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Funny Franklin Mint Barack Obama Coin

Franklin Mint Barack Obama Coin
Tax Cuts, Real and Imaginary
Member reactions:
I like this a lot. So sorry wish I had seen it in time to suggest the spelling correction on "your" - hope it doesn't take votes down for you.
One of my favorites in the contest. But I agree - "your" should be "you're"

Funny Penny Breath Mints

Penny Breath Mints
Member reactions:
A great idea and execution and trumped Monica

Funny Tampax Mints

Tampax Mints
Feminine Hygiene at it's best.

Funny Hillary Clinton One Dollar Mint Coin

Hillary Clinton One Dollar Mint Coin
President Coin

Funny Personal Mint

Personal Mint
Member reactions:
"Never leave home without it." clever idea; i say give it a coulple of years and you wont need photoshop to see what one looks like

Funny Home Mint

Home Mint
Their best selling product ever...Dead in development.
Member reactions:
I want one that prints pound sterling ...

Funny Parthenon the New United States Mint

Parthenon the New United States Mint
Latest News....Obama,signs Bill to Bail-out financially straped,Greece. Sets up new, Mint in historic Parthenon.......sample currency shown.
Member reactions:
Using an Italic style font on the "United States Mint" text will really help.
That's the actuall type from the mints logo...that's why I used it. Thanks, for the input.

Funny Britney Spears Mint Tree

Britney Spears Mint Tree
Member reactions:
you need some "mask" work there...good luck .
You need to do some cleanup around the polished pate before pasting it on (zoom in for ease) ... also some drop shadow couldn't hurt. As long as we're all having fun. Funny.
This is what we call cut and paste, and you didn't do a very good job of cut, the white area around the head is the masking that needs to be cut closer. It's probably the program you use, and what is that, if I may ask. We all started someplace and if it's fun, ask questions. the best in the world work here and It's not me.
They don't let me play here anymore, so this would be my Idea with a background.It's all in the programs you use, click and find picture click here
Zoom in and do some mask-work. Then try to turn every head a little bit. So it don't look just as copy and paste. For finishing put some shadows. Try it and ask if there are any questions. Good luck.
Agree with the above. There are many tutorials on masking on the net.

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