xplotion mind
xplotion mind
xplotion mind. http://www.subirimagenes.net/i/140225083840172186.jpg. Member reactions:
Fantastic work.. especially the cracks on his body and blow brain job done The advent of extraterritorial ships creates havoc among the citizens of the world
Newsey. Great job, congrats on making top 5

Funny Collaboration of Great Minds

Collaboration of Great Minds
Joe " Are we really gonna plug it in . ". Member reactions:
Hellyea give him what he deserves, great chop
Like the Classical art touch given to the pic
Hey, I didn't win but Im flattered that FN put me first in line and I did this for laughs so I hope that's what I accomplished :0). Than k yuou all for the nice comments :0)
Ha. Good one. I agree..give Gummy the plug.
Nah, B&W chops rarely do win but you win the most clever chop award and the feature spot. Great idea and execution
Thank you Hitspinner. Commin from a pro like you that means a lot :0)
Honestly.. one of the best political chops I've seen in a while.
, Thanks NewsMaster I really appreciate all the nice comments. This site is really fun and has some great people running the site and a TON of talented people to learn from. and NewsMaster I also became and Independent this year

Funny what's in mind

what's in mind

Funny Seven Minds Of Man

Seven Minds Of Man

Funny Jedi mind meld

Jedi mind meld
Jedi mind meldMy Mind to Your Mind,,,My Thoughts to Your Thoughts,,,Speaker Boehner is never going to give in. Use the Farce Barack, Use the Farce.. Member reactions:
Good blend of Obama face to the Star war characters well done

Funny Flying minds

Flying minds
. Member reactions:
Great photo chopping... Nice display of the image with cut head and the bubbles raising out is amazing..
A perfect tangent cut of the head, awesome theme color and interesting placement of loop faces , smoky environment is making it magical and so the bubble..
This is good stuff, surprised it didn't finish higher. Definitely should have

Funny Enter The Mind

Enter The Mind
Fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 time. Fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.

Funny Always on my mind

Always on my mind
Some people need photographs on their desks to remind them of their family, my photos are in my mind.. Member reactions:
adorable and lovable fantasy... you have a "simple mind"... a mind clean and innocent as that of a child "" i love your style bob...
You are always do different, i like your images good job done

Funny INSANITY... THE SCREAMS O F THE MIND! (Rickytrek1 & Psmandrake).

INSANITY... THE SCREAMS O F THE MIND! (Rickytrek1 & Psmandrake).
Rickytrek and Mandrake are the living example of the madness of Italian artists, but it is this madness that makes them special, the madness has given them a wonderful fantasy ... Unfortunately if they continue on this road soon shout their minds... and will be locked in the wall's of a dark asylum...------------------------------------Rickytrek e Mandrake sono l'esempio vivente della pazzia degli artisti italiani, ma č proprio questa pazzia che li rende speciali, la pazzia ha regalato loro una splendida fantasia... purtroppo se continuano su questa strada presto la loro mente urlerā... e saranno rinchiusi fra le mura di un buio manicomio .... Member reactions:
Super thank you very much.. fantastic.... to my brother. you made a wonderful job.spectacular lights and shadows, realized concept to perfection.This is Art. you managed to portray our darkness. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------grazie molte...... fantastico........... al mio Fratellone. hai realizzato un lavoro meraviglioso.luci e ombre spettacolari, concetto realizzato alla perfezione. questa č Arte. sei riuscito a ritrarre la nostra oscuritā.
Crazy insanity strikes again , Bravo on this superb piece ....
hehehehehe grazie mille ffratellino mio... la nostra pazzia č quello che ci distingue dagli altri e ci fa grandi uomini. ------------------------------------------hehehehehe thank my little brother... our madness is what we differs from other and there is great men.
many thanks chili, makes me happy this your wonderful compliment my fiend
paul thank you very much, i am happy you like this my work
Both look awesome Idle mind is a devil's workshop both got insane and sitting and planning to execute excellent work on the lights and mood used here
rajeshstar thank you my friend, you know always look at small details in both technical and mental my work, that makes me happy ... makes me happy to know that someone understands my work, thanks again friend rajeshstar
thaaank you diamonds a smile double for you
balodiya a fantastic thank for you mate

Funny George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster

George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster
. Member reactions:
Lembrei da montagem do macaquinho que fiz esses dias... . CONGRATULATIONS.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes.
Wood congrats for Ivan too. You're on fire... Congrats.
Excellent work, congrats again Ivan...keep it up.
Ivan this is terrific... i adore his puggy fingers too... congrats...

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