Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa . Member reactions:
Nice one, but soften the glasses a little (so they don't just appear pasted on).

Funny Mona Lisa Blush

Mona Lisa Blush
develop a pink tinge in the face from embarrassment or shame.

Funny Mona Lisa Grid

Mona Lisa Grid
Blink and you will see the beautiful Italian woman .
Member reactions:
Amazing such reduction can retain the original well played

Funny Mona Pica

Mona Pica
Member reactions:
Congrats on the Silver, Denlig.
Silver Congrats Denlig on an awesome mona very nicely done, a little rough on neck connection probably cost points though.

Funny Mona 2019

Mona 2019

Funny Mona Selfie

Mona Selfie
Mona Selfie
Member reactions:
Hahahah funny one... She's got a cholo sort of eyebrow going on. It gets the funniest chop trophy in my book.

Funny Mona Lisa for the Holidays

Mona Lisa for the Holidays

Funny Mona Blair

Mona Blair
Member reactions:
Another phenomenal job, perfectly matched to the painting. Quality work Denlig.
This is really great. Hard to believe it didn't make top 4. Really tough competition in this contest.
I thought about doing this theme but decided to go "funny creepy" with the Mona Lisa instead. Great job and big congrats on a well done piece
Another excellent pallet and lighting blend

Funny Mona Lisa's Earth

Mona Lisa's Earth
Member reactions:
My computer had spent some time in the shop because it's power brick had malfunctioned and I had no way to access Freaking News. I'm baaaack.
Ahhhh, that must be where hippy "Mona Moon" child went Mona was a pretty big acid head back in the 60s
Welcome back to the dance, one of your best 2 steps, if you country dance.

Funny Mona


Funny Hidden Mona Lisa

Hidden Mona Lisa
Art news this Tuesday - Da Vinci's most famous Mona Lisa seems to have another portrait hidden underneath. French scientist Pascal Cotte, who spent nearly 10 years analyzing the painting with a revolutionary light and X-ray technology, says that Leonardo simply painted the Mona Lisa we know over the earlier portrait that is hidden underneath. Show the hidden painting beneath the Mona Lisa we know.

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