Barack Obama's Missile Defense System
Barack Obama's Missile Defense System
Barack Obama's Missile Defense System. Member reactions:
Great idea, very funny, the shadows need a little work, suggest darkeing at the edge of the tyres. Lol at the broken window and Joe Biden, clever and well thought out.
Protect America. We can do it, yes we can.
The defense invention became known as "Slingshot One" Me likey.
"Slingshot One." Good one, Newsy. Wish I would have thought of that. THANKS.
Congrats PR on your 1st woody The broken window and rock embedded in the column is a nice touch too...hehe.
Thanks, Rainman. It feels great to finally get a woody . Thanks for noticing the background extras.
Congrats on the woody, pcrdds. Your first trophy, woo hoo.
Congrats for the wood pcrdds. Cool caricature work.
Thanks, Iboudesign...caricature. HA. I WISH I could do caricature work.

Funny Missile Kid

Missile Kid
Pool. what pool.
Member reactions:
just wondering what did he ate before that . great work and funny idea
, Great stuff, always room for fart jokes.

Funny Girls Riding a Missile

Girls Riding a Missile
Member reactions:

Funny Statue of David with a Nuclear Missile

Statue of David with a Nuclear Missile

Funny Kim Jong Il with a Missile

Kim Jong Il with a Missile
Member reactions:
Heheheeheheheheheheheheheheeheh and another Heheheheheheheeheheheh...

Funny Cone Stud Missile with Kim Jong Il

Cone Stud Missile with Kim Jong Il
This is one messed up sicko.
Member reactions:
Very fitting. The cone-bottomed missiles remind me those in the Iranian missile photoshop hoot.
that was so nice hobbit , I think without more shadow it's will be better over all it's amazing work

Funny Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Duct Taped to Missile

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Duct Taped to Missile
Freedom for Iran.PLEASE VIEW FULL.
Member reactions:
Clever. Full view is needed for full effect here.
I liked this I thought it's will be in the top 4 keep nice chopping hobbit
Thank you Kratos very much.I hope the people in Iran soon will taste freedom.

Funny Kim Jong Il Attack on Missile

Kim Jong Il Attack on Missile
No coment Kim Jong Il Attack
Member reactions:
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Thanks for editing and plugging the news link.

Funny Ahmadinejad on a Nuclear Missile

Ahmadinejad on a Nuclear Missile
Iran Riots Over Election Fraud Claims A devastating defeat for Iran's green revolution Iran, North Korea Cooperating on Missile Programs, Says US General The Power Behind Ahmadinejad's Disputed Win: Ayatullah Khamenei
Member reactions:
Amazing work Glad to see your jobs again
Love the entry, but hate the title. Hundreds and thousands of our people are risking there lives everyday to prove to the world that this S.O.B. cheated and that he is not the president. I hope someone hears these cries of desperation and acts. (Sorry for taking it out on you, but honestly I have seen so much devastation in the past couple of days that I am going crazy...) Once again I love the entry...
Hamid, I changed the title to a more suitable one and thanks for the input.
If people in the West care about Iranian democracy, they need to focus on the theocratic mullahs rather than jump on Moussaviís bandwagon. Prof. Robert O. Lopez 6/15-6/14/09. Warning: Conservative Blog
Thanks author... Now I like the title as much as I like the entry... It really means a lot and I appreciate it. Thanks...
Amazing work of art. Congratulations. HoHouse: About the west and Iran: i think it's not our bussines. Simple like that.
As I heard they are recounting votes. Let Iran get the president that really was elected. The votes should show. It's like Florida recount in 2000 US presidential election. The chop is awesome.
Crisclod is right. It's not our business until they do something stupid and make it our business. Great chop.
Another masterpiece from the master. Congrats on #1.
Thanks all Sign of the times, missile heads as leaders.
congratulations rain i love the leathery look to the rocket the texture of his skin
Congrats AZ. Great texturing and nice integration of the face with the rocket. The duel light sources are also awesome.
Congrats AZ, a very well deserved victory, I just hope that this is the only victory Ahmadinejad is going to see...
that was really greatest work same always Rainman congrats on the winner
Fantastic colors and contrast as usual. Classic Rainman. Congrats.

Funny Menthol Cigarette Missiles

Menthol Cigarette Missiles
Due to an all time low of tobacco sales, the tobacco industry launches a new campaign.
Member reactions:
"launches" a new campaign, . Hilarious composition and mint execution.
ooh I was half way through making one just like this "again" . I like this one though so my ones abandoned, good work

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