Gioconda, where is your mind ?
Gioconda, where is your mind ?
Gioconda, where is your mind ?. ailing to fetch me at first keep encouraged, Missing me one place search another, I stop somewhere waiting for you.
Member reactions:
I like the chop, but that anorexic male body behind her is not needed I think
By the way, she looks anorexic too. That hairs give a japanese touch to her face.

Funny xplotion mind

xplotion mind
Member reactions:
Fantastic work.. especially the cracks on his body and blow brain job done The advent of extraterritorial ships creates havoc among the citizens of the world
Newsey. Great job, congrats on making top 5

Funny Seven Minds Of Man

Seven Minds Of Man

Funny Gone with her Mind

Gone with her Mind
Member reactions:
good poster design.... the birds and stars fly effects makeup a good design in it

Funny Barack Obama's Jedi Mind Meld

Barack Obama's Jedi Mind Meld
Jedi mind meld My Mind to Your Mind,,, My Thoughts to Your Thoughts,,, Speaker Boehner is never going to give in. Use the Farce Barack, Use the Farce.
Member reactions:
Good blend of Obama face to the Star war characters well done

Funny Flying minds

Flying minds
Member reactions:
Great photo chopping... Nice display of the image with cut head and the bubbles raising out is amazing..
A perfect tangent cut of the head, awesome theme color and interesting placement of loop faces , smoky environment is making it magical and so the bubble..
This is good stuff, surprised it didn't finish higher. Definitely should have

Funny Enter The Mind

Enter The Mind
Fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks 1 time. Fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10,000 times.

Funny Always on my mind

Always on my mind
Some people need photographs on their desks to remind them of their family, my photos are in my mind.
Member reactions:
You are always do different, i like your images good job done

Funny George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster

George Papandreou Mind Controlled Monster
Member reactions:
Lembrei da montagem do macaquinho que fiz esses dias... . CONGRATULATIONS.
thanks everyone for all comments and votes.
Wood congrats for Ivan too. You're on fire... Congrats.
Excellent work, congrats again Ivan...keep it up.
Ivan this is terrific... i adore his puggy fingers too... congrats...

Funny Unlock Your Mind

Unlock Your Mind
you really do have to unlock your mind, if you want to be creative on freaking news.The source images used were my son, samuel, myself,and the beveled gears.Everything else was painted or done by hand. Please view it full view.
Member reactions:
Woot Amazing Work now let me have that key to unlock my mind like this ... have PSD Blockage haha Amazing Entry again
there are many great jobs in this contest and another great one
thanks geriatric,thanks musicalnote... I guess its the limey in me that gives me a wicked sence of son was not overly impressed with dads crazy pic.
Quite excellent as always, I love that it's "all in the family", and I can totally relate to the concept . . . now, when are you going on vacation, so some of us can have a chance . . . -
Congrats on the wood, Robin. Love the FN badge

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