MISTER BEAN LOST IN SOUTH POLE. another my job from the "MISTER BEAN" serie. Member reactions:
hobbit90 toooo good whit me, thank youuu very much my friend
hi paul pcrdds an excellent thank also for you my old friend
Mr. Beas is always a winner source. Superlative execution.
Congrats on the gold, Mr Bean is so cute.
Outstanding job Rick, Congratulations with the gold winner.


. Member reactions:
Bean facial expression and the shades of his face were perfectly matches to the chop.... good balanced work
Bean never gets old, it cracks me up every time...


. Member reactions:
Wonderful art work.... good job in making the Bean an Art work as Van Dough well done
Next version, cut off a loaf of his ear . Great styling


hi jeremix my friend... how are you... you make me happy... thaaaaaank you from deep of my heart my friend ..... 4 days of hard work,sweat and blood of my imagination .... hehehehehehe..
Fantastic Image. Great Humor.Bean looks crazed. I suspect he has spent too many days among the cannibals.
hi splatshot my friend thank you ... the humor is essential for a good job .... also i think that mr. beanson crusoe has eyes from the cannibal .... finished pigs of the island, i believe that the monkey eat .... poor monkey thaaaaaank you friend
Grande sequel Fratellone. Finalmente a trovato qualcosa da mangiare. adoro la forchetta nel naso. Una situazione tribale super fantastica.................. mi auguro danti 10++++++++++++++++++++++ sono felice di vederti a lavoro. E come noti un sacco di bene. Lol sei fortunato a poter mostrare il tuo lavoro......... Magari un giorno ci rincorreremo chiss. Ciao mio fratelone. E grandi complimenti......
oldman thaaaaaaaank you very much my friend you are tooooo good with me as always
silvercanine i thaaaank you my friend also you are tooooooo good with me hihihi
mandrakkyno fratellino mio ti ringrazio di cuore, sono un po a corto di fantasia... mi sono fissato con mister bean spero presto di cambiare personaggio... ne ho altri due mister bean pronti hihihihi ps: e grazzzzzzzzzzzzie ancora
haHhahAHhahaHAHha sei un uomo meraviglioso.a me piace molto questa serie di mister bean. il personaggio merita. e poi di fantasia ce ne molta.........anzi sono curioso di vedere prossimi.......... quasi quasi anche io ne realizo un altro. personaggio che si presta molto alla caricatura. L'importante lo sai quale il mio consiglio sulle forme date
hi paul how are you... fine i hope thank you my friend... ooooh yes pooooooooooooooooooooor piggy hehehehe beware the monkey... is very much hungry...
mandrake ciao fratellino mio grazie del tuo apprezzamento... avevo il timore che una serie di lavori su di un solo personaggio potesse dare fastidio e stufare... ma tu mi dai il coraggio di continuare e mettere anche gli altri due mister bean nei prossimi contest ---------------------------------------------hello my little brother thanks for your appreciation ... i fear that a series of works on only one character could be annoying and stew ... but you give me the courage to continue and put the other two mister bean in the next contest
kellie tooooo good with me... thaaaank very much and a kiss on the cheek
Fantabolus job done.... Beam as a Hobbit and great to see the Little Monkey acting as a pirate is very hilarious great lighting effects and smokey all over chop is amazing No words to express this beautiful chop... Sure Gold
rajeshstar myyyy friend you make me happy today.... thaaaank for your all fantastic comments and for the compliments... you are a real fiend... thank you again raje
Amazing Master Bean looks stunning Nice to see the Folk in his nose gOOD Creative thinking and superb job done
balodiya gracjas mio amigo grazie amico mio, thank you my friend, dank meines freundes, tak min ven, merci mon ami, obrigado meu amigo, شكرا يا صديقي, arkadaşım teşekkrler, cảm ơn người bạn của ti... thaaaaaaanks in all languages trust in my work that i always show
I didnt get what i feelLaugh and thrill
ericnorthend thaaaank you very much my friend... i am happy you laugh for my job... thanks again
Golden Congrats my friend "masterpiece"....gold deserves gold
Congratulations Ricky on a well deserved win...Outstanding Work.....
silvercanine you are toooo good with me... thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks my friend
paul a great thaaaaaank also for you my friend
splatshot outstanding thank for you my friend.... and again congrats for you fantastic job.....
and a greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat thank all the friends vote for my work...
Rickytrek, your work is amazing and congrats on the win.You're tops.
a deserved gold for this freaking amazing work of art, ricky.
Congrats on the gold, Ricky.Another Bean beauty.

Funny MISTER BEAN SON CRUSOE (See in full view please).

