Honey Boo Boo's Mom with Double Vision
Honey Boo Boo's Mom with Double Vision
Honey Boo Boo's Mom with Double Vision. Member reactions:
Oh, boy, just when you thought things could't get freakier... BAM.

Funny Mom Chrisy Christie and Child

Mom Chrisy Christie and Child
Was hoping to fix the baby's face once I submitted it, but my darn Paint Shop Pro stopped working. Sorry for a crappy chop.
Member reactions:
It's still a decent job, hobbit, even it it's unfinished. The baby also reminds me Pope Benedict
Thanks NewsMaster , need to reinstall Paint Shop Pro.

Funny Barack Obama and Mom

Barack Obama and Mom

Funny Little Bane and his Mom

Little Bane and his Mom

Funny Cindy Sheehan the Peace Mom Caricature

Cindy Sheehan the Peace Mom Caricature
Member of the “Peace and Freedom Party”, arrested 21 times for peace.
Member reactions:
Quality work. Thanks for reminding about her.
Great caricature done to her.... like her expressions and the freaky smile good one
Congratulations. Love it..
Congratulations. Awesome caricature. I especially appreciate the fingers.
Excellent. Retro vivacity style, very cool.
Thanks NewsMaster, and Balodiya. Appreciate it Rajesh, and Geriatric. Thank you Hidreley, I loved yours as well. Thanks Paul. Thank you Icy, I'm glad you liked the fingers Thanks HitMan and Armatien, appreciate your comments. Laissez le bon temps rouler...

Funny Pregnant Mr. Mom Michael Keaton

Pregnant Mr. Mom Michael Keaton
Obamacare Makes Men Pay for Maternity Care
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Funny King Willem-Alexander with his Mom Beatrix

King Willem-Alexander with his Mom Beatrix
Willem-Alexander Claus George Ferdinand King of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Funny Baby Faced Mom Carrying Her Daughter

Baby Faced Mom Carrying Her Daughter
Member reactions:
Baby face mom is so cute and the baby is much cuteir good job done nice merge
Really baby face mom so freaky in public place
Nice work … thought this would place higher ...

Funny Mom Hiking with her Baby Daughter

Mom Hiking with her Baby Daughter
Member reactions:
very funny to see the swaped faces, the daughter looks more happy being carried by her mother

Funny Soccer Mom Kicks Ball at Kid

Soccer Mom Kicks Ball at Kid
Mother blasts ball into her kid’s face. I have played soccer with my boys...I am sure it was an accident but she kicked it hard enough to blow the little boys hat off (see the video if you can). There were no knocked out teeth, black eye or soccer ball inpression on his forehead. I just thought it would make for a funnier chop.
Member reactions:
Thanks...had to do a lot of looking and chopping to get here. I had a couple versions but this is the one I liked the most. I wonder sometimes whether I wshould even include captions...I go back and forth.
hahaha. Heads up. And per the captions, I (personally) would lose them. It stands up with out them. Very clean chop.
Hahaha, I like the soccer ball imprint on the kid's forehead. And the head is tilted "nicely" after the ball hit. The kid looks like he was suddenly enlightened with something.
Thanks...enlightened kind of like the old "I should have had a V8" commercials
Ha ha ha ha ha ha... cant stop my laugh seeing this entry. freaking awesome work on both the Kids face, and so funny comments on the pic
, the impression of the Ball print on his forehead is too good, like the way the ball was kicked and its got imprinted on his head, like the expression of the kid after this. over all I like the story going between his sweet sister about the game always played with him only very well done
Thanks...it was a fun chop to work on...always a question of too much or too little, I think I got the balance about right.
Congratulations. This image is, still, humorous.

Funny Celebrity Moms

Celebrity Moms
The upcoming Sunday is one of the most celebrated holidays in the USA - Mother's Day is one day we have set aside to honor our mother. Let's face it, we would really be nowhere without her. To celebrate the upcoming Mother's Day at Freaking News we are asking you to photoshop any famous person as BOTH mother AND child in the same entry. A good example would be a mother looking like Barack Obama holding a child looking like Barack Obama. Please note that we are not looking for real moms and kids of some celebrity. Rather we ask you to create a mom and a child version of him. The themepost provides a good example. Many thanks to Wanderer for the themepost.

Funny Why, Mom, Why?

Why, Mom, Why?
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of mother and son (image credit: Ed Yourdon) any way you wish. Some examples are - changing the kid for someone else, showing what other tricks this mom is capable of, designing a poster with the mom and her son, using the mother and son in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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