Happy Birthday Mister Cage
Happy Birthday Mister Cage
Happy Birthday Mister Cage. Source
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Morph and paint effect works well here. I have trouble with it.
Congrats Denlig I used the same source 👍🏼

Funny Goodbye Mister Lee

Goodbye Mister Lee
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Master of portrait blending. Top 5 Denlig.

Funny Mister Pelosi and Miss Atkinson

Mister Pelosi and Miss Atkinson
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FREAK SHOW. doesn't work. I can't submit another picture for contest or update already submitted.

Funny Goodbye Mister Jones David Bowie

Goodbye Mister Jones David Bowie
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Beautifully done, Denlig. Woody Congrats.

Funny Mitt Romney Mister Florida

Mitt Romney Mister Florida
Romney Wins Florida Primary
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This is funny as New Jersey , wonderful freaking work on this piece Hidden .....
HAHAHA, VERY FUNNY Wonderful expression great work done here
It's Hilarious desire to have it like in this image very well done with the lipstick mark and the crown
I like the way u put hairy look on chest.. its FREAKING Awesome .. :-*
Golden Congrats LunaC . . . Really creative on this, great chop all around … well deserved gold ….
Freaktastic satire. Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny Mister Jacques

Mister Jacques
Mister Jacques is all the rage now on Park Avenue (in a blue state, of course). And yes, Mister Jacques does do his own hair. PS: Le French are so weird.
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Well he shouldn't. Do his own hair . Nice idea.

Funny Mister Rogers

Mister Rogers
It's a beautiful day in this jihad, A beautiful day for a killing. Would you view full. Could you view full.
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Very GD.
Augh.. Mr. Rogers... that's disturbing...
Augh. Mr. Rogers. That's... very...disturbing... Augh. Double Post.. Even... more...disturbing...
Nice concept. Really changes my view of Mister Rogers. Nice Work.
Perhaps Mr. R is behind the single bullet theory. Hmmm
Hey. I represent that peekture. Eet iss veeri veeri insult to self-reespekting Jeehadists. Don’t you no yet, vee use LEFT HAND for wiping butt. THE RIGHT HAND is for keeling. Meesta Rogeras should be knowing ziss. He teaches our Summer Camp for delinquent keeds needing Reform. They become good Jeehadists if we promise not to make zem watch Meesta Rogars again. Ahhh … May the fleas of a thousand constipated camels infect uour infeedel armpits. As for me, I have enough, Thank You.

Funny Goodbye Mister President

Goodbye Mister President
François Hollande won’t seek another term as France’s president

Funny Mister Madonna

Mister Madonna

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