MISTER BEAN SON CRUSOE (See in full view please).
for this my new job i have freely inspired to a great work of the master "rwpike" ... (rodney pike) ... this is a tribute to my work show how much i appreciate your job, i have learned to do the caricature watching his great work. rodney thanks. THIS IS THE FANTASTIC MR. BEAN OF RWPIKE INSPIRED MY WORK:URL -->. Member reactions:
for this my new job i have freely inspired to a great work of the master "rwpike" ... (rodney pike) ... this is a tribute to my work show how much i appreciate your job, i have learned to do the caricature watching his great work. rodney thanks. THIS IS THE FANTASTIC MR. BEAN OF RWPIKE INSPIRED MY WORK:URL -->
kellie gracjas and a brilliant thank for you
Fantastic Work My Friend.Genius humor with the tied blades, and the lizard drinking milk. The chameleon reminds me of Rango.
splatshot thaaaaaaank you my friend, you are tooooo good whit me, thank for your beautiful comment and for the compliments, gracjas amigo
doc paul from my heart an "excellente" thaaaank you my friend...
armatien thaaaank my friend...I still do not perform miracles ... But I worked hard to do a good job, I've worked almost three days .... and I seem to have gotten a Fuon result ... What do you think my friend.. heartfelt thanks for the compliment and good night ... here in Italy is 5:12 the night
No words to express the creativity done by the Master.... Awesome chop and lovely way the Chameleon drinking the coconut milk and the Birds getting disturbed by the smoke emitted by the pipe... Bean looking so amazing in this view Fantabolus job done
Outstanding. There's so much to look at and enjoy in this chop. Your attention to the little details makes it fun to study closely.
mandrakkino fratellino mio grazie di cuore... mi sono impegnato un po piu' del solito stavolta ciaoooooooooo t.v.b
mikella hehehehe i'm really crazy .... and you see thank you baby
rajeshstar my friend i dont have really words.... your comments always make me happy, because you see that you always known all the details of my work, i am happy that my work on the small details to be seen ... own work on the details to make beautiful work
lunac gracjas thank you my friend...i'll tell you the same thing i said to rajeshstar .... a lot of work on the details ... the details are 95% of the work ... 5% is the idea thanks again and bye bye...
thaaaaaank you all my friend... I always give a lot of satisfaction.
Showing us all how it's done, eh Ricky ... Most excellent work. ... No disrespect to RWP, but I like yours better ... Congrats in advance. ... love the details
.Mr.Bean in new Avatar. He looks Macho in that Tall and Well build body. Awesome piece of brilliant PS
silvercanine grazie gracjas thank you my friend
qtrmoonshop you make me happy whit your comment....you made me a beautiful compliment, i have started to attend freakingnews seeing the beautiful work of rwpike, of funkwood, of azrainman, of all great graphic friends etc ... etc ... i have always made graphic works, is since 1994 whit my first pc ( whit os: windows 3.1 whit the first version of software micrografx photomagic ) that i do the work graphics, though i did not caricature, about three years ago i have seen on the web surfing the beautiful work, i have stopped in freakingnews since then ... i have a passion to this mixed techniques of caricature, satire .... i learned from all of you friends to make these freakingnews work, and tell me what it seems that my work very you like.i am happy to be appreciated by you friends ... if i see that appreciate my work are paid for everything i do, i have said many times that a laugh your smile or are more than money.thanks again my friend PS: SORRY ALL GUYS FOR MY ENGLISH
ericnorthend thank you my friend of the fantastic compliment
hitspinner a thank you aaa+++ for you my friend... i love you
paul my friend a great thank for your congrats for my gold
Your Work Is An Inspiration My Friend.Congratulations On A Well Deserved Gold.and your English is just fine.
Top choppage every bit of the way. Was a coin toss between you and LunaC but you lookk like there was a few more hours of drop-in. Otherwise you would have split gold in my opinion.
splatshot you... you... you make me moved... you really are too good to me ... thank you from the depths of my heart my friend
hitspinner fantastic comment, i really appreciate it a lot ... you're right my friend, also the work of lunac deserved the gold cup ... has done a wonderful caricature, much like the original style ... different from the usual, well built and with a nice background ... maybe i won because i have enriched my work with a lot of details, or maybe because in my work i always try to build a scene ... and do not let the work stops at one caricature in itself ... you know.i love to build a scene which has, or satire, or it's a gag, or telling a little story ... so here other words which is not limited only to show character.however, i certainly do not say that the job is not lunac a wonderful job ... he certainly deserved the gold cup
This is a FANTASTIC piece Ricky......and your stuff is maybe the best I've seen.....anywhere.
I just love your work my friend, very very well done.
silvercanine a great thank also for you friend
berdulano berdulano ... a word: "thaaaaaaaaaaaaank you my friend" ...
llovelayers and i love your compliments my friend... you are tooooo good with my works
Congrats on the gold, Ricky. A breathtaking chop.

