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Funny Model Pictures

The Shell Hat ModelFunny The Shell Hat Model
Member reactions:

Quality work, maiden. I just wish the hat took bigger space in this composition, so that more focus is placed on it.

Member reactions:

Truly scaring, shocking , and damn impressive remake of the Vermeer's classic. The pumpkin earring is top notch.
Unusual vision of Vermeer and very Funny... Great job.
Well done Nice Selection of the model Looks very scary..
Her Eyes and the four incisor teeth makes me bit scary good chop and nice filter applied on her face.... this makes the chop scary
Think I saw her shopping at Sears. Congrats on the wins.

Three ModelsFunny Three Models
Member reactions:
Sometimes it is fun to design clothes on models so I was in the mood for this when I drew it. A long time ago I drew the background for my granddaughter. digital art.
, what's the monkey in the background doing there.

New modelFunny New model
Member reactions:

Mahmoud The Fashion ModelFunny Mahmoud The Fashion Model
Member reactions:

Very freaky job chosen.... like the Tommy of Tehran concept and the Doggy with erotic clothes is awesome
Thanks, rajeshstar. Thanks, balodiya. Thanks, HH. Thanks, G-Man.

Plus-Size Model On Magazine CoverFunny Plus-Size Model On Magazine Cover
Member reactions:

Plus-size woman appears on magazine cover
Good job... like the quote on the carriage... Eat Drink and Live good comments on the poster
Congrats on the Silver also Mr. Paul, this one surprised me that it was yours,great but different style
Pulled another one, Congrads on the Silver cup.
Double-Congratulations. You have a future in 'BIG' girl fashion-page Advertising world.

Sports Car ModelingFunny Sports Car Modeling
Member reactions:

Perfect placement, it looks like an original picture. Clean work so nice

Leonardo Da Vinci arranging his model...Funny Leonardo Da Vinci arranging his model...
Member reactions:

* Leonardo Da Vinci arranging his model_muse sacrifice ...a good year for the master Leonardo
Excellent arranging of the Model and the great artist has all rights to do anything with his models good job and funny
* A year 2012+1 full of successes to ALL. 1001 THANK for yours attention and appreciation my dear friends .
Very impressive piece, Lucido. Happy New 2013 year to you.

 Future Red Model... and skills earlyFunny Future Red Model... and skills early
Member reactions:

Celebrate the 113th birthday of Rene Magritte_TRIBUTE FOR A GREAT SURREALIST MASTER . * Future Red Model...and skills early ...girls are always skills early...
Really a good pair of red shoes, and lovely girl
* RECOMMENDATION... my opinion... changing the end time of competitions, was not a good choice ...totally uninspired...and this is evident in the low number of voters and viewers...managerial mistake which can seriously affect quality and sustainability of the site Freaking News itself...I suspect that other exhibitors on this platform there are unanimous... ALL THE BEST TO ALL...vVv

Vermeer's model has goneFunny Vermeer's model has gone
Member reactions:

Classic Car ModelsFunny Classic Car Models - To fit classic car spirit in modern auto industry, create classic car models which would combine parts and features of modern car models and classic / antique car models.

Celebrities ModelsFunny Celebrities Models - Create life-sized models of celebrities or politicians using alternative materials - bread, wood, plastic, glass, etc. Entries using conventional materials (stones or metals) will be disqualified.

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