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Funny Minister Pictures

Prime minister or queen ?Funny Prime minister or queen ?
Member reactions:

She had a lot more actual power than the Queen.
Both were look alike..... had some great roles to play in their life good one nice finishing touch given and made a look alike of queen
Her face is too wide here. Actually she looks morelike the Queen of Sweden here.

Canadian Prime Minister in a LakeFunny Canadian Prime Minister in a Lake
Member reactions:

happy canada day
its funny how alot of people see canadians.........we say ehhh,we love our tim hortons coffee,we have mounties ,beavers,snow oh yea and we all live in igloos...
This is a real beauty, shame to see it finish without a trophy.

Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan MeltingFunny Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan Melting
Member reactions:
Fukushima Disaster Melt Down
Wonderful melting technique here. Wish the image were bigger though.
Great work...bigger image would have been nice.

Margot German MinisterFunny Margot German Minister
Member reactions:

German Protestant Church elects first woman as its leader

Prime Minister Brown AloneFunny Prime Minister Brown Alone
Member reactions:

SCENARIOS: Will Britain's Prime Minister Brown survive.
Nice mood you create in this chop...good luck
Well he certainly got his nose brown this time Fair work here

Where did the minister go?Funny Where did the minister go?
Member reactions:

Lol...great idea, and great source pictures....I like it.

Member reactions:

MinisterFunny Minister
Member reactions:

You learn weird things when researching people.
I like this one. But the hands just seem too young.

Howard Dean UK Prime MinisterFunny Howard Dean UK Prime Minister
Member reactions:

Howard Dean Starts Overseas Campaign After His Defeat In The US
Great Idea and Image - And a special thanks from this ex-Brit for getting the flag up the right way.
Good concept. You may want to correct a typo: "what is this world coming TOO (to)."
--> Thanks - I never was one for spelling... I appreciate the comments, this is my first time posting in a photoshop contest deal.
Good job and excellent idea. (The other typo: "Over Seas" is really one word, "overseas".)
--> Thanks again... I am a creator and not an editor. Forgive me. All fixed...
Great work... And quite believable. I can almost SEE HIM THERE... Thanx, Riprod

Italian Prime Minister in Pretty WomanFunny Italian Prime Minister in Pretty Woman
Member reactions:

Sex scandal 'all lies,' says Italian PM

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