Funny mister POPPBEANS (see in FULL VIEW please)

mister POPPBEANS (see in FULL VIEW please)
hi paul my friend, if you want to see the chops with whom I made this new work, here is the www:my source imagesaaaaah sorrrry thaaaank you for the first compliment
I absolutely love it.Already saved to my favorites.
F A N T A S T I C ...........................
splatshot my friendi am honored that my work goes in your favorites ... heartfelt thanks my friend, i worked hard on this work, three days thanks again
hobbit90 thaaaank you very much my friend
Brilliant work....glad to see what u do with the source images....perfect blend.
silvercanine thaaaaaaaank you man you're very kind, i wanted to show the pictures i used because it is the first time that transformed the cars ... and i think i did a good job .... what do you think.. i would like a confirmation from you friends ... thanks again for the my heart friend.
W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L masterpiece..... Congrats on GOLD my friend
grassssssssssssssssssssssiez robertignolo sempre fiducioso nelle mie capacita'... e ti ringrazio di cuore... cerco sempre di fare del mio meglio come vedi... ciayyyy
Everything you did here has an extra special touch to it. From the car combinations, to the bird headed umbrella. mMy friend you hit this 1 out of the park.11+++
sei sempre pi bravo, Riccardino, ti voglio bene...
il mio lavoro mandrakkino un emerito omaggio al tuo ultimo fantastico mister bean the my job is an omage to fantastic mandrake job to mister bean
splatshot are no words .... i do not know how to answer ... mi you did the great congratulations, thank you of heart my friend
roby lo sai che anch'io ti voglio mooooolto bene... sei sempre nel mio cuore amico mio
Grazie molte. mio fratellone. sono molto felice del tuo Omaggio..... e un grande piacere, sapere che ti ispiro. Ti xe Dlse.
ahhahaha fratellino... parli in veneziano anche braaaaavo.......
un dialetto meraviglioso. molto fine, in questo periodo mi sono dedicato allo studio linguistico,Il Veneziano tra i miei preferiti....
e bravo fratellino...sei una sorpresa continua, credevo di conoscere quasi tutti i tuoi lati artistici, ma evidentemente ne hai ancora molti altri di nascosti... hehehehe braaaavo fratellino
Full marks Best chop. Perfect work of Super Cool Mr.Bean. Car umbrella Doll Background Rain Every thing is Perfect
ericnorthend thaaaank you my friend... you see all the particular of my work and i am happy
doc paul my friend a double thaaank for you and a double smile double.
silvercanine gracjas thank you very much from my heart
I especially love how you gave a goofy character to the Bean's car.Brilliant work. Congrats on the silver too, Ricky.
This one is still my Favorite.......Congratulations.
...great work. can i ask how you create charactatures from the original images. i'd love to have a go at creating something like this. cheers.
I knew that had to be the one and only work of the Master, Rickytrek. Congrats on a double win, your work is unbelievable.

Funny Mitt Romney Mister Florida

Mitt Romney Mister Florida
Romney Wins Florida Primary . Member reactions:
This is funny as New Jersey , wonderful freaking work on this piece Hidden .....
HAHAHA, VERY FUNNY Wonderful expression great work done here
It's Hilarious desire to have it like in this image very well done with the lipstick mark and the crown
I like the way u put hairy look on chest.. its FREAKING Awesome .. :-*
Golden Congrats LunaC . . . Really creative on this, great chop all around well deserved gold .
Freaktastic satire.Congrats on the gold, Luna.

Funny Mister Jacques

Mister Jacques
Mister Jacques is all the rage now on Park Avenue (in a blue state, of course). And yes, Mister Jacques does do his own hair.PS: Le French are so weird.. Member reactions:
Well he shouldn't. Do his own hair . Nice idea.

Funny Mister Rogers

Mister Rogers
It's a beautiful day in this jihad,A beautiful day for a killing.Would you view full.Could you view full.. Member reactions:
Very GD.
Augh.. Mr. Rogers... that's disturbing...
Augh. Mr. Rogers. That's... very...disturbing... Augh. Double Post.. Even... more...disturbing...
Nice concept. Really changes my view of Mister Rogers. Nice Work.
Perhaps Mr. R is behind the single bullet theory. Hmmm
Hey. I represent that peekture. Eet iss veeri veeri insult to self-reespekting Jeehadists. Dont you no yet, vee use LEFT HAND for wiping butt. THE RIGHT HAND is for keeling. Meesta Rogeras should be knowing ziss. He teaches our Summer Camp for delinquent keeds needing Reform. They become good Jeehadists if we promise not to make zem watch Meesta Rogars again. Ahhh May the fleas of a thousand constipated camels infect uour infeedel armpits. As for me, I have enough, Thank You.

Funny Oh Mister Precedent

Oh Mister Precedent
Yes Mister Speaker

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