Mona Lisa Playing Guitar
Mona Lisa Playing Guitar
Mona Lisa Playing Guitar. * Gioconda ZZ Top Bruegel party, summer party
Member reactions:
This Mona totally and literally ROCKS. Congrats on the silver, lucido.

Funny Mona Lisa by Rembrandt

Mona Lisa by Rembrandt

Funny Mona Lisa in Jeans on Bike

Mona Lisa in Jeans on Bike
is what it is

Funny Mona Lisa in Blue Jeans

Mona Lisa in Blue Jeans

Funny Mona Lisa Against Air Pollution

Mona Lisa Against Air Pollution
*Gioconda perfume or face of oxymoron behind any apparent stay a strong reality
Member reactions:
Awesome different perspective. Bottle transparency is intended .
I have to agree with Lu here. Either make the bottle float, or put it in here hand, because now it seems like it's going through her hand and it feels like a photoshop mistake and not intentional. i really like the m,ask and the door though..
Agree with the above - great work, but the floating transparent bottom seems strange

Funny Modern Mona Lisa

Modern Mona Lisa
Gioconda new in a new world,everything may be possible
Member reactions:
Superlative. but what's in the right top part of the chop is to forget. Both the way the hand is holding the painting and the folds of the painting look unreal. e
lucido5 this is amazing I love it congratulations...

Funny Mona Lisa Chewbacca

Mona Lisa Chewbacca

Funny Mona Lisa blood transfusion

Mona Lisa blood transfusion
Gioconda forever With few drops give a life .
Member reactions:
There's a vampire movie in here somewhere.
Like shape of blood bag... atleast some love is being injected into Mona

Funny Mona Lisa eyeglasses

Mona Lisa eyeglasses
Member reactions:
The test looks this a choice .

Funny Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa
Member reactions:
As a cubist piece, it is brilliant. Congrats on the gold.

Funny Mona Lisa was a new mother

Mona Lisa was a new mother
This year is all about having kids, and being a great mom. [ French art experts said that there's proof that Mona Lisa - the Italian diva painted by Leonardo Da Vinci - had just given birth to her second baby at the time when she sat for the painting. The report also added that Mona Lisa had given birth to three more children in the years after the painting. ] This is such great news and an example for all moms out there. After you've given birth to your baby, all you need to do is to sit and pose for a painting - the longer the better. And if you need a reason for a billion dollar smile, just think of your poor husband trying to breastfeed the starving baby and changing diapers full of doo-doo. Husbands can never get it right, especially with breastfeeding. No wonder the babies are always hungry. So, overall Mona Lisa was a great mom, sort of like Britney Spears who won a “Mother of the Year” award even before she had kids. In this contest you are asked to photoshop Mona Lisa doing the things mothers do - breastfeeding, playing with kids, house cleaning, etc. Mona Lisa can be photoshopped in the original painting, other paintings, in photos, advertisements, or magazines / newspaper covers.

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