Old Mirror New Lamp
Old Mirror New Lamp
Old Mirror New Lamp. After I put the sailboat on the lamp, I realized I already had a good place to put it.:0
Member reactions:
Looks totally real. and the sailboat on the lamp pattern is done very neatly

Funny Jumping Through a Mirror

Jumping Through a Mirror

Funny Redrum Written in the Mirror

Redrum Written in the Mirror
Member reactions:
Freaking fantastic concept, and looks totally real.
Congrats on your first gold with us, mitsou.

Funny Evil Man in the Mirror

Evil Man in the Mirror

Funny Watching Obama from Rear View Mirror

Watching Obama from Rear View Mirror
For those of you who don't pick it up at first the house in the mirror is the original stock photo with everyone removed and the entire photo rebuilt. Obama taken out is now in the background accepting the gift from the little girl who I placed back in the picture facing the other direction, facing the same way as Obama as everything in the mirror is reversed. That was mouth full.
Member reactions:
Freaking TONS of work here. Technically a top job. Compositionally it's a bit too complex for the brain to buy that what happens behind the right image border is what reflects in the mirror. They feel unconnected. It was a real challenge to make it look real though and would be almost impossible to achieve without the perfect sources. Still a great job though. Love the lady bug and the crime scene tape. of and of course 'the objects are too freaking small'
Thanks Newsy, believe me, its to complex for my brain. Its funny, I do most of my work after I have posted it. Its not until I see it on line that I find flaws and get more ideas..
That's how perfectionists are - never satisfied with their work and constantly changing it. The entry is way too smart, but also way complex. I think if you had just the crime scene composition where a lil girl hands Obama some evidence (a knife covered in blood) and Obama wears a police badge (and maybe a police cap) this could have won. Just my opinion though, it's easier to talk than chop, .
Thats funny, I was going to go with a cops badge. Maybe his hands should be in the air and She should have a gun.

Funny Hugh Grant Looking at Himself in a Mirror

Hugh Grant Looking at Himself in a Mirror
Member reactions:
Sassy, he is very Hugh... because is double. Bidemesional
Thank you Iboundesign. (: NewsMaster a spliting personality is very painful to live, poor Hugh...

Funny Man Moving a Mirror

Man Moving a Mirror
Member reactions:
Very original composition. I like how you changed the cable into a round mirror and swapped the guy's head. Looks like a real photo.
Congrats on the silver Jay, great concept and looks very believable
Congrats on the silver - as with everything in life, put effort in and you get rewarded. Great pic

Funny Barack Obama with the Mirror of Souls

Barack Obama with the Mirror of Souls
They came from the Anti-Matter Universe through the Norway Spiral, aquired the mirror of souls from the ruins of Babylon, and as they execute the final phase of their Master plan, we must wonder, how much time do we have left.

Funny Purple Woman with a Mirror

Purple Woman with a Mirror
Another Time
Member reactions:
Great work as always. The monochromatic tac is risky but works well here.

Funny Pigeon in the Car Mirror

Pigeon in the Car Mirror
mirror only is external The 2 pigeons are source pic. A billion of layers for creating views in 3 / 4 with a profile . Some steps of pigeon #1 (same process for #2)
Member reactions:
Thank you, Master . That was my challenge
fantastic one, nice idea and blending. well done.
Thank you, Goat
Very nice work, I just think the downside of the wing (in the mirror) must be all dark-grey. Cool anyway
thx for your constructive comment, emperor .
Wooden pigeons for Arno. Well done, mate.
4th place is the worst : thank You for your comfort, Master .

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