Top5Congrats, PJ. Your Mona is way beyond just plain Ugly...she be oooogly.
Great morph of the ugly duchess into Mona Lisa.Really awesome blending,really clean,clear and vibrant.Top 5 congrats
Top 5, congrats. Really flawless blending of two painting sources.


(Mona Lisa by Frida Kahlo)
Member reactions:
Well done hidden. Best of luck. Nice Merge.
A bit disturbing.
Very clean work and blending. Is this Frida Kahlo as Mona. I just checked her on Google - it seems she really did have this light mustache.
Why this works so well is beyond me but it sure is a crack-up Woody....... Congrats, PJ
Congratulations PixJockey. And great to see your work again
She's pretty in an ugly sort of way---or ugly in a pretty sort of way. Not sure which. Guess it's an enigma--like the smile on the original Mona Lisa. Great work and congrats on the win.

Funny Mona Arab

Mona Arab
Member reactions:
Brilliant blending - Mona looks totally real here.
Thanks my friend
One of the best, if not the best, Mona Lisa's I've seen.
Silver congrats, hidreley. Very nicely done.

Funny Mona Lisa was a new mother

Mona Lisa was a new mother
This year is all about having kids, and being a great mom. [ French art experts said that there's proof that Mona Lisa - the Italian diva painted by Leonardo Da Vinci - had just given birth to her second baby at the time when she sat for the painting. The report also added that Mona Lisa had given birth to three more children in the years after the painting. ] This is such great news and an example for all moms out there. After you've given birth to your baby, all you need to do is to sit and pose for a painting - the longer the better. And if you need a reason for a billion dollar smile, just think of your poor husband trying to breastfeed the starving baby and changing diapers full of doo-doo. Husbands can never get it right, especially with breastfeeding. No wonder the babies are always hungry. So, overall Mona Lisa was a great mom, sort of like Britney Spears who won a “Mother of the Year” award even before she had kids. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Mona Lisa doing the things mothers do - breastfeeding, playing with kids, house cleaning, etc. Mona Lisa can be photoshopped in the original painting, other paintings, in photos, advertisements, or magazines / newspaper covers.

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