Mirrors Edge AARP For Old People
Mirrors Edge AARP For Old People
Mirrors Edge AARP For Old People. I like the original images painted style. Changed the character from a young lady to a slightly older one. Tried to keep the painted style intact as much as I could without loosing all the detail. Time ran out for me so I decided to skip the whitening of her hair.. Maybe it's a wig, or just some awesome dye..
Member reactions:
Had to really look for a second but I see what you did, nicely done.
nice try, come again with as cool as this concept and get time for ur skill, I like this concept here Wrinkly skinned lady and Mirror game
Thanks for the kind words, My entry may be a bit "insider" as it's more a spoof of a SPECIFIC game, and doesnt do much more than that. Most people never heard of Mirrors Edge, it's not quite Mario, haha.. I did like to play with that image though.. Enjoy the website, I'll keep on playing
Welcome to the site Mattsen. The game was unknown to most people, but the chop is outstanding.
Thank you for the kind words NewsMaster, nice to hear. Looking forward to participate in future challenges. I enjoy the site a lot. Peace

Funny Man Looking at Makeup in the Mirror

Man Looking at Makeup in the Mirror
Coming out of the Clown Closet.
Member reactions:
Awesome idea. good work with making his back-front but what abt Zip Beautiful source used, wise chop

Funny Symmetric Tom Cruise in a Mirror

Symmetric Tom Cruise in a Mirror

Funny Woman In the Surreal Mirror

Woman In the Surreal Mirror
Radio personality Lois Burak
Member reactions:
Great colorful work done like mirror concept and the beauty hiding herself from the outer world good job done
Impressive colors and art work, cool chop
Beautifully done Excellent Concept and very well executed

Funny Julia Roberts in Halloween Mirror Mirro

Julia Roberts in Halloween Mirror Mirro
Member reactions:
Marvelous job done great job done on the pumpkin with the big hole and the spider creeping gives a halloween look The stitches on her head and the torn mouth looks very scary good chop over all love your entry
Creative idea the warms and the colors selection, all looks great
Sweet work, one of my favorites in the contest

Funny Monkey Admiring Himself in a Mirror Painting

Monkey Admiring Himself in a Mirror Painting
The Venus of Urbino is a 1538 oil painting by the Italian master Titian. It depicts a young woman, identified with the goddess Venus, reclining on a couch or bed in the sumptuous surroundings of a Renaissance palace. It hangs in the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence. The figure's pose is based on Giorgione's Sleeping Venus (c. 1510), which Titian completed. In this depiction, Titian has domesticated Venus by moving her to an indoor setting, engaging her with the viewer, and making her sensuality explicit. The painting was commissioned by Guidobaldo II della Rovere, the Duke of Urbino, possibly to celebrate his 1534 marriage. It would originally have decorated a cassone, a chest traditionally given in Italy as a wedding present. The maids in the background are shown rummaging through a similar chest, apparently in search of Venus's clothes. Curiously, the painting was intended as an instructive "model" for Giulia Varano, the Duke's extremely young bride. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Urbino *preVENUS of Uganda...or revenge the snake ...my proposal break the canons and give vent of imagination...
Member reactions:
Excellent makeover of the original art work Great job done in making skin texture of the original to a Monkey nice legs and a mirror holding by the legs reflecting the face is freaky
Fantastic work, but a bit off-topic. Otherwise it could easily win.

Funny Pole Vaulting in a Spherical Mirror

Pole Vaulting in a Spherical Mirror
Member reactions:
Like the Mirror concept ... great to see her in Spherical pole vault
Well, I think that using her image in its entirety is more challenging than using only a small part and join another HD picture, even if the result is not so beautiful. I feel like more honest with my conscience. Thank you by the nice comments
Thoughtful and out of the box, great mirror idea on the trophy
I am about Sawano Funis Funny case with climb the pole and jump over the bar. Have you real link about this. Because Funi was not among the participants of men's pole vault

Funny Nathan Lane with Sunglasses in Mirror Mirror

Nathan Lane with Sunglasses in Mirror Mirror
Member reactions:
Very well designed Like the images on the glasses

Funny Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Funny Space Mirror

Space Mirror

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