Mbappe's Moment In Time
Mbappe's Moment In Time
Mbappe's Moment In Time.

Funny unexpected moments

unexpected moments

Funny LightBulb Moment

LightBulb Moment
Its been a great ride....Happy trails to you.
Member reactions:
Love to see a step-by-step on this. I get the glass shards, but the bulb treatment is unknown to me.
Great to see you do one last chop here, Hidden. It's xlent as always
Congrats Xaos54 on the last chance saloon Silver. I cut myself just viewing it . Best wishes to you.
Great chop, really subtle messaging but exquisite delivery. Congrats on the silver. Don't be such a stranger. I think there is a thread in forums where Kellie posted a list of other chop sites. It would be good to see you show up and play more.
Wonderful work Xaos, Iíve always admired your chops . . . Happy trails to you as well. P.S. Thanks for marking my Marx Bros chop as a favorite, Iíve just recently had it included in a book put together with the help of Harpo's son featuring all of the different art created about the Marx Brothers.
As always fantastic Xaos....good 2 c u 1 last time.
heyyy xaos my friend ,, was great work congrats
Congrats on the win, good one, take care.
Xaos, mate, that last contest would not be the same without you. Congrats on the silver. and I do have some exciting news. READ MORE HERE
Thank you, oo0cns0oo, Newsy, MsgtBob, hobbit90, Kratos, Kellie, QTR, SteveGSO, PShaveyouseenthis Hitspinner, SplatShot, and SomethingOdiferous for the votes and for all the wonderful comments.
Congratulations, Xaos. Amazing work, as always.
Thank you, Kellie and Hitspinner for the Fav.
Mind blowing 54. I love working with light bulbs, don't know why, but I do. I was hoping this almost final contest would bring back a few of the pros.

Funny Dinosaurs in That Awkward Moment movie

Dinosaurs in That Awkward Moment movie
Member reactions:
Excellemt. Does she come from american gothic.
Excellent...... Congrats on the Gold, Hobbit. Definitely the correct time to use that Vivacity type filter. Ties it all in perfectly
Thanks all, the female came from the TV Show "Dinosaurs" I just added some makeup to her, she does look like the lady from American Gothic.

Funny Melting Moments Digital Art

Melting Moments Digital Art
To those anonymous voters who keep marking my work with a 1, you're wasting your time as the scores are weighted which means your score doesn't count so why do you even bother marking my work if they p*ss you off.
Member reactions:
i think some are voting challenged nice work,,, its nice to see someones style evolve ,, and I enjoy your work
haha, your description made me laugh. I like this, it's cool and has a unique style
I enjoy your work as well, Bob. Never mind about those who are "voting challenged" as pree said. Keep doing your thing and we'll all keep enjoying your work.
tks Kerri, I think I evolved a few years ago as the piece above has been reworked from a couple of pieces done about 5 years ago. and ty too 13slam.
hi paul, it's too easy to ignore, it's now a matter of mind games between me and these challenged voters, obviously they were mentally challenged in the pic Yuck Fou I dedicated to them.
Love your work Bob...Some of the things you do are just beautiful...You have a very individual style...The only one like this ive seen...that on its own is a accomplishment...
I think those people give all the entries a 1 and pay the price of having no karma...nice work Bob
The karma rating is a bit obscure, one week I had 88, didn't say boo for a week and it dropped to one. I know I'm not the only one who gets a one but the one who gives the one should be aware that I'm on his tail with a foot on the ready.
I agree with D-Man (Jim) here ... Your work is 1 of a kind . Maybe we can have a contest of your style of PSing soon. I wouldn't know what to call it but you or someone can ask Vlad . I bet you'll come in 1st , 2nd , 3rd , & 4th place ...
Well it is easy to find out who the persistent 1 voter is he/she is obviously too stupid to understand the guidelines.
Chili As much as I like to come 4 times at once this is not an issue for me. If I ever do make the top 5, I will indeed have a super knockout pic. The issue here is that there are some morons who for whatever reason want to spoil the FN experience and not just for me and for the other artists who have received the same score. It's an insult that I and you guys can do without.
Make no mistake Bob.... there are some pretty predominate choppers in here that vote all the time and still only have 1 karma. As a voter you have to go way out of your way to never get above a 1 karma
Deaddog I have never gone out of my way, I believe I voted fairly and possibly too fairly on some pics mainly for effort. That karma thingy has nothing to do with sincerity. Maybe Vlad can offer me a tarot or an astrology reading instead.
your job is always awesome... great job in designing he fish face with eyes were too good... like the art work
Love the way you did the eyes, Bob ... great background

