It Was Only A Mirage
It Was Only A Mirage
It Was Only A Mirage. Member reactions:
The long lines caused by the 70's oil embargo really took its toll, didn't it.
Great job with memories of the 1973-74 gas rationing with odd-even license plate numbers.
I see it as an allegory on mans choice of path from the era of the vintage car through the growth of giant coroporate fuel empires of the 70ís to itís natural conclusion. We might be gone but ancient Earth is still standing.

Funny Mirage


Funny Delicious Mirage

Delicious Mirage
Member reactions:
very good work... like the baby's blue tongue

Funny Face Mirage

Face Mirage
I'm just trying to make something new .. beautiful
Member reactions:
this is awesome..very well done..gonna put it on as a screensaver...well done

Funny Woman Mirage In the Desert

Woman Mirage In the Desert
Member reactions:
who cares about the girl back there... i want some waters

Funny Mirage Tank

Mirage Tank
I think the heat is getting to me.
Member reactions:
if the tank is originally on that place it should not look to straight, i think.

Funny A Mirage

A Mirage
Member reactions:
Nice integration, but the passenger front tire looks to be above the water.
Thank you for your comments.

Funny Desert Mirage

Desert Mirage
Member reactions:
, he'd better hold the balance, or else...

Funny Water Mirage on the Beach

Water Mirage on the Beach
Member reactions:
makes me thirsty just by looking at this chop. Would make a nice ad for mineral water

Funny Mac Mirage

Mac Mirage
This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this image of a Mac mirage (image credit: DualD FlipFlop) any way you wish. Some examples are - move this Apple Macintosh from El Mirage dry lake into a new environment, re-design this Mac, use this Mac mirage image in movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.

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