Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj.

Funny Nikki Minaj Gets Even with Mariah Carey

Nikki Minaj Gets Even with Mariah Carey
Referencing the feud between Nikki Minaj and Mariah Carey. 'American Idol' Feud With Mariah Carey
Member reactions:
Wild chopping here. and interesting piece of news.
Congratulations on your most interesting picture, Geriatric.

Funny Nicke Minaj Sloth

Nicke Minaj Sloth
Member reactions:
All features were perfectly balanced wonderful eyes, ears and lips nice expressions

Funny Barbie Girl Nicki Minaj Bobblehead

Barbie Girl Nicki Minaj Bobblehead
Nicki Minaj Sources
Member reactions:
Her as a Barbie look-alike. Nah...she's a BoobyHead. Nice work-good luck.
She's wearing a dress that has Barbie on it.
Well done on the sources... and a big foot and a bottled head is awesome good choice of using the source pic
I dunno what this is doing here and not wrestling with the other chops at the top, I thought this was goofified magic. Ahhh I see the boo-boo now on second inspection... bloody crop halo around her. Nope, they'll ding that every time. Still... fun stuff, mate.
OH, no, Hitspinner -- that was my bad shadow attempt. She was cleanly cropped.

Funny Obama and Friends Nicki Minaj, Bill Maher and Sean Penn

Obama and Friends Nicki Minaj, Bill Maher and Sean Penn
Obama wanted to put together a group of "common sense" people to try to avert the sequestration Nicki Minaj, Bill Maher, Sean Penn and Obama
Member reactions:
Great kid bodies and Adult faces... Hilarious to see Obama trying hard to blow the bubble gum very funny
Superb Mindblowing stuff great collections
So cute and HD work. everybody enjoying since they are of "Common Sense"
Goofballs to the core. Gads, you got them all. Nice work
Congratulations just because this was my favorite.

Funny Twisted Nicki Minaj

Twisted Nicki Minaj
Member reactions:
A sweet twisted beauty of chopping here. Fir even stronger effect, I would reverse the horse's legs.
Good show... It brings back vague memories of being at a carnival as a small child...thanks

Funny Nicki Minaj With a Beard

Nicki Minaj With a Beard
Member reactions:
lot of hairy looks gives her a scary look.... well done in this pic

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