Posing Model digital painting
Posing Model digital painting
Posing Model digital painting. The book case took me the longest time to do. Digital art.
Member reactions:
If the shoe fits and all that, but in this case I don't think it does.
There are two gold things under her skirt, what are they.
Nice Painting, Hidden. Original view is the best. I'm a bit confused as to the position of her legs though. Perhaps it is the horizontal shadow line across the front of the dress.
Sweet. Stool I believe, Luciano. I really like this one. Would make a great print

Funny T Rex model

T Rex model

Funny Plus Size Swimsuit Models

Plus Size Swimsuit Models
Plus size woman to be in Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue Melissa McCarthy and Oprah Winfrey demonstrate how plus size women can still be attractive in bathing suits.
Member reactions:
Quality image, but fat shaming.
Thanks, Andrew, Bob, Tim and Funkmeister.

Funny Vladimir Putin the Model

Vladimir Putin the Model
Today he is model in fashion demonstration. Who knows what we'll see tomorrow.
Member reactions:
Funny pic and job. IMO shoe doesn't really give a true motion sensation.
It's a cool chop by itself, but I don;t think it looks like a job advert. Also I'd make the motion blur from the shoe more transparent. Still a fine political satire work though

Funny Andy Warhol Painting a Model in his Studio

Andy Warhol Painting a Model in his Studio
Member reactions:
Great idea but differences resolutions. Proportions between objects in front are too different
Methinks this is hilarious and brilliant.

Funny Model Holding Flag at Golf Hole

Model Holding Flag at Golf Hole
Member reactions:
Sitting on my balls... do not see the text only... See the pic to understand
Freaking cool

Funny Models in Couture Gowns Digital Art

Models in Couture Gowns Digital Art
Mixed Media Art

Funny Mona Lisa the Model

Mona Lisa the Model

Funny Wedding Dress Model Digital Art

Wedding Dress Model Digital Art
Wedding dresses are so much fun to paint that I decided to do another one. Mixed Media
Member reactions:
Great work with dress and its transparency.
Ahh good, this did well, I hoped it would. Nice one Joan.

Funny Dying to be a Model

Dying to be a Model
Had a touch of the Modiglianis' here.
Member reactions:
Artwork. Liberty/old tapestry,Mandelbrot all togather
Unbelievably sweet.... Love it and congrats on the cup
Conratz on the bronze Laff. Great to see your work Trophy.
Congratulations on Wood, Laff.. Artistic with elegant flair
Congrats on the wood, Laff. Great to see you on the podium again.
Bless you all for the applause. Enjoyed doing this one.. but have been out of commission for months because of a film that grew over my repaired cateract. Unable to see properly to do my art... now I have been lasered... so back at it again. Thanks guys... huggs to all.

Funny Hand Model

Hand Model
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. A hand model is a person whose hands are shot in advertisements, with close ups of the product being handled. Most people's hands have skin imperfections such as blemishes and moles that will stand out in close ups. This is where a hand model comes in showing off their flawless skin and long fingers handling the product. Often when a company hires some celebrity to promote their product, and the close ups of the hands are to be used, they will also hire a hand model for those closeups, even though we are led to believe that's the celebrity hands we're seeing. Ironically, many celebrities have imperfect hands (like those clubbed thumbs of Megan Fox or even missing fingers of Denzel Washington). Likewise, many hand models have creepy faces. Did you know there are leg models too? That's the story for some other time... Photoshop this photo of a wannabe hand model any way you wish.

Funny Classic Car Models

Classic Car Models
To fit classic car spirit in modern auto industry, create classic car models which would combine parts and features of modern car models and classic / antique car models.

Funny Celebrities Models

Celebrities Models
Create life-sized models of celebrities or politicians using alternative materials - bread, wood, plastic, glass, etc. Entries using conventional materials (stones or metals) will be disqualified.

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