Funny The Last Moment of Osama Bin Laden

The Last Moment of Osama Bin Laden
Osama bin Laden 'was not armed when killed'
Member reactions:
Nice Face Expression of both in the image, like it
What is that thing hanging from the ceiling. Just curious...funny chop.
That's the meat. Like this --- --> Thanks for the comments.

Funny Charlie Sheen is Tied Up At The Moment

Charlie Sheen is Tied Up At The Moment
If he's not, he probably should be.
Member reactions:
. Jack Daniel's next to him is a nice touch
Very nice work oldman. that's a great idiom

Funny Never A Dull Moment For Photographer

Never A Dull Moment For Photographer
Member reactions:
This looks really cool. The composiion and colors look great. I kind have a problem with the conficting lighting in your source pics though. It looks like: the pic of the city was taken in midday sun; the pic of the photographer was taken late in the afternoon; and the pier the photographer is on was taken at night. It is pretty cool thogh, you've got the whole day blended seamlessly in to 1 chop.
You are right about the light sources... I experimented with several different variations and went with what seemed more pleasing to the eye...
i disagree, the pic does not flow, what is the focal point the flying saucer or the shark. however, it is interesting enough.
...what is the focal point the flying saucer or the shark. The photographer, who is clearly focused only on the shark following the man in the kayak, does not notice the UFO; while the man, who in turn is so focused on the dramatic appearance of the UFO, does not notice the menace following behind him. Hence, the suspense drawn between more then one point of interest... creating dramatic tension.

Funny Moment Of Insanity

Moment Of Insanity
Titel: Moment Of Insanity Autor: © "Exploding Art" Fotograf: "MURDOC the PSYCHO" Model: "Marple" from the band "The P u s s y b a t s"

Funny Three Stooges Funniest Moments

Three Stooges Funniest Moments
Member reactions:
Nice entry Mundo. I thought this was one of the best. It shoulda scored higher than it did.

Funny A Kodak Moment

A Kodak Moment
In January 2012 Kodak filed for bankruptcy, sold most of its patents and lost most of its business due to slowing demand for traditional film. That was very sad news for millions of professional and amateur photographers who have been using Kodak products for years. Now comes the good news for all the Kodak fans - the company received the court approval to emerge from bankruptcy by the end of this year. Many of us remember that, for years, Kodak asked its customers to submit photos to its monthly Kodak Moment contest. A Kodak Moment is a rare, one-time moment captured with a photo, or should have been captured by a photo. To celebrate the Kodak comeback, Freaking News is running its own Kodak Moment contest today. Photoshop some Kodak moments in the lives of celebrities or ordinary people.

Funny Kodak Moment

Kodak Moment
It looks like the end of an era for the company that shaped more than a few generations - Kodak is filing for bankruptcy. The 120-year-old firm has become a victim in recent years of slowing demand for traditional film amidst the rapid growth in digital imaging technology in products such as cameras, printers and more recently mobile phones. For years, Kodak asked its customers to submit photos to its monthly Kodak Moment contest. A Kodak Moment is a rare, one-time moment captured with a photo, or should have been captured by a photo. As Kodak is going out of business, Freaking News is running its own Kodak Moment contest today. Photoshop some Kodak moments in the lives of celebrities or ordinary people.

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