Cat Getting a Modern Haircut
Cat Getting a Modern Haircut
Cat Getting a Modern Haircut. Member reactions:
the cat's short haircut. It doesn't see too happy about it
This chop just flipped off the end of my weird-O-meter. that cat's head; total crack up

Funny Neanderthal Woman and Modern Man Unite

Neanderthal Woman and Modern Man Unite
Big Question is answered. Image sources Did They Boink
Member reactions:
TY Elegary. She took a lot of painting to get that pretty
WaO... the lip work and the hairy texture of her skin looks perfectly blended good work overall
... Beautiful Girl..her Mouth and Hair Style,Eye shadow is very funny
Surprised this did so well. I cut back to a really old illustrative style on the Neanderthal lady's face. Drew the mouth from scratch. That was fun. Thanks for the faith and comments Doc, Luciano, Balodiya, eric, rajesh, Sulli, Elegary, SS and Pat
I've seen some that looked that way, looks great, congrats on the win.
Fascinating news story, (always suspected there were Neanderthals among us... he he). Great job, Hitz. Congrats on the Bronze.
Oh me too, Champ. I just wasn't buying into the "Well, uhhhhh, they just went extinct." They were too tough and resourceful. Plus, all you have to do is look around a bit and you can spot the recessive genes in some people. It just never rang right or passed the smell test with me. Thanks Pat, Bob & Champ. Glad everyone liked it. I am delighted if you guys are... obviously
Great piece. May run a contest based on this news soon. Congrats on the bronze, Hits
Congrats on the bronze Tim. Priceless expression.

Funny Modern Son Of Man by Magritte

Modern Son Of Man by Magritte

Funny Picture Hangers Putting up a Modern Duchess of Alba Painting

Picture Hangers Putting up a Modern Duchess of Alba Painting

Funny Bouguereau Modern Family

Bouguereau Modern Family
Member reactions:
I thought this was breathtakingly beautiful and well done. I only wish the dog were a larger source file, but great choice on breed...
Congrats on the wood, Hids. Really looks as this painting came to life.

Funny Modern Venus and Mona Lisa in Italy

Modern Venus and Mona Lisa in Italy
Mona Lisa and Venus (Bochelli's Model for his painting.) are just looking to get out of Italy, leave their painter parents and see the world.
Member reactions:
Uploaded wrong file. Really, it's better than this alas, the world will never know.
Nice concept, though Mona's head may need more work

Funny Modern Shakespeare

Modern Shakespeare
Member reactions:
I don't understand the gorilla, but the rest is pretty great. Maybe he could scrawl "Macbeth." in blood.

Funny Modern Abraham Lincoln

Modern Abraham Lincoln
Member reactions:
If I well understand hair is the modern touch.

Funny Modified Modern Family

Modified Modern Family
Member reactions:
Thanks. You're right: Can't even read the 'bac' logo text in contest view.
Yes, Paco great work....Landscape views are tough to get across to the viewer. Especially when you have a lot of elements in them. The sites format squeezes them down. I feel anyone of theses or all of them presented separately in the portrait style would have finished around the top.
Decent work, the full view is a must here

Funny Modern Raphael Painting

Modern Raphael Painting
Member reactions:
Some mismatch in neck and arms dimensions, otherwise excellent.
Very good looking chop. I love the way you handled the modern integration. Listen to Luciano, he called it and is a pro at wet media simulation. I learn from him all the time

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