Kylie Minogue's 45th Bithday
Kylie Minogue's 45th Bithday
Kylie Minogue's 45th Bithday. Kylie Minogue's 45th birthday Img source
Member reactions:
Great caricature work, I just wish Kylie was more recognizable here

Funny Kylie's Minogue's Smile

Kylie's Minogue's Smile
Please see the original source and view the full sized image for more Kylie details. Happy Birthday Kylie.
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You made her pretty.... doesn't look like 45.... but looks like 30 Very impressive work and clean job done
Thank you rajeshstar. I had a photo picked out for her to be dropped into a fantasy background with a new body but I only noticed the contest with less than 4 hours remaining so I decided to concentrate just on her close up.
ericnorthend, I couldn't find any photos of her looking older so I'm thinking her current photos show she is an amazing beauty at any age.

Funny Kylie Minogue in the Garden Portrait

Kylie Minogue in the Garden Portrait
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Looks beautiful... waiting for her beloved with Cake
I like the face on the wall, pretty picture.
This one should have scored higher, WTF Damn nice lookin chop

Funny Kylie Minogue with a Kangaroo and a Koala

Kylie Minogue with a Kangaroo and a Koala
Member reactions:
Just Born.... She is well fit into the Kangaroo hump very funny
Made me laugh. Congrats on the bronze, Wanderer.
Thank you, All. See you for "Durer 2013".

Funny Kylie Minogue with a Beard

Kylie Minogue with a Beard
It had to be done.
Member reactions:
Well done with the beard avatar... with growing age she develops a beard good one
Very funny. I wish she had matching bushy eyebrows too.
Doooh,,,matching bushy eyebrows... Geesh, Now you tell me.
Woo congrats, Gummy. She reminds me Anthony Hopkins here, .
Bwhahahahaha okay... nice job and congrads

Funny Kylie Minogue the Street Fighter

Kylie Minogue the Street Fighter
Member reactions:
This from the film "street fighter" with Vandamme...

Funny Kylie Minogue in a Pink Dress with Flying Pigs

Kylie Minogue in a Pink Dress with Flying Pigs
Happpy 45 Kylie .
Member reactions:
Nice gown and pink shades of color on her makes so beautiful and the Pigs with wings helping her to put the little pig a crown very cute and lovely job done
Everything looks better with flying bacon..
Congrats on the gold, Ariel. Your first gold at FN. Sweeeeet
Thanks Steve, and as you said, bacon rules .
Congratulations Ariel9. You are moving-up the FN 'HIT' list.
Way to go, kid.... Excellent work. Technical tip. Shadowing is not just adding black though some people do that around here and somehow get away with it. It always looks more natural if you add in some sienna /and/or reflected color for highlights. I always lay down the base shadow with a very dark brow on skin tones and then brush in black or dk blue-black sometimes. That is an old masters trick.
Thank you very much HS. I I love your technical tips, thanks for your time and patience, I will never use black again, even if I never used before

Funny Kilie Minogue with a Symmetric Face

Kilie Minogue with a Symmetric Face
Member reactions:
Very attractive... cant blink out of her face

Funny Kylie Minogue Angel

Kylie Minogue Angel
Member reactions:
She looks pretty as Angle Its her birthday Hidden... You made her angle
Sings like an angel. and after 45 it's all down hill.

Funny Kylie Minogue at the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Kylie Minogue at the Sydney Harbour Bridge
Member reactions:
Nice fireworks behind... Probably its a celebration for her day .. and Lovely Kangaroos enjoying with her

Funny Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue
Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue celebrated her 45th birthday yesterday. As a teenager Kylie tried to become an actress and acted in several Australian soap operas. Her future producer saw her on TV and offered her to try her hand at singing. A song he wrote for her "I should be so lucky" became #1 pop hit in Australia, and then climbed up the charts around the world - this is when Kylie rose to international fame in the 80s. She kept producing albums in the 90s but they failed to match her previous success. Her second wave of fame came in 2000 with the album "Light Years" that was co-written by Paula Abdul and was originally intended as Abdul's comeback album. Minogue also became a fashion icon - she started her own beachwear brand called "Love Kylie" which became successful in Australia and Europe. Happy 45th Birthday, Kylie! To mark the 45th birthday of Kylie Minogue, photoshop her any way you wish. This is an experimental "speed contest" with only 15 hours for submissions.

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