Mixed Rhythmic swimming on Olympic Games competition
Mixed Rhythmic swimming on Olympic Games competition
Mixed Rhythmic swimming on Olympic Games competition.

Funny Mixed Face

Mixed Face

Funny Mixed Up Animal Insects

Mixed Up Animal Insects
Pray Mantis/ Parrot Monkey/ Spider Aardvark/caterpillar
Member reactions:
The cookie and banana are great touches too.

Funny Mixed Up Christmas Present

Mixed Up Christmas Present
Don't drink and wrap presents
Member reactions:
It would be nice if you made the "Joy Of ... " look like a book instead of a flat, greeting card.
Great fix, hidden. At that angle, you'd see the pages at the bottom of the book as well.
A COPTER landed on this one... If it doesn't win I don't know why.
Thanks all... Probably rates pretty high on any mommy's "Oh my God-O-meter"
Yes it is. TY Newsy and Luciano. Remarkably, as much as this chop is liked it won't even make the top 5 at this rate. Me so puzzled
I scored it well, hidden, because it's funny. But that's a hard edge on his jaw and that's the first thing I saw, which made me waver over votes. Also, being particular, you only have two ellipses up top, when there should be three. I might be the only one who cares about punctuation, though.
Well, the jaw line could have used a bit of rounding and the ellipses were an editoral xhoice to lighten the balance on the right and syill get the message across. I suppose I could have used a dash. It is all good just as long as ya'll don't hold me to a higher standard than you would yourselves. Thanks for the votes and comments and rescuing it from the mid 7s... whomever you are
This is at the top, you have the best imagination, congrats on the win, love it.

Funny Very Mixed Up Animal

Very Mixed Up Animal
Member reactions:
As always, the shoes complete the look. Nice one

Funny Mixed Magritte Painting

Mixed Magritte Painting
Member reactions:
Cool beans

Funny USA Dollar Mixed with USSR Money

USA Dollar Mixed with USSR Money
Member reactions:

Funny Marilyn Monroe Mixed with Frank Sinatra

Marilyn Monroe Mixed with Frank Sinatra
Member reactions:
Somehow he feels quite natural in this role

Funny Parrot Mix by Manet

Parrot Mix by Manet
This is an ad for the fake pet food company Monet Foods Inc.
Member reactions:
, totally could be a contemporary ad.. Nicely done. That background wouldn't happen to be a texture from Photoimpressions would it. I have an identical pattern and even has the same overlap anomaly where the patterns connect. I handle that by reducing the opaqueness to about 70% and running another texture layer underneath of something like old paint. It works out pretty cool sometimes.
You can find this filter through Filters. To do so follow these directions: → Artistic → Apply Canvas.... Edited to add that the above directions are for the free graphic tool Gimp that comes with Linux.

Funny Lou Reed Mixed with Keith Richards

Lou Reed Mixed with Keith Richards
Member reactions:
Great blend - looks authentic. I just wish the image was bigger
He looks awesome with the wrinkle torn face... well blended
Fantastic job Clean and neat Nice Caricature
Excellent choice of Keith Richards for the combo. Well put together

Funny TV Program Mix-ups

TV Program Mix-ups
This is a themed contest. Do NOT edit the theme post. Today's contest we are going to create new TV programs using existing programs. Combine any two TV programs past or present, and create a new TV program as in the theme post [Dukes of Hazzard & Mayberry RFD]. [NO MOVIES OR CARTOONS] Thanks to midian for sponsoring this contest and for supplying the theme post. There seems to be a lot of confusion on this contest. We have changed the theme image to better show what we are looking for. We also are extending the contest one more day. Sorry and thanks.

Funny Movies Mixed

Movies Mixed
Well, the buzz is upon us. Google has acquired YouTube in a 1.65 billion dollar buyout. Apparently Google's "Do no evil" corporate motto, does not apply to lighting flatulence, large men dressed as women dancing to Shakira tunes, and copyright violating uploads of prime time television. Tasteless? yes. Evil? well, maybe not. Definitely something that will need to be forwarded around via "work related only" email networks. I wondered how Google video would be affected by this merging of the masses, and it looks like it may come off without a hitch. However, we here at Freaking News know better. Any company mergers and acquisitions of this magnitude are going to result in problems. We predict this merger will result in the merging of some of the hosted movies! In this contest, you are asked to merge movies. Utilizing screenshots or movie posters, merge two or more movies into one glamorous creation. Comedy is a huge plus in this sort of contest so put your thinking caps on. Example: Lord of the Ringmaster (Merge Lord of the Rings with Jerry Springer's "The Ringmaster")

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