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Funny Mistress Pictures

Mistress of the NightFunny Mistress of the Night
Member reactions:

Nice one to see the Mistress great to see her in the wings and the facial expression is mild like the eyes

Mistress Sarah PalinFunny Mistress Sarah Palin
Member reactions:

Vote Palin
Thanks all....I would be happy to let her use this image for the Presidential Election
this picture depresses me....makes me want her ever more and i realize that i'll never have her
Nice work blending the face to the source . . . hmmm ... I recognize that pin
D-man strikes again............ Congrats.. Excellent job.
Congratulations on the Wood ... Great work.
Congrats on the woody, D-Man. It's only natural that you got a woody from this chop, hahaha.
Thanks Newsy, I think she will get a few more votes because of this pic

Mistress and Slave on a Blue NightFunny Mistress and Slave on a Blue Night
Member reactions:
Her slave

Circus Mistress with an ElephantFunny Circus Mistress with an Elephant
Member reactions:

Circus Mistress
It looks very artistic, but I am not sure what balloon stunt is done here
Newsie has a point but I don't care. The awesome effects in this outweigh any objection in my opinion, even a few chatter marks in the masking. Overall, terriffic.
So, how did you get that frozen atmosphere effect. Is that a plugin or a source layer.
Basically I just tweaked the levels and curves till it got what I wanted

Elvira Mistress of the DarkFunny Elvira Mistress of the Dark
Member reactions:

She just came back from her Witch Doctor